Sunday, May 03, 2009


Gah! The maid has just told me she is NOT going to stay beyond the 2 years!

I am ok with it, seriously. But now...sigh, have to look for a new one. Dahlah cost dia macam nak pinang anak orang- RM8000 I dengar ye?

Can't blame her really. She has a husband back home. She was supposed to go back this September for hariraya but then decided that she was just going to go back in January when her contract ends as she can't guarantee that if she balik cuti, she can come back, sure punye her mom and husband will stop her.

Ya- ya - ya. You will pop back in KL soon enough, I know, having had the gaji and the lifestyle here. Sure boring kat sana.

So how? Got to carik someone who is mad enough to work for us!

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