Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stuff that happens

Ok, today is Day 3 of the Exams.
So far..

Day 1 Sara balik terus demam panas and went to sleep. Day 2 , 4 Am, Nadine got up complaining of severe tummy pain. Day 2 maghrib, Sophia complaining of eye pain and also puffy face.

SIGH!!! Dad went on superguiltydoctor mode and gave everyone the appropriate ubat - we now need to restock on antihistamines etc.

This morning- everyone is ok.

So far the exams are apparently "easy sangat mummy!"

Ye ke.

I met this person yesterday and we talked about teaching kids non academic stuff like life skills. Yelah, results are not everything kan...