Thursday, May 28, 2009

Confession of my bizzarre self.

So today I will be a singlemom - until hubbs come back from his conference in Langk*awi on Sunday.

He's leaving tonight..he is spared the usual long drive which we normally experience everytime we go up north. His fllight is at 9, he has to reach airport by 7 I guess, which means he has to chow from KL at around..5.30?

He is as we speak, at the hospital , having come back from the Other hospital. He has just operated on an old old old friend and discovered that that person may have cancer (although its curable- insyallah) . He is planning to go home and take his bag and then go to KL Sentral. I am supposed to say bye from home. But I am now trying to finish something which is due next week but am panicking because of the selfimposed deadline of tomorrow. So how to go home? My table is full of papers. It looks so important right now.

There is just no question of me and the kids following. Tomorrow there is the Teachers' Day thing. Note to self, go to BLUE AND RED store (ok Ibu hehehe) and get loads of er..JAJAN and DRINKS for the feasts (one of the moms have called me to ask what I would be bringing) . Present also. What to get. Kids have given me a list of teachers. they have 10 teachers EACH. ok.....the teachers wouldn't mind a MUG right...hehehe

On Saturday there is a kenduri tahlil by my nephew whose daughter successfully underwent an operation for hole in the heart. So have to go as was told of this like a million years ago.

On Sunday my next door neighbour is marrying off their only son. It's so quiet so far and we have not popped in our heads to ask are you ok. We are the world's lousiest neighbour (I will go tonight) . Mana lah tau dia nak buat bunga telur..still got time to help right. Or should I just bawak like 5 kilo bawang or something to show support. They're catering and it's being done somewhere else , no wonder house is so quiet. Ever since my cats pooed all over their place I have not dared to show my face hehehe.

Ok have told hubbs to call me when he is heading home, so can head home with him...ok ok i may be the only wife who drives home in separate cars, together. hahahahah. Ooops I wasn't going to tell you that.

I am planning to take kids to watch movie or something this weekend. Hubby has taken entire week off next week and MAS has temptingly sent me emails to go to London or Seoul or Phuket ..but the cheap fares are all one way and all during silly times when the kids have school ...I think I will sue MAS for discriminating against parents with children who have to go to school. Cheap rates don't apply during school hols ..why?? Some more, why tell me only of the fare for departure? How do I come back then, by teleporting? Just be upfront and say, Mrs S, if you want to go to London, (for example, only, although visions of surprising my parents in Ireland are tempting me) , you better not even dream of it unless you have xxx amount in your pocket ! I mean, all inclusive fares lah kan?? Why want to tipu us all like that.

Ok I am also pms-ing. Yesterday I merajuk at husband for asking maid to cook. He brought ayam etc home and told the maid to cook x y z. Actually he's been giving the maid instructions lama dah but I takdalah tell him anything but yesterday I had it lah. the standing instruction in this house is daddy does not talk to the maid. Tell mummy and mummy will sort it out. Ok madness and no one understands and after this you will not friend me anymore I know. hahahaha

He said I wasn't home. I feel that that is usurping my authority. I am in charge of domestic affairs. I will tell maid what to cook. Sometimes I tell her something she said Tuan tak bagi and I go eh?? I am her boss, you deal with me, I deal with her. Can or not? But of course husband said I am tak betul in the head haha. He is right. I am tak betul . But I really feel very strongly about this. I guess because for half of our married life it was just me he relied on for stuff like meals and household (he will tell you "I never relied on you", which I will tell you is a lie hehe) - so I feel , if you go straight to my secretary, for what you have me, right?? It is not about trust or jealousy or what (maid allready married anyway) its just about SPACE and also AUTHORITY. Entahlah maybe I am tak betul in the head. *we know that ,right

Anyway it's very stupid I know. No one understands except for Nadine who mutters "mummy is so crazy" .. No lah, she actually said- ohh mummy want to act like the olden days when wives don't have maids....! Bingo! Don't acknowledge lah that some other woman cook for you, abang oi......

Ok now you know how mad and sad I really am.

Hmm I wonder if I can still go to Langk*awi.. (*bad bad Shila- be independent!!!)



bella said...

I am breathless by the time I finish reading are as usual...sooo funny...hehehhe...go..go..langkawi...(coming from someone yg takde anak, pls ignore my suggestion, lol)

tireless mom said...

Hi Shila

Lama dah I have not dropped by in this department to dengar your rantings. Miss it. And yes you are so down to earth.

Are you going to JB to give support to the hubbies in July nanti. Come lah. Lets go. Let them have fun and we wine and dine across the causeway. Can ah, like that?

Superwomanwannabe said...

La ye ke Bella...i have to really tone it down kan. Its a sign of a totally chaotic mind. hehehe

I might go but its TOO EXPENSIVE...hehehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

Yatt..boleh gak...the men borak, kita shopping..ok set..

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...