Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dad, this report is for you.

Fresh from the Teachers' Day hooha, I got an urgent call yesterday while I was at work, from Sophia, rattling on the long list of stuff she and Sara needed for the ShabbabFattayat camp this weekend.

At 9 pm I needed to buy:

1. 4 black teeshirt, long sleeves
2. 4 track suits, black
3. 4 track pants, black (eh bukan serupa ke)
4. 4 tudung, black , cannot be school tudung

for each child.

Sigh and double sigh. I asked them to check in the closet if they allready have some of the items. At 9 pm I was not looking forward to the malls, which was definitely where I would find them. I told them - tak yah pergi lah if so susah!

"But mummy...!"Sophia and her wobbly voice dah nak nangis "It's compulsory...!"

So off I went to Kedai Rasaksa yang terdekat... I hate going shopping, and it was really crowded yesterday with people jostling each other at the bargain place . I finally got the pants but believe it or not, the shop ran out of black long sleeve teeshirts and told me that I was not the first parent to ask for it.

I was thinking, wouldn't it be more convenient if the school just supply the uniform or whatever special clothing they need our kids to wear? Where to find lah ? Even if I didn't leave things this last minute, (which, aside from always saying sorry , is one of my classic talent), i think school should at the very least tell us where to get the stuff so that they can all be the same, kan? the only black teeshirts I found had words and designs on them that were really not ShabbabFattayat type.

In the end I got them black undergarment (apa orang panggil? Inner?) yang small..they looked ok . Just hope its not actually jarang....

Anyway this morning had to go and send them to school for their camp. Loads of parents around. You can tell how shocked the teachers were that the mom was the one sending them today.

Also shocked was the ayam man (I thought I'd replenished the freezer and for once chose the pasar instead of supermarket)..He asked me immediately whether Doktor was working. I said Doktor takda..bersukaria kat Langkawi., so saya kenalah turun padang..hehe..

"Tau takpa" he said.

Eh?? "Doktor cerewet...tu pasal dia selalu pi pasar sendiri,tak mau dia kalau saya yang beli....." was all I could say, weakly. Eh suka hati lah kan. "Pass kan saya ikan er..merah tu?"

"Kerisi ni, ke?"

"ha, ya (WHATever)"

I filled up the car and then went home....only to have the ayam man come (drive ok) to send me a plastic bag of stuff I had left there....santan lah, apa lah.

I mean, do I LOOK so hopeless? I picked up coriander leaves and he ni bukan daun sup tau!! I said haughtily..tau, saya taulah tu apa... (and quickly had a sniff and put it back when he wasn't looking- I WAS looking for daun sup he he)

Then I went home....Just as I thought I could relax came a call from my husband saying that my auntie is having an engagement of her daughter , my cousin. Eh how come I tak tau? (My relatives think he's their anak sedara and Im the outsider he married , not the other way round).

He said - go ok! MESTI pergi !Alamak I have a dentist appointment so how- so cancel lah! Husband I is very particular in respect of orang tua tua punye jemputan. And wedding invites. MUST go.

Off we went to the engagement in Ampang Jaya...takdalah jauh..and it was so good to see my cousins again (of the swimming pool fiasco) . We stayed from 10 to 1.30 I think. Met all my uncles and aunties. Semua orang tanya mana husband? Bila balik? Mana doctor? (he's their doctor)!

So...In July my cousin is getting married and another cousin is getting engaged and in December that cousin pulak kawin. Wow. The uncles took pics of the brothers and sister and the family and I felt sad cause my dad was missing and I told them- haaa babah I kecik hati karang and they said - takpa boleh photoshop!!


Managed to borak panjang with my Pakteh who sold us the car and I asked him, if he minded that he sold us at that price and he said no just pay him what he asked for , that's all. RM5k more to be paid to him! You and the IRS, uncle.

He also advised me where to service the car and called my other cousin who worked for Na** , to tell me where the nearest Na** was . After we discussed it with him, Uncle turned away and I winked to her"Episode cium cium tu kita takyah lah cerita ok?" Ie, Estima kissing the wall on the way out of the parking lot and leading to a scratch...which I put in the FB. She grinned hehehe. I took the Serena to the kenduri by the way..Segan lah nak tunjuk muka Esti tu tak cantik...

Then off we headed home, but only after 1 hour of sesat... hahaha tu pun boleh sesat. The short journey from AmpangJaya to my house was made longer by me somehow ending up in Ampang Indah, (jalan dalam ampang tu so berbelit belit ?) and getting stuck in the jam.

BEFORE we went home, we had to singgah ACE to buy stuff to wash the car. I am making the kids wash the car ha ha ha..well its fun if you don't do it for a living!

Tada thats the end of my report today. I'm tired....

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Mission

I want to delete my earlier post lah.

It makes me sound so ...deranged. Heh.

Oh well.


