Sunday, May 24, 2009

Maid and My Weekend

sO We sent the maid home this weekend.

She is a good worker, clean, obedient, good with the kids, cooks, rajin, polite. The bad ? always on the phone, cuts corners (which I find out whenever I check), has a lot of friends, is young.

Have found out recently that she has met another man (she is married) and they are very in lurve.....and she plans to meet him when she goes back to her agent's house for her monthly hols. She is totally "No , taklah of course I don't have a boyfriend, Kak" whenever I ask her if she is on the phone 247 melayan kawan or bopren ni? And of course, she does not misbehave. But I have found out otherwise.

Ok, now. Do I confront her? I'm thinking, for what and what would that achieve? She is leaving in January anyway for good. I don't think she will run away or what, we have a good relationship so far . That and I have half of her money hahah...I don't check her phone, I don't restrict her movements. My attitude and husband's attitude is that, I am her employer and not master. Biarle dia....And if she feels good keeping up the appearance..well I just won't ask her anything anymore. But I won't let it go unmonitored ok, because as long as she is in mY HOUSE she is a security risk. And the work had better not be affected.

She also tells me that the agent Kak R*adiah, lies all the time about the origins of maids she brings in , she tells the maids to lie and say they're from Jawa when some may be from Medan..sigh...apa lah. She makes so much money allready, some more want to tipu.

But I have decided...I MUST have at least one helper . Princess kan?

I don't mind the cooking and washing up, even the laundry. Like I said, bukan tak pernah buat. I do mind the dusting etc! If I can afford it, why not employ someone kan. I cooked dinner yesterday..Semalam we ate sirloin steak and carrots and baked potato with cream cheese and chives and sauteed mushrooms and asparagus...mummy kan, kalau masak, kan yang senang senang je....This morning masak PANCAKES..ha senang tak.

I was the single mom yesterday, ferrying the kids here there everywhere. *Take a DEEEP Breath *

Nadine balik qiyam.

I drove us all to PCMC to send Dahlia for hearing test (her ears are normal but the left side ada lagi fluid and maybe still need that grommet operation). Had to make trips to the PCMC kedai jajan to get biscuits and drinks for princess and prince and also later on the way out, nak makan sandwich puLAK.

From PCMC went straight home, much to disgust of the kids but I need to chill out it was allready 1 anyway. Lunch was maggi and hot dogs.

And Nadine got a call saying ada birthday party- after zohor we went out again to send Nadine but by the time we bought the present it was allready over (we met them on their way out).

And then we sent Sophia to her friend's house for a sleepover.Nak carik rumah punyalah susah, kena lalu SitiNurha**** house yang first time I tengok- mak oi FANCY nye!!! If I lah, I kekok rumah grand na macam tu...

And then as we were allready at AEON , we had Baskin Robbins (sama cost as lunch ). I nipped over and had a coffee and big apple donut which I ate IN BaskinRobbins (Which spilled all over the table though).

Then went to Giant as kids nak makan baked potato. Me shopping with 4 kids (sans Soph) pushing the trolley everywhere but the right direction. Erks I do hate shopping.

Then we went find daddy on the swing...waiting for us.

Dad was of COURSE preoccupied with work, sebok melayan phone sampai lah I SERGAH dia , come on you may be busy and that info u want to relay is VERY important tapi cannot wait through lepas MAGHRIB or what. Then I was in the kitchen with my steak and etc etc and then we ate and my girls all had to do something very alien which is to HELP ME IN THE KITCHEN. haha. Well they're not that hopeless lah.

Phew.I think I crashed on the sofa kot last night..

And this morning woke up - husband gone again....and it starts again

BUT! Its fun and I'm savouring every moment I have with my growinguptoosoon family.


mamasita said...

This is the reality..and a truly busy and blissful life..a wonderful and delightful entry with strings of humour interwoven in between!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Mamasita...thanks for dropping are right...busy and blissful..although actually this is very condensed..! Heheh.its never boring

IBU said...

So is the maid sent home for gud or what? Confuse ni... some sentences still in present tense, x sure. hehe.. not checking grammar, just checking for my understanding.

By the way, your definition of masak dinner tu include buat steak segala? Wohohoho.....tabik spring!! ( err...imagine maggi hot cup on my dinner table if Ibu has to cook for dinner la...)

Did I read you pushing trolley kat si Ogre Hijau tu? Why...oh....why..... :(

OK, hope you can sustain & maintain your sanity while maidless ni. Have fun !

Superwomanwannabe said...

ah i bu...thanks..i always confuse ppl when i talk about her going home.

She has a "home" here that she goes back to every month- in Kajang..

and yah, she's going back for good to Indon this Jan.

Hope that clears it up

You have to open one up nearer me just for me can ah ..heheh btw loving your pic in th epapers hahahah

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