Sunday, May 03, 2009

Le weekend

Firstly, I hate to see frenchisation of words like "le whatever" or "D'....whatever" heheh

Ok the long holiday- how was yours? Enough rest? Ready for work? Balik kampung ke?

As for us, we contributed to the economy.

As in I realise that time is really money.

Dad's time spent at hospital the ENTIRE Friday =carik makan.

The time I took to get to the dentist=money.

Last Saturday, me and kiddoes sans Dad (on call at GH) finally went to the dentist on my floor at the OFFICE (because God has gotten so fed up with my procrastination that he gave me a job where there is a DENTIST nearby) - well, the procrastination meant that instead of neat patch jobs , to fix my CRATER, (cavity is too tame a word) - I have to do 2 root canals, 4 xrays, etc etc and can he have RM690 thank you very much. Loadsamoney. And the rootcanal has yet to start HOKEH. WHHHHYYYYYYYY didn't I go earlier??? That has got to be the most I had to pay for opening my mouth! I quietly texted my husband causing him to cough at the other end and think " I was on call all day Friday for THIS?" (I'm sure this happened)

Tapi dentist ni layan lah I ngada ngada- siap cakap "if you are comfortable we can go on, if not, maybe next week. Are you ok if we go on?" hehehe...kalau dentist askar bapak I....sorry lah ! Nak pelempang?Tak nak go on? Haa boleh balik. lah not that bad...kidding !

Time spent doing art and craft at Greateasternmall- MONEY

To reward them for patiently waiting for me at the dentist, I took the kids to a nice nasi ayam lunch at Chickennasi shop at GEM. Then full and happy, they decided they wanted to do arts and craft pulak. aiyahh..everytime I go to GEM I would always be bumping into my friends who send their kids to the art and craft class on the 2nd (3rd ?) floor. This time around my kids wanted to have a go.

Mummy dia sign them up lah, yelah, kengkawan pun dah recommend kan...bagus etc. Lupa, kengkawan anak SORANG. Kita ni...LIMA orang! Kids happy lah...They get to choose one thing to do in that one hour, like tissue box ke, or jet ke. Sophia chose Angel and I was nodding enthusiastically until I realised that the Angel was a 2 hour job and the rate was RM45 per child per HOUR only so if Sophia and the rest had 2 hours(cause of course tak fair lah kan, Sophia je 2 hours. habis yang lain nak buat apa once they finished - I was supposed to leave them there) -- RM45 times 2 times 5- tidorjelah kat hospital tu 'yang. For some kadboard and glue and acryllc paint.

BUT they had fun, and came back telling their dad (when he finally came back) and showing him all the art that they did- from tissue rolls and kadboard (sigh) . PLUS I had my teeth finally seen by a professional and he did not lecture or faint (though he did call me silly for asking to be knocked out and for that alone my husband loves him)- so I guess the time was well spent??

Whatever...KL ni, taknak belanja lebih- toksah keluar le . the minute you step out of the house- money money money. Kan?


MrsNordin said...

Tak jadi balik Kluang ke? Why didn't you come to our house on Saturday?

bella said...

Wohooo...yups...I try to avoid going out, as you said, if we go out, nampak macam2...

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...