All I wanted to do upon arriving home last night (2 seconds after hubbs) was to sleep. I even told him to take a cab although I had originally convinced him otherwise. I had thought to take the kids to send him all together-gether to the airport but then the kids reminded me that we have yet to buy presents or stuff for the big feast tomorrow . So you naik teksi je lah ye bah. He said- I memang plan pun! My wife je yang klingon ni heee (ok I added that part)

About 8.30 we all left for Jay&aJus&co ..I was thinking to get the teachers cute cactus and apparently they sell it there. I dragged the maid (she was NOT pleased, citing ironing, but hey) and off we went ..My god Jaya*jusco was having a sale and there were a lOT of people. I was telling the kids to hold hands and walk together so much that you'd think we were in a military operation or in a REALLY DANGEROUS place.

NO cactus. What to get then?

Kids were very helpful in their suggestions. Johan said teacher Shahidah said she wants baju kurung, or bag. I'm SURE she didn't say that , Johan. Sophia kept pointing to all the big brand names for shirts etc that Ustaz this or that can wear. Uh-huh not going to happen, girl. Sorang can lah. I asked them who do you want to give pressies to- the answer- SEMUA. SO kira kira semuanye ada TIGA PULUH EMPAT cikgu. 34? That many? Are you sure? Did you count them first? Any overlap? Johan, cannot kira teachers that WILL teach you ok, no fair.

We found this purse store selling kinda nice wallets and purses at reasonable prices. reasonable but when you buy TWENTY ..takpalah, this is to thank the teachers for teaching my kids right...(teaching them to realise the value of shopping is what Im sure was not on the syllabus heheh) ...Now i look at them, sure cikgu ingat pasar malam pulak. Can i give the receipt to prove otherwise? hehehehe...

Mummy dah sakit kepala and wants to go home, so whatever lah ok. I bought the wallet/purse/handbags/cosmetic bags, refused Johan's request for a bling bling silver necklace with a big W ala-ala Mr T, for his beloved Teacher Wanida- hallo, makcik tu pakai jubah oi, I cannot see her with some dangling long silver chain Johan although that is so sweet of you. The tokey kedai present me one free bag. Haha (ok I mintak. Loudly. In front of others. Plus my kids were touching all the other stuff)

Then off we went to get for the Ustaz pulak. Managed to get some paperweights which are quite nice. Ada 7 je ustaz. (hmm kira kira that's only 27- what happened to the other 7 teachers?)

Then we went to get grocery for lasagna. Menu daripada jajan and drinks now include sausage in a roll , lasagna, and johan said he wants to bring the sandwich that we always give him in the morning before he goes to school, because his friend AbdulHaq likes them. How does he know JOhan? Because he is the one eating the sandwich every morning. HAAA??? Kantoi Johan..rupanye engkau tak makan...pass kat orang. Then the girls also confessed that the food I force them to bring to eat in the van, gets eaten by other kids! Oh well as long as they're not wasted I guess.

I was just smsing hubby about the present etc when he called. eh , dah sampai ke, I thought. He said I have good news.. or bad news. What?

"I will be coming home tonight. I missed the flight. "

Wakakakakakahhhh ...anyways I thought yay daddy can make lasagna!

He's going again this morning lepas subuh. So nice to have him back. I am finishing up some work (and blogging) and kids have got to wake up in an hour to finish wrapping their presents and make their sandwich!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Confession of my bizzarre self.

So today I will be a singlemom - until hubbs come back from his conference in Langk*awi on Sunday.

He's leaving tonight..he is spared the usual long drive which we normally experience everytime we go up north. His fllight is at 9, he has to reach airport by 7 I guess, which means he has to chow from KL at around..5.30?

He is as we speak, at the hospital , having come back from the Other hospital. He has just operated on an old old old friend and discovered that that person may have cancer (although its curable- insyallah) . He is planning to go home and take his bag and then go to KL Sentral. I am supposed to say bye from home. But I am now trying to finish something which is due next week but am panicking because of the selfimposed deadline of tomorrow. So how to go home? My table is full of papers. It looks so important right now.

There is just no question of me and the kids following. Tomorrow there is the Teachers' Day thing. Note to self, go to BLUE AND RED store (ok Ibu hehehe) and get loads of er..JAJAN and DRINKS for the feasts (one of the moms have called me to ask what I would be bringing) . Present also. What to get. Kids have given me a list of teachers. they have 10 teachers EACH. ok.....the teachers wouldn't mind a MUG right...hehehe

On Saturday there is a kenduri tahlil by my nephew whose daughter successfully underwent an operation for hole in the heart. So have to go as was told of this like a million years ago.

On Sunday my next door neighbour is marrying off their only son. It's so quiet so far and we have not popped in our heads to ask are you ok. We are the world's lousiest neighbour (I will go tonight) . Mana lah tau dia nak buat bunga telur..still got time to help right. Or should I just bawak like 5 kilo bawang or something to show support. They're catering and it's being done somewhere else , no wonder house is so quiet. Ever since my cats pooed all over their place I have not dared to show my face hehehe.

Ok have told hubbs to call me when he is heading home, so can head home with him...ok ok i may be the only wife who drives home in separate cars, together. hahahahah. Ooops I wasn't going to tell you that.

