Friday, May 29, 2009

The Mission

I want to delete my earlier post lah.

It makes me sound so ...deranged. Heh.

Oh well.


All I wanted to do upon arriving home last night (2 seconds after hubbs) was to sleep. I even told him to take a cab although I had originally convinced him otherwise. I had thought to take the kids to send him all together-gether to the airport but then the kids reminded me that we have yet to buy presents or stuff for the big feast tomorrow . So you naik teksi je lah ye bah. He said- I memang plan pun! My wife je yang klingon ni heee (ok I added that part)

About 8.30 we all left for Jay&aJus&co ..I was thinking to get the teachers cute cactus and apparently they sell it there. I dragged the maid (she was NOT pleased, citing ironing, but hey) and off we went ..My god Jaya*jusco was having a sale and there were a lOT of people. I was telling the kids to hold hands and walk together so much that you'd think we were in a military operation or in a REALLY DANGEROUS place.

NO cactus. What to get then?

Kids were very helpful in their suggestions. Johan said teacher Shahidah said she wants baju kurung, or bag. I'm SURE she didn't say that , Johan. Sophia kept pointing to all the big brand names for shirts etc that Ustaz this or that can wear. Uh-huh not going to happen, girl. Sorang can lah. I asked them who do you want to give pressies to- the answer- SEMUA. SO kira kira semuanye ada TIGA PULUH EMPAT cikgu. 34? That many? Are you sure? Did you count them first? Any overlap? Johan, cannot kira teachers that WILL teach you ok, no fair.

We found this purse store selling kinda nice wallets and purses at reasonable prices. reasonable but when you buy TWENTY ..takpalah, this is to thank the teachers for teaching my kids right...(teaching them to realise the value of shopping is what Im sure was not on the syllabus heheh) ...Now i look at them, sure cikgu ingat pasar malam pulak. Can i give the receipt to prove otherwise? hehehehe...

Mummy dah sakit kepala and wants to go home, so whatever lah ok. I bought the wallet/purse/handbags/cosmetic bags, refused Johan's request for a bling bling silver necklace with a big W ala-ala Mr T, for his beloved Teacher Wanida- hallo, makcik tu pakai jubah oi, I cannot see her with some dangling long silver chain Johan although that is so sweet of you. The tokey kedai present me one free bag. Haha (ok I mintak. Loudly. In front of others. Plus my kids were touching all the other stuff)

Then off we went to get for the Ustaz pulak. Managed to get some paperweights which are quite nice. Ada 7 je ustaz. (hmm kira kira that's only 27- what happened to the other 7 teachers?)

Then we went to get grocery for lasagna. Menu daripada jajan and drinks now include sausage in a roll , lasagna, and johan said he wants to bring the sandwich that we always give him in the morning before he goes to school, because his friend AbdulHaq likes them. How does he know JOhan? Because he is the one eating the sandwich every morning. HAAA??? Kantoi Johan..rupanye engkau tak makan...pass kat orang. Then the girls also confessed that the food I force them to bring to eat in the van, gets eaten by other kids! Oh well as long as they're not wasted I guess.

I was just smsing hubby about the present etc when he called. eh , dah sampai ke, I thought. He said I have good news.. or bad news. What?

"I will be coming home tonight. I missed the flight. "

Wakakakakakahhhh ...anyways I thought yay daddy can make lasagna!

He's going again this morning lepas subuh. So nice to have him back. I am finishing up some work (and blogging) and kids have got to wake up in an hour to finish wrapping their presents and make their sandwich!



jana said...

salam superwomanwannabe,kalau saya dah ramai-ramai sangat cikgu dia tu,saya akan beli sejadah je,sure cikgu-cikgunya akan guna punya,tak pun kain batik or pelikat.he he,anak saya yang 3 tu saya dah pening pada setiap hari guru inikan pula 5.

anedra said...

We made sandwiches too. Nasar wanted to get watches (!!!!!)For his teachers. But we ended up just getting chocs. Have a good weekend!

MrsNordin said...

Wakaka!! He missed the flight! I bet you were very happy!

Why lah so many teachers to buy presents for? Bagi class teacher saja sudahlah. My kids also sama. Kalau si Nadira, sampai 12 orang cikgu dia nak bagi present. I said, I've no money. If you had the money, you buy. If not, tak payah. Ridiculous!

IBU said...


My boys tak kesah pun nak belikan cikgu presents. I wonder why....

But Hafiz said, he gave his green apple (bwk bekal to school ... keeps the doc away...) to his English teacher, who happens to be the guru besar!!! Alamakkkk..... but he said the teacher oh-so-love-it - better than the nicely wrapped present. I really don't know whether to believe that or not.

Perhaps I should still bring the boys to buy something or make handmade cards for at least their favourite teachers. Kan?

wanshana said...


My kids were supposed to have mengaji last night, but, suddenly their ustadz mengaji called and said he couldn't come coz' "ada hal mustahak".

I pun apa lagi - heret them to One-U to get cards and gifts for their teachers (initially I was supposed to go alone while they had their mengaji). I specifically told them, they could only get 4 cards each, and 3 gifts each to give to their teachers. Botak lah kepala kalau nak beli for all, kan?!

Anyway, guess who we bumped into at One-U?



Apparently his kids pun dok pester him to go get the cards and gifts for their teachers malam semalam jugak!

Kesian kat ustadz tu...he must have been so embarrassed to see me semalam... But, I did try to make him feel at ease and said anak-anak I pun dok pester/paksa me to get the stuff last night - tak boleh tidak :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Jana...good idea, sejadah. I think I will buy slowly lah, to avoid this rush again!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Dina- watch?? Tudia, anak kita...apa kita bagi cikgu kita dulu ? kad je kan ??

Superwomanwannabe said...

MRsNordin..I think if i said that to the kids, they would empty their tabung instantly. ! sayang nyeee dengan cikgu!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Ibu..boys tak kesah kot. Or is Johan is the exception ??

Awwww that was so sweet of the teacher to say that...memanglah, I think cikgu tak mintak tapi budak budak ni beriya...

kad should be nice! I think should not go overboard gak.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Shana- wakakakakakah!! Funny nye!!! Sure dia malu besar and tak berani nak ponteng next time...!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...