Good Morning

Phew.,kids have just left for school. Today is - jeng jeng jeng..exam day!

Good luck kids!

Sara suddenly has a headache - Dad said: Take one panadol and you still have to go to the exam, Sara. Dahlia is the first to get ready , and has reminded her dad to put in the ear medicine for her. Semalam she was diligently making her bag for today.

Johan has lost his ruler and was asking everyone for a spare one and Nadine said she might have one but then she later said no she didn't. At the very last minute I thought to ask Dahlia and she said casually, "Oh ya, i have a spare." Walhal she heard me asking the entire household for a spare ruler earlier, buat donnooooo je.

Sophia wants to quit tae-kwon-do , which is compulsory for her level. Asked why, she said "I might get injured some time..." Ok Sophia, a career in law beckons you. Dad laughed at that. She has lost the form to submit for grading which will be on the 20th which is why she doesn't want to go. I remember being so scared of teachers back then too.

Sigh, with 5 kids I really have to pay them more attention lah. Mana yang nak kena bayar for badminton lah,for taekwon do lah, for Muslimah Night are going for RM100, and RM80 each, OKAY??? To be held at KL Convention Centre. Sekolah Padang Tembak mummy dulu takda buat Talentime (which is what Muslimah Night is all about) kat KL Convention Centre tau..kat hall buruk je....

Macam macam kan, kids.

Have a nice day!


sekolah anak I..hari ni baru nak buat Teachers day...esok baru ujian...masing2 suruh I jahit kan tote bag...lumayan betul cikgu sekarang ni..bunga bunga dah tak main dah di mata anak anak sekarang ni....

dan seperti biasa,,,kena beli pencil baru,,,eraser(rubber kata budak2)asah pencil dan pembaris baru...adoiiii
You ada lima ..akak ni lapan dik oii..setiap kali ujian kena merangkak ke Mydin tu..hahahha
anedra said…
i dont know how you do it, I only have 1 school-going son and kepala i dah pusing!! Bila dah exam ni, the mama yang lagi risau than the lahhh. He so does not care!!! and thank god for your blog, i now know that there is a taekwondo grading form (which of course nasar did not tell me about) and that I have also not paid the taekwondo fees!!!! Yikes!
Anonymous said…
Salam Shila.. hehehehe bila baca your story about talentime, i got to laugh. ye lah kan.. zaman kita.. buat kat hall skolah yg buruk tu je.. atau pun buat kat kelas yg ada divider@dinding sliding yg boleh di buka & tutup tu.. hehehehe..

but that is adni.. everything is chargeable.. imagine nak gi malam graduation nite, parents kena bayar for the table!.. dah lah baju tuk grad pun kena bayar.. bagi kain dah lah last minit suruh buat dlm 3 ari utk gi graduation!.. *sigh* bila check kat opis adni.. welp, you got so many version of graduation stories.. :-S that you don't know which is which.. so camne tu?? hehehehe

My eldest start his sek agama exam esok until friday.then his sek keb's exam next Mon-Wed.tiap2 hari dalam kereta i drill dia while he does his exercises workbook tu.masa i masak pun i suruh dia duduk kat dapur with me while i check sikit2 keje sekolah dia. ni baru darjah 1.fening.
Hi kak ezza

lapan orang!!! Camana tuuuuu, tabik spring lah kak ezza ni..

yah, rubber tu macam depa makan kan? ashik hilang je
Dena,,i have not paid a heck of a lot of other fees too. Badminton lah apa lah...ishh one day I kena visit the school and sit down wiht them
haaa aziah,got graduation night? for when?? Got table meh?? Aishhhhhh i have to call them now!
Putri I kena lah contohi you.....baru agaknye jadik orang...
ish kak shila.
HUMBUG-bak kata scrooge.
You're doing so well already. anak2 semua menjadik muslim and muslimah.
what more can you ask for kan?
I salute you.

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