I am planning to take kids to watch movie or something this weekend. Hubby has taken entire week off next week and MAS has temptingly sent me emails to go to London or Seoul or Phuket ..but the cheap fares are all one way and all during silly times when the kids have school ...I think I will sue MAS for discriminating against parents with children who have to go to school. Cheap rates don't apply during school hols ..why?? Some more, why tell me only of the fare for departure? How do I come back then, by teleporting? Just be upfront and say, Mrs S, if you want to go to London, (for example, only, although visions of surprising my parents in Ireland are tempting me) , you better not even dream of it unless you have xxx amount in your pocket ! I mean, all inclusive fares lah kan?? Why want to tipu us all like that.

Ok I am also pms-ing. Yesterday I merajuk at husband for asking maid to cook. He brought ayam etc home and told the maid to cook x y z. Actually he's been giving the maid instructions lama dah but I takdalah tell him anything but yesterday I had it lah. the standing instruction in this house is daddy does not talk to the maid. Tell mummy and mummy will sort it out. Ok madness and no one understands and after this you will not friend me anymore I know. hahahaha

He said I wasn't home. I feel that that is usurping my authority. I am in charge of domestic affairs. I will tell maid what to cook. Sometimes I tell her something she said Tuan tak bagi and I go eh?? I am her boss, you deal with me, I deal with her. Can or not? But of course husband said I am tak betul in the head haha. He is right. I am tak betul . But I really feel very strongly about this. I guess because for half of our married life it was just me he relied on for stuff like meals and household (he will tell you "I never relied on you", which I will tell you is a lie hehe) - so I feel , if you go straight to my secretary, for what you have me, right?? It is not about trust or jealousy or what (maid allready married anyway) its just about SPACE and also AUTHORITY. Entahlah maybe I am tak betul in the head. *we know that ,right

Anyway it's very stupid I know. No one understands except for Nadine who mutters "mummy is so crazy" .. No lah, she actually said- ohh mummy want to act like the olden days when wives don't have maids....! Bingo! Don't acknowledge lah that some other woman cook for you, abang oi......

Ok now you know how mad and sad I really am.

Hmm I wonder if I can still go to Langk*awi.. (*bad bad Shila- be independent!!!)


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Laaa...the trip nak gi Seoul apparently not confirmed

Hubby is going with his colleague to learn how to operate a robot (not operate ON robots)- yadiyadiya whatever. Anyways. Madam KDrama ni of course nak ikut it is NON NEGOTIABLE. I will barter trade and promise all sorts of services wink wink if you let me tag along.

So I have begged my brother to babysit my darling kids and made arrangements with my other brother to meet up. Ok all set. Found out no visa is required. Vaguely worried about H1N1 then figured hey, I'm walking IN h1n1 country now what. Might as well not go into town tol tak.

Anyways last night Husband casually said that his colleague may not want to go. And if he doesn't go, the trip is off.


The date is about 2 weeks away, can you still be undecided at this time?

When will you know for sure? I asked.

Don't know.

Eh?? Obviously youdid not tell your colleague "My wife is SOOOOO going to kill you." or "you are SOOOOO dead" or "You are going Mr Y and that is FINAL. "

"No, he doesn't know you're coming."

Oh. Ok . Upset? A bit disappointed. More puzzled that you can be that cavalier for overseas trip, I always thought it involved booking way in advance, confirmation twice over, and then payment and cancellation fee which you have to hock your house to pay etc. Maybe this does not apply to free trips to doctors eh.

Not upset. But went to bed at 9. Zonked out. Hubby did not look remorseful at all which tells me he is VERY remorseful and that his "too bad, what can I do" look is really him being cool. I was right as this morning he said we can go together some other time. er..maybe later.

Oh Well! Never mind. I always believe that things happen for a reason, perhaps I would definitely catch the Flu there. Or perhaps I would lose my luggage or something.

On the subject of cancellation- the girls came back to tell me their MuslimahNight has also been postponed. From tomorrow , to Mid JULY??? Why? I have made plans to send off my one Non muslimah, Johan , to sleepover (or have them sleep over at my place) at his friends' house. So tak jadik lah ek?

Can't go anywhere though as there is teachers' day celebration oN Friday which involves big presents for every teacher and kids trying to make lasagna on their own. Am thinking of buying kids' teachers some potted plants ?? Credit to my friend! At least they last..!

What else is in store for me Iwonder it's only Wednesday......

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Something Johan said

You know the other night when we all ate together as a family at the dining table and NOT in front of the TV (a very rare experience) I said lah- haa one day I want all my girls to be serving mummy and daddy pulak..wouldn't that be nice? I imagined having my daughters flutter around us with drinks and asking us what we want to eat etc .

Then Johan piped up- "Mummy, I know that is what you want to happen, but I don't think that will happen." Sebijik sebijik he said.

Oh well we can only live in hope.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Maid and My Weekend

sO We sent the maid home this weekend.

