Hi today!

Johan tengah kemaruk nak buat Iqamah nowadays- you know, when the times comes for prayers and the dad does the azan, his part is to recite the azan once to call everyone to prayer..

well, he's really keen on that. He'll quickly take his wudhu, and stand behind his dad and then er- cry the Iqamah. Never mind lah tak betul sangat - olowakbar,olooooowakbar. He feels like he is such a big boy. After prayers he wants to fold the sejadah. I am touched and think- this is why I wanted a son. Never mind that all the other times, malas nak semayang.

Also he is so proud whenever he managed to get a merit from his classteachers. For finishing his work lah, for doing his work faster lah. I have appointed him the house prefect but to be in line with the school, he wants to be a "probationary prefect" until he gets 10 merits. Since he asks for merit everytime he does anything good (like have a bath) he is allready with 10 merits! So now I have to get him a proper badge, like the sisters. Im thinking- what duties shall I assign him ye?

Today is also Mother's Day. Have you seen Google's signage- so sweet. To my mom way way over there in Ireland, you are the person I love most in the world and your voice rings in my head everydarn time I wanted to do anything so thanks mom, for being you and for raising me and for all the times you loved me and also sorry mom for not having enough time to chat with you these days and also for not seing you as often as you wanted and sorry for anything i ever said and done that made you cry...sob sob....

My own children are my mirror image.. Sophia dengan cerita dongeng dan many many fairy drawings dia, Nadine dengan kakibukunye, (although the lembap and mandi sejam tu bapak dia ok), Sara dengan dreaminess dia, Dahlia dengan ..er kiasunye(she nags like a champion) and also the way she clings on to me. Johan is pure daddy lah, he only looks like me. Being a mom is punishment for all the things you did to your mom hahahah..no cancel that. Being a mom is wonderful and above all else, that's who I am.

(After being the clingon wife of course)

Happy mom's day everyone!


MRSHUSiN said…
u r a superwoman lah!
no need for the wannabe!
hope u had a blasssssssssttttt!
Thanks Izannnnn!!!!!!! How was pan pac??
aida yurani said…
Hi Kak long, Happy mother's day! Although I selalu babycrave tak pasal2, I don't think I can handle 5 kids every single day! But you did it, and you will always do your extra best for them, and I'm proud of you. :)

ps : Got the tv from mom. Mama bawak yang tv dapur kat SP, hence tak payah amik tv dari mamat skema. :)
ms hart said…
Happy Mother's Day, SW!

Nak tergelak, my son pun tengah kemarok azan! Sebutan lebih kurang je dgn your Jojo tapi siap ada AwloohuEKbar awlooooohuEKbar...

Dia ingat dia dari Sudan ke mana ntah?!;-)
MrsNordin said…
You are a SUPERMOM too! So Happy Mummy's Day, dear friend!
MRSHUSiN said…
pan pac for ok!
food was so-so la... buffet, whaddaya expect?
so melantak jepun & chinese dimsum je la... =)

entertainment was fun!
they had this she-man being the MC and providing lawak to the moms (& dads)!
how come u weren't there? :(
Aida- I still think you should make mamat skema come and meet you on the pretext of the tv...hehehehehe
ms hart- hahahahaha biar le kan...kesian nak dampen their enthusiasm...

kat rumah....boring

Eh what the heck is PB lah
MRSHUSiN said…
hahaha.... read my blog la...
tulah, kak long so busy sampai no time to read my entries....
i was i was! dah ramping??
MRSHUSiN said…
ramping sikit then before!
btw, izreen pun dah pakai....
her waist is prolly smaller than mine!
heheh :)

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