Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dad, this report is for you.

Fresh from the Teachers' Day hooha, I got an urgent call yesterday while I was at work, from Sophia, rattling on the long list of stuff she and Sara needed for the ShabbabFattayat camp this weekend.

At 9 pm I needed to buy:

1. 4 black teeshirt, long sleeves
2. 4 track suits, black
3. 4 track pants, black (eh bukan serupa ke)
4. 4 tudung, black , cannot be school tudung

for each child.

Sigh and double sigh. I asked them to check in the closet if they allready have some of the items. At 9 pm I was not looking forward to the malls, which was definitely where I would find them. I told them - tak yah pergi lah if so susah!

"But mummy...!"Sophia and her wobbly voice dah nak nangis "It's compulsory...!"

So off I went to Kedai Rasaksa yang terdekat... I hate going shopping, and it was really crowded yesterday with people jostling each other at the bargain place . I finally got the pants but believe it or not, the shop ran out of black long sleeve teeshirts and told me that I was not the first parent to ask for it.

I was thinking, wouldn't it be more convenient if the school just supply the uniform or whatever special clothing they need our kids to wear? Where to find lah ? Even if I didn't leave things this last minute, (which, aside from always saying sorry , is one of my classic talent), i think school should at the very least tell us where to get the stuff so that they can all be the same, kan? the only black teeshirts I found had words and designs on them that were really not ShabbabFattayat type.

In the end I got them black undergarment (apa orang panggil? Inner?) yang small..they looked ok . Just hope its not actually jarang....

Anyway this morning had to go and send them to school for their camp. Loads of parents around. You can tell how shocked the teachers were that the mom was the one sending them today.

Also shocked was the ayam man (I thought I'd replenished the freezer and for once chose the pasar instead of supermarket)..He asked me immediately whether Doktor was working. I said Doktor takda..bersukaria kat Langkawi., so saya kenalah turun padang..hehe..

"Tau takpa" he said.

Eh?? "Doktor cerewet...tu pasal dia selalu pi pasar sendiri,tak mau dia kalau saya yang beli....." was all I could say, weakly. Eh suka hati lah kan. "Pass kan saya ikan er..merah tu?"

"Kerisi ni, ke?"

"ha, ya (WHATever)"

I filled up the car and then went home....only to have the ayam man come (drive ok) to send me a plastic bag of stuff I had left there....santan lah, apa lah.

I mean, do I LOOK so hopeless? I picked up coriander leaves and he ni bukan daun sup tau!! I said haughtily..tau, saya taulah tu apa... (and quickly had a sniff and put it back when he wasn't looking- I WAS looking for daun sup he he)

Then I went home....Just as I thought I could relax came a call from my husband saying that my auntie is having an engagement of her daughter , my cousin. Eh how come I tak tau? (My relatives think he's their anak sedara and Im the outsider he married , not the other way round).

He said - go ok! MESTI pergi !Alamak I have a dentist appointment so how- so cancel lah! Husband I is very particular in respect of orang tua tua punye jemputan. And wedding invites. MUST go.

Off we went to the engagement in Ampang Jaya...takdalah jauh..and it was so good to see my cousins again (of the swimming pool fiasco) . We stayed from 10 to 1.30 I think. Met all my uncles and aunties. Semua orang tanya mana husband? Bila balik? Mana doctor? (he's their doctor)!

So...In July my cousin is getting married and another cousin is getting engaged and in December that cousin pulak kawin. Wow. The uncles took pics of the brothers and sister and the family and I felt sad cause my dad was missing and I told them- haaa babah I kecik hati karang and they said - takpa boleh photoshop!!


Managed to borak panjang with my Pakteh who sold us the car and I asked him, if he minded that he sold us at that price and he said no just pay him what he asked for , that's all. RM5k more to be paid to him! You and the IRS, uncle.

He also advised me where to service the car and called my other cousin who worked for Na** , to tell me where the nearest Na** was . After we discussed it with him, Uncle turned away and I winked to her"Episode cium cium tu kita takyah lah cerita ok?" Ie, Estima kissing the wall on the way out of the parking lot and leading to a scratch...which I put in the FB. She grinned hehehe. I took the Serena to the kenduri by the way..Segan lah nak tunjuk muka Esti tu tak cantik...

Then off we headed home, but only after 1 hour of sesat... hahaha tu pun boleh sesat. The short journey from AmpangJaya to my house was made longer by me somehow ending up in Ampang Indah, (jalan dalam ampang tu so berbelit belit ?) and getting stuck in the jam.

BEFORE we went home, we had to singgah ACE to buy stuff to wash the car. I am making the kids wash the car ha ha ha..well its fun if you don't do it for a living!

Tada thats the end of my report today. I'm tired....


Anonymous said...

but I think your aunt informed your husband first because in Islam, whatever it is, the wives must get the permission from their husbands in whatever..wallahu'alam

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Anony!

Yes you may be right..that may be the reason she asked my husband..although I didn't just get permission, I was ordered NOT to miss it at any costs he he!

Actually I re-read this post..boy I am really not as airhead as I made myself out to be- knocking my self down is also my talent aside from saying sorry and being late for everything !

MrsNordin said...

Hee.. hee... you are so funny Shila, and candid too! Once in a while doing this kind of things without Jab would teach you how to handle stress better!

Tomorrow lunch, nak? With KG. Your place.

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