She is a good worker, clean, obedient, good with the kids, cooks, rajin, polite. The bad ? always on the phone, cuts corners (which I find out whenever I check), has a lot of friends, is young.

Have found out recently that she has met another man (she is married) and they are very in lurve.....and she plans to meet him when she goes back to her agent's house for her monthly hols. She is totally "No , taklah of course I don't have a boyfriend, Kak" whenever I ask her if she is on the phone 247 melayan kawan or bopren ni? And of course, she does not misbehave. But I have found out otherwise.

Ok, now. Do I confront her? I'm thinking, for what and what would that achieve? She is leaving in January anyway for good. I don't think she will run away or what, we have a good relationship so far . That and I have half of her money hahah...I don't check her phone, I don't restrict her movements. My attitude and husband's attitude is that, I am her employer and not master. Biarle dia....And if she feels good keeping up the appearance..well I just won't ask her anything anymore. But I won't let it go unmonitored ok, because as long as she is in mY HOUSE she is a security risk. And the work had better not be affected.

She also tells me that the agent Kak R*adiah, lies all the time about the origins of maids she brings in , she tells the maids to lie and say they're from Jawa when some may be from Medan..sigh...apa lah. She makes so much money allready, some more want to tipu.

But I have decided...I MUST have at least one helper . Princess kan?

I don't mind the cooking and washing up, even the laundry. Like I said, bukan tak pernah buat. I do mind the dusting etc! If I can afford it, why not employ someone kan. I cooked dinner yesterday..Semalam we ate sirloin steak and carrots and baked potato with cream cheese and chives and sauteed mushrooms and asparagus...mummy kan, kalau masak, kan yang senang senang je....This morning masak PANCAKES..ha senang tak.

I was the single mom yesterday, ferrying the kids here there everywhere. *Take a DEEEP Breath *

Nadine balik qiyam.

I drove us all to PCMC to send Dahlia for hearing test (her ears are normal but the left side ada lagi fluid and maybe still need that grommet operation). Had to make trips to the PCMC kedai jajan to get biscuits and drinks for princess and prince and also later on the way out, nak makan sandwich puLAK.

From PCMC went straight home, much to disgust of the kids but I need to chill out it was allready 1 anyway. Lunch was maggi and hot dogs.

And Nadine got a call saying ada birthday party- after zohor we went out again to send Nadine but by the time we bought the present it was allready over (we met them on their way out).

And then we sent Sophia to her friend's house for a sleepover.Nak carik rumah punyalah susah, kena lalu SitiNurha**** house yang first time I tengok- mak oi FANCY nye!!! If I lah, I kekok rumah grand na macam tu...

And then as we were allready at AEON , we had Baskin Robbins (sama cost as lunch ). I nipped over and had a coffee and big apple donut which I ate IN BaskinRobbins (Which spilled all over the table though).

Then went to Giant as kids nak makan baked potato. Me shopping with 4 kids (sans Soph) pushing the trolley everywhere but the right direction. Erks I do hate shopping.

Then we went find daddy on the swing...waiting for us.

Dad was of COURSE preoccupied with work, sebok melayan phone sampai lah I SERGAH dia , come on you may be busy and that info u want to relay is VERY important tapi cannot wait through lepas MAGHRIB or what. Then I was in the kitchen with my steak and etc etc and then we ate and my girls all had to do something very alien which is to HELP ME IN THE KITCHEN. haha. Well they're not that hopeless lah.

Phew.I think I crashed on the sofa kot last night..

And this morning woke up - husband gone again....and it starts again

BUT! Its fun and I'm savouring every moment I have with my growinguptoosoon family.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Kids have finished their exams.

So, today of COURSE they got up at 5 am kan?? Normal schooldays it takes me almost having a CORONARY to get them up and ready for school, today when there are no exams, they're up, the Telly is blaring and everyone is smiling and ready. Hmmm.

Update: hubby told me sebenarnye only Johan dah habis exams...the rest still have something on Monday! They are really relaxed over this exam..they are more bothered about Teachers' Day celebration, and their Muslimah night which now I have to cough up RM100 for costume..Ko pakai kostum apa tu Sophia, emas tenun ke??? I told them to get teacher to call me, or give me her number. Teacher pun tulis la note ke...apa ke...kan. RM100 I pun jarang pegang ok. Dah 20 lebih baru tahu duit tu ungu. heheheh..

So I figure I make a very good husband. If the maid can be considered the wife lah. I order je - buat ni buat tu and everyone kena ikut. And I jadi manager- dah buat ni? Dah buat tu? BARU pagi ni nak susun bag??? Pantang tok nenek mummy ni! I have such respect for all moms without maids ,mine included, because it is HARD. hello, I was that mom for 6 years I think- as long as we were in the UK maidless. Did I not poohpooh my manja friends who had maids and were complaining about their maid? I did all the mopping, washing, laundry, cooking ok PLUS take care of kiddoes. And I tell you I did it a lot better. Ok I lie. I did half only. Husband also kena tolong. Kerja dia- buang sampah, lipat baju , er..pi shopping. I think that is why sampai sekarang he does the shopping. Plus he actually ENJOYS shopping for grocery.

