Saturday, May 02, 2009

Anak anak ...

Ada kereta salah, takda kereta salah....

Last thursday I went BALLISTIC. Nadine had asked me to get her at 7 pm since she now has to go for practice for Muslimah Night (coming up at the KLConvention Centre). I rushed out, but when i got there, she was no where to be seen! Some girls told me she had gone with her dad. But when I called dad, I got "the number you are calling [has conveniently died]"

What to do what to was getting dark and it was raining....heavily lak tu. If I balik, what if my poor Sara and Nadine were stuck here waiting? I asked one of the teachers to go look for her. Report came back that there was no one else in the school. So ...after about 45 mins of waiting , I went home.

In the meantime about 30 calls to hubby went unanswered. Of course lah that is the recipe to make your blood boil, gold necklace or no gold necklace.

As I reached home, they came up behind me. GRRR....Jadiklah incident Mummy marah dekat porch....Dad was innocent sebab tak tau yang mummy yang ambik. Nadine terlupa nak beritau sebab excited tengok dad yang ambik. I was of course very relieved that neither daughter had been kidnapped/lost/gone home with friends. did I tell you of that time Dahlia tried walking home from GIANT to the house (a trip involving crossing several main roads and traffic lights? My dad found her, thank goodness)

Sara pun ada sekali- she said she was coming back at 4 but that morning found out that she had choral speaking pulak at 5.30 ..she passed the message to Johan.

I told her, if you can't call either of your parents about any last minute change of plans, then stick to the original plan! And Nadine, if your dad comes TELL lah your mom..

Ni belum lagi split homes...heisssshhh how do they do it hah?



kay_leeda said...

Heh..heh...breathe in..breathe out. Weren't you like supposed to be on hols or something?

Have a good rest ok :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

oh this was thursday i jadik incredible hulk hehehe...sebab dah malam and hujan lebat and no one knew where these 2 kids im having my "friend" over...:-)

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