Hello there!

It's such a hot day today kan. How are you?

3 out of 5 kids are at home. I had to go get Dahlia from school yesterday as she was complaining of ear ache. I borrowed DadofFour+1+1 manual car yesterday and wah- best gak ! Nippy! and then I came back to the office , do some work, then hubby sent the car over and we sent him back to hospital, then we rushed to the swimming pool to get Jojo ONLY TO FIND that he has gone back with Pakcik..and I did call pakcik ok to tell him I will get him. Tu pun because pagi tu he had looked at me with his puppy dog eyes and said "Mummy, you never pick me up or see me swim"- this is SUREFIRE way to make me feel guilty one.

Then we picked dad up from hospital in new (new to us) car. I love the sense of power a 3 litre car gives you and floored it at some stretches of the highway..heheheh..Unfortunately I am not so good at reversing and now the car, kept by my uncle in pristine condition for the last 4 years or so, has got orange mark after its encounter with a flower pot ....husband said "toksahlah langgar apa apa..!" Eh macam I plan lah kan?

Anyways the kids jim alip kun , and it was all I could do to stop them from fiddling with the buttons and also they are beyond delighted to find that there is a sunroof that they can open, and more importantly, to stick their heads out of. Many frantic messages were sent to dad going "ARE YOU GOING TO BE LONG BECAUSE YOUR SON AND DAUGHTERS HAVE THEIR HEADS OUT OF THE SUNROOF". Dad sauntered back to the car soon after.

Well, visit to the GP (and previous owner of the car) earned Nadine and Daya a 2 day break from school. Johan also, since he had a toilet accident yesterday , did not want to go just in case it happens again. His pants are now missing and that's ok except it has RM10 in it. Yikes. He got it from dad who gave it to him to buy a book. Why lah dad you gave it to him, he can't make the bookshop girl understand what he wants anyway.

Sara and Sophia kalau boleh nak ponteng jugak except that Sara has a brochure to pass up which is very pretty now (Daddy is so clever, teacher should just award the marks to him). I'm pretty exasperated as she is NOT studying and this is her UPSR year. After I leter and leter I found her diligently writing something on a piece of paper and I asked her what are you doing and she said- EXERCISES FOR JOHAN TO PRACTISE. Warrghhhhh...Sara!

Ok no more Nice Mummy, I am going to have to sit with you and WATCH you do your work.

Ok ok byeee I have to finish something and then I have to go mengaji. Yesterday I went for Ikra 2 not knowing whether the test for Ikra 1 tu, pass or fail. The ustaz brutal tu said all those who had their tests before the other ustaz (ie including me) did badly. Those who did in front of him, were ok. HUH? But he would not release details, and said that sempena Hari Ibu, he will let every one go to Ikra 2.. Haa? Hello, tell lah ,i want to know. Bukan nak nangis or what. (waaaahhh!!)

It's fun gaklah...I heard those who are going through their Ikra' 6 recite and they recite so beautifully...and I thought to myself- hey that could be ME!

Ok lah..bye for now...


Madam Tai Tai said…
As usual..I would read your posting dgn rasa mengah nya. I actually held my breath until the end..just to get the 'kecoh' feelings right, you know. :-)

Hey...what happened to Serena? And what car have you changed to now? Ooo..3 liter - power tu!
wow mommy...:)
tireless mom said…
So you are getting the hang of Ikra ye. Alhamdulillah. Hai bilalah I nak officially start?
aida yurani said…
patutlah I dah tak nampak kereta tu kat rumah Amy. Thought uncle hantar service or repair. Don't let him see the scretch mark! Hehehehe
la kak shila, was that why you were going to bank pembangunan area?to catch the quran class. am soo sorry tak dpt tumpang coz dah promise leel for lunch. if not, sure I pegi that way, to drop you at ur iqra class. I salute your rajinness..bila la I nak start..
madam tai tai- HAIIII ye ke, maybe the way I write kot...life is actually boring- you know that!
MTT- we got an estima.
Tireless Mom- you dah terror....! takpalah...
Aida- shhhhh tapi kan epi dah beritau auntienitalah...kantoi

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