OK I started this to tell you about the day I had in court. I am having SO MUCH FUN working with my new boss these days because he makes me learn so many new things whether or not I want to heheehe..I grit my teeth and bite the bullet because hey, that's what I wanted right? When I said I wanted to learn new things, though, I had in mind maybe another languageke, or learning to sew ke, or what...learning to be a litigation lawyer was not on the list somehow heheheh but I am glad that I am actually exposed to this. My chambering days were a blur because it was overshadowed by the fact that I was going to go and get married and go to the Uk at the end of it, (YAY YAY!) I'm sure I learnt something then but can't remember. Certainly not litigation.

So I went and I got to meet the judge and I had to explain about the case and I got told off I think ..and my partner was outside after agreeing to accompany me at LAST with the bribe of some cupcakes and sweets.

and now I hope my 4 day stomach ache and also urge to throw up every now and then, will finally stop.

Tata have a nice friday!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stuff that happens

Ok, today is Day 3 of the Exams.
So far..

Day 1 Sara balik terus demam panas and went to sleep. Day 2 , 4 Am, Nadine got up complaining of severe tummy pain. Day 2 maghrib, Sophia complaining of eye pain and also puffy face.

SIGH!!! Dad went on superguiltydoctor mode and gave everyone the appropriate ubat - we now need to restock on antihistamines etc.

This morning- everyone is ok.

So far the exams are apparently "easy sangat mummy!"

Ye ke.

I met this person yesterday and we talked about teaching kids non academic stuff like life skills. Yelah, results are not everything kan...we need them to be street smart as well as able to think outside the box and be future ceo etc

But, having said that, this is a verrrrrrry competitive world and you do unfortunately need to do well in exams etc as that is the current yardstick of your abilities at the moment.

I have to look at having extra stuff for these children lah. I know I know, Ive been saying this for donkey's guilt the default emotion for a mom? I feel I should get them to do taekwondo (they allready are but now nagging me to quit) or music (that's on the to do list) or drama or outbound stuff or charity work or writing school (got, meh , for kids??)

Ok lah, actually there are a lot of stuff I wanted to write about but takda masa lagi- maybe you can tell me which one you want me to bore you with?

1. BaeYongJoon fan club 6th Anniversary meeting the other day joined with thefaceshop (and me shopping)- it was so much fun! met some very hardcore fans. I won first prize in one of the games. Hahaha.
2. Going to Seoul and having my brother meet me there (he's in Japan and apparently very dekat) and persuading hubby to spend one extra day.
3. Johan now house prefect ie in the house and now want a badge.
4. My rootcanal and Sophia's appointment with dentist that she fixed herself, to get rid of the stain on her tooth (fix herself ok. And Nadine also fixed an appointment with dentist abt braces)
5. My impending appearance depan Court of Appeal Judge that everyone who I moan to within a five mile radius tell me is kacangputih. (It's really kaacang putih but kalau suruh the most brilliant dentists do brain surgery pun ternganga kan?)
6. My first case where I sita orang...eeee trauma.


Ok byeeee

Monday, May 18, 2009

Good Morning

Phew.,kids have just left for school. Today is - jeng jeng jeng..exam day!

Good luck kids!

Sara suddenly has a headache - Dad said: Take one panadol and you still have to go to the exam, Sara. Dahlia is the first to get ready , and has reminded her dad to put in the ear medicine for her. Semalam she was diligently making her bag for today.

Johan has lost his ruler and was asking everyone for a spare one and Nadine said she might have one but then she later said no she didn't. At the very last minute I thought to ask Dahlia and she said casually, "Oh ya, i have a spare." Walhal she heard me asking the entire household for a spare ruler earlier, buat donnooooo je.

Sophia wants to quit tae-kwon-do , which is compulsory for her level. Asked why, she said "I might get injured some time..." Ok Sophia, a career in law beckons you. Dad laughed at that. She has lost the form to submit for grading which will be on the 20th which is why she doesn't want to go. I remember being so scared of teachers back then too.

Sigh, with 5 kids I really have to pay them more attention lah. Mana yang nak kena bayar for badminton lah,for taekwon do lah, for Muslimah Night are going for RM100, and RM80 each, OKAY??? To be held at KL Convention Centre. Sekolah Padang Tembak mummy dulu takda buat Talentime (which is what Muslimah Night is all about) kat KL Convention Centre tau..kat hall buruk je....

Macam macam kan, kids.

Have a nice day!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I am a terrible mom.

For the last 2 weeks Daya has been complaining of ear ache. Kita suruh makan ubat je and don't ponteng sekolah .

We took her to the GP and she got Antibiotics

last night she could not sleep. Her ear was hurting her.

This morning we took her to PCMC ENT - the diagnosis:

right ear- infected. Both ear- glue ear. Solution- antibiotic and Surgery.

Kesian daya... She had a party to go to after that, and dad sent her, so I did not see her from the time she went to the hospital sampailah the time she came home. When she finally saw me she cried and said..mummy the doctor said i have unhealthy eardrums.

It turned out her eardrums are very "dull" . The doc had inserted a camera in her ears and we saw the pics. Both eardrums were affected although the right is worse than the left. Doc gave topical antibiotics and ubat, and then we have to go again sometime this week, to see how it is, and if it doesn't settle, he would have to do ear surgery on her. I am so thankful to hear that it doesn't involve cutting her up , the doc will just insert something in her ear and nick the ear drum, and then insert a tube to drain the fluid that has pooled in there.

I read more on this and am horrified to find out that it could lead to hearing loss! Dad said it may not be too late.

Dad said , looking at his fourth-born sleeping,, the one that I think most resemble my mother in law , heheheh, (or stitch in liloandstitch depending who you talk to) "We are too busy". He was a bit angry with me, him, us, the parents, for not paying enough attention to her ailment. alah..with fivekids someone is always complaining sakit tanganlah, kaki lah, mata ?

There you have it. The dilemma and guilt of working parents.

Hope it clears up without the need for any surgery!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hello there!

It's such a hot day today kan. How are you?

3 out of 5 kids are at home. I had to go get Dahlia from school yesterday as she was complaining of ear ache. I borrowed DadofFour+1+1 manual car yesterday and wah- best gak ! Nippy! and then I came back to the office , do some work, then hubby sent the car over and we sent him back to hospital, then we rushed to the swimming pool to get Jojo ONLY TO FIND that he has gone back with Pakcik..and I did call pakcik ok to tell him I will get him. Tu pun because pagi tu he had looked at me with his puppy dog eyes and said "Mummy, you never pick me up or see me swim"- this is SUREFIRE way to make me feel guilty one.

Then we picked dad up from hospital in new (new to us) car. I love the sense of power a 3 litre car gives you and floored it at some stretches of the highway..heheheh..Unfortunately I am not so good at reversing and now the car, kept by my uncle in pristine condition for the last 4 years or so, has got orange mark after its encounter with a flower pot ....husband said "toksahlah langgar apa apa..!" Eh macam I plan lah kan?

Anyways the kids jim alip kun , and it was all I could do to stop them from fiddling with the buttons and also they are beyond delighted to find that there is a sunroof that they can open, and more importantly, to stick their heads out of. Many frantic messages were sent to dad going "ARE YOU GOING TO BE LONG BECAUSE YOUR SON AND DAUGHTERS HAVE THEIR HEADS OUT OF THE SUNROOF". Dad sauntered back to the car soon after.

Well, visit to the GP (and previous owner of the car) earned Nadine and Daya a 2 day break from school. Johan also, since he had a toilet accident yesterday , did not want to go just in case it happens again. His pants are now missing and that's ok except it has RM10 in it. Yikes. He got it from dad who gave it to him to buy a book. Why lah dad you gave it to him, he can't make the bookshop girl understand what he wants anyway.

Sara and Sophia kalau boleh nak ponteng jugak except that Sara has a brochure to pass up which is very pretty now (Daddy is so clever, teacher should just award the marks to him). I'm pretty exasperated as she is NOT studying and this is her UPSR year. After I leter and leter I found her diligently writing something on a piece of paper and I asked her what are you doing and she said- EXERCISES FOR JOHAN TO PRACTISE. Warrghhhhh...Sara!

Ok no more Nice Mummy, I am going to have to sit with you and WATCH you do your work.

Ok ok byeee I have to finish something and then I have to go mengaji. Yesterday I went for Ikra 2 not knowing whether the test for Ikra 1 tu, pass or fail. The ustaz brutal tu said all those who had their tests before the other ustaz (ie including me) did badly. Those who did in front of him, were ok. HUH? But he would not release details, and said that sempena Hari Ibu, he will let every one go to Ikra 2.. Haa? Hello, tell lah ,i want to know. Bukan nak nangis or what. (waaaahhh!!)

It's fun gaklah...I heard those who are going through their Ikra' 6 recite and they recite so beautifully...and I thought to myself- hey that could be ME!

Ok lah..bye for now...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hi today!

Johan tengah kemaruk nak buat Iqamah nowadays- you know, when the times comes for prayers and the dad does the azan, his part is to recite the azan once to call everyone to prayer..

well, he's really keen on that. He'll quickly take his wudhu, and stand behind his dad and then er- cry the Iqamah. Never mind lah tak betul sangat - olowakbar,olooooowakbar. He feels like he is such a big boy. After prayers he wants to fold the sejadah. I am touched and think- this is why I wanted a son. Never mind that all the other times, malas nak semayang.

Also he is so proud whenever he managed to get a merit from his classteachers. For finishing his work lah, for doing his work faster lah. I have appointed him the house prefect but to be in line with the school, he wants to be a "probationary prefect" until he gets 10 merits. Since he asks for merit everytime he does anything good (like have a bath) he is allready with 10 merits! So now I have to get him a proper badge, like the sisters. Im thinking- what duties shall I assign him ye?

Today is also Mother's Day. Have you seen Google's signage- so sweet. To my mom way way over there in Ireland, you are the person I love most in the world and your voice rings in my head everydarn time I wanted to do anything so thanks mom, for being you and for raising me and for all the times you loved me and also sorry mom for not having enough time to chat with you these days and also for not seing you as often as you wanted and sorry for anything i ever said and done that made you cry...sob sob....

My own children are my mirror image.. Sophia dengan cerita dongeng dan many many fairy drawings dia, Nadine dengan kakibukunye, (although the lembap and mandi sejam tu bapak dia ok), Sara dengan dreaminess dia, Dahlia dengan kiasunye(she nags like a champion) and also the way she clings on to me. Johan is pure daddy lah, he only looks like me. Being a mom is punishment for all the things you did to your mom cancel that. Being a mom is wonderful and above all else, that's who I am.

(After being the clingon wife of course)

Happy mom's day everyone!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Quick One!

Quick Updates on things

1. Tudung- second week woohooo! Not 100% easy, as I tried the slip ons, the lilit around your neck, the selendang , the bawal ...urks . so many. Some too hot, but getting used to it I suppose. Secret- shhhh when there's no one in the office but me and the girls, i take it off...

2. Kids - Nadine- at home, coughing. I asked her what are your plans today, since she has exam in about 11 days and she said - I'm going to try to bake a cake. Heh? Dad chuckled and said "I never used to worry about my exams dulu you know..." ..Yah, tu if the kids ikut your brain ! kalau ikut my brain?? I pun dulu tak worry pasal exam! Kantoi adalah..! Hehhehe

3. Sara- coughing but still going to school sebab ada project. She is now the enforcer -ada masalah in school? Tell Sophia, dia lembik. tell Nadine, dia busy. Tell Sara- she will go and confront the bully/trouble maker . Her hamster ran away (ie disappeared one morning) and she was sad....but now macam ok je sebab Brownie the ever productive cat (dah 6 kali kot bersalin) has given birth in her closet. Her empty closet. Empty because onemonth ago, the rail gave way under the weight of our shirts and baju and just collapsed. So , in a way, Brownie was such a clever cat to find an empty place to have her kittens. Apparently one is very black. Now we know who the dad is. Anyways kids are forbidden to go peek at the kittens in case the mother is spooked and takes the kitten away.

3. Sophia- perceives that she is heavy and wants to go on diet..awww I told her you are just achieving your weight early. Don't worry , the others will catch up soon . She was the reason I went into work at 11 am today, having had to go buy some styrofoam and also make some potato shapes for her art thingy. She promises her teacher she can bring all those stuff and then nags us for them.. She is SUCH a people pleaser. Don't know where she gets it from...

4. Dahlia- latest story is one boy in 3 Kindy said she was "Burning HOT" and that he will "kill anyone who likes her" and she was going to be his future girlfriend . Firstly, unless you're a doctor kid, we are not accepting applications. Secondly, WHAT?? Burning Hot??? What the hey, my daughter is 9! She tersipu sipu. I called Sara - go and sort this out!

5. Johan- doing homework for his "friend" Badrun. Entah kenapa Badrun's work is always in my bag, mummy. And he also took my transfo*rmers' eraser. What, I say, you are being bullied Johan! Sara! Come and sort this boy out! Sara pun datang and asked Johan a lot of details about who this boy is etc...Jojo in the meantime dah regret opening his mouth and now whimpering - nooo don't talk to him....I told him, I won't send Sara if you can sort it out yourself. Happily, the next day he told me he asked for his eraser back and the boy said OK. Hmm better get the sisters to watch this.

Tu jelah so far....byeee

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Birthday to Youuuu

Happy birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to daddy ... (and Baby Nizar of MrsN too)

Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu..

(he's zonked out next to me now. We are in bed, at 5.20 pm. hahahah get youur mind OUT the gutter- he's zonked out after coming home at 5 am from 2 operations last night and I'm trying to send an email! We ditched work early as he claims he is not feeling too well ! Kids just came home from the noise I can hear. Planning to take him to dinner tonight...where ah?

Still nooo idea what to get him. CousinLana's hubby suggested advanced driving class with BMW - that sounds nice but then mak datok kat EUrope!

Am inviting a few of his old friends from Notts and Oxbridge over this weekend...wanted to make it a surprise but then have to tell him as I need him to draw me a map. Duh....!

I promised (threatened??) him with a mushy post. so here goes my attempt:

To one of the very few (if not the only) guy who can crack me up, light my fire AND make me mad all at the same time, you are like fine wine...only better with age. And Age is mind over matter- if you don't mind, it doesn't matter. You will always be that guy in the geeky glasses who induced me to ask him out. And we love you madly and every day thank Allah swt for you- May your life be filled with happiness and rezeki and blessed by Allah swt.


(and may MasterNordin be happy with his Ultramanzzz)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Le weekend

Firstly, I hate to see frenchisation of words like "le whatever" or "D'....whatever" heheh

Ok the long holiday- how was yours? Enough rest? Ready for work? Balik kampung ke?

As for us, we contributed to the economy.

As in I realise that time is really money.

Dad's time spent at hospital the ENTIRE Friday =carik makan.

The time I took to get to the dentist=money.

Last Saturday, me and kiddoes sans Dad (on call at GH) finally went to the dentist on my floor at the OFFICE (because God has gotten so fed up with my procrastination that he gave me a job where there is a DENTIST nearby) - well, the procrastination meant that instead of neat patch jobs , to fix my CRATER, (cavity is too tame a word) - I have to do 2 root canals, 4 xrays, etc etc and can he have RM690 thank you very much. Loadsamoney. And the rootcanal has yet to start HOKEH. WHHHHYYYYYYYY didn't I go earlier??? That has got to be the most I had to pay for opening my mouth! I quietly texted my husband causing him to cough at the other end and think " I was on call all day Friday for THIS?" (I'm sure this happened)

Tapi dentist ni layan lah I ngada ngada- siap cakap "if you are comfortable we can go on, if not, maybe next week. Are you ok if we go on?" hehehe...kalau dentist askar bapak I....sorry lah ! Nak pelempang?Tak nak go on? Haa boleh balik. lah not that bad...kidding !

Time spent doing art and craft at Greateasternmall- MONEY

To reward them for patiently waiting for me at the dentist, I took the kids to a nice nasi ayam lunch at Chickennasi shop at GEM. Then full and happy, they decided they wanted to do arts and craft pulak. aiyahh..everytime I go to GEM I would always be bumping into my friends who send their kids to the art and craft class on the 2nd (3rd ?) floor. This time around my kids wanted to have a go.

Mummy dia sign them up lah, yelah, kengkawan pun dah recommend kan...bagus etc. Lupa, kengkawan anak SORANG. Kita ni...LIMA orang! Kids happy lah...They get to choose one thing to do in that one hour, like tissue box ke, or jet ke. Sophia chose Angel and I was nodding enthusiastically until I realised that the Angel was a 2 hour job and the rate was RM45 per child per HOUR only so if Sophia and the rest had 2 hours(cause of course tak fair lah kan, Sophia je 2 hours. habis yang lain nak buat apa once they finished - I was supposed to leave them there) -- RM45 times 2 times 5- tidorjelah kat hospital tu 'yang. For some kadboard and glue and acryllc paint.

BUT they had fun, and came back telling their dad (when he finally came back) and showing him all the art that they did- from tissue rolls and kadboard (sigh) . PLUS I had my teeth finally seen by a professional and he did not lecture or faint (though he did call me silly for asking to be knocked out and for that alone my husband loves him)- so I guess the time was well spent??

Whatever...KL ni, taknak belanja lebih- toksah keluar le . the minute you step out of the house- money money money. Kan?


Gah! The maid has just told me she is NOT going to stay beyond the 2 years!

I am ok with it, seriously. But now...sigh, have to look for a new one. Dahlah cost dia macam nak pinang anak orang- RM8000 I dengar ye?

Can't blame her really. She has a husband back home. She was supposed to go back this September for hariraya but then decided that she was just going to go back in January when her contract ends as she can't guarantee that if she balik cuti, she can come back, sure punye her mom and husband will stop her.

Ya- ya - ya. You will pop back in KL soon enough, I know, having had the gaji and the lifestyle here. Sure boring kat sana.

So how? Got to carik someone who is mad enough to work for us!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Anak anak ...

Ada kereta salah, takda kereta salah....

Last thursday I went BALLISTIC. Nadine had asked me to get her at 7 pm since she now has to go for practice for Muslimah Night (coming up at the KLConvention Centre). I rushed out, but when i got there, she was no where to be seen! Some girls told me she had gone with her dad. But when I called dad, I got "the number you are calling [has conveniently died]"

What to do what to was getting dark and it was raining....heavily lak tu. If I balik, what if my poor Sara and Nadine were stuck here waiting? I asked one of the teachers to go look for her. Report came back that there was no one else in the school. So ...after about 45 mins of waiting , I went home.

In the meantime about 30 calls to hubby went unanswered. Of course lah that is the recipe to make your blood boil, gold necklace or no gold necklace.

As I reached home, they came up behind me. GRRR....Jadiklah incident Mummy marah dekat porch....Dad was innocent sebab tak tau yang mummy yang ambik. Nadine terlupa nak beritau sebab excited tengok dad yang ambik. I was of course very relieved that neither daughter had been kidnapped/lost/gone home with friends. did I tell you of that time Dahlia tried walking home from GIANT to the house (a trip involving crossing several main roads and traffic lights? My dad found her, thank goodness)

Sara pun ada sekali- she said she was coming back at 4 but that morning found out that she had choral speaking pulak at 5.30 ..she passed the message to Johan.

I told her, if you can't call either of your parents about any last minute change of plans, then stick to the original plan! And Nadine, if your dad comes TELL lah your mom..

Ni belum lagi split homes...heisssshhh how do they do it hah?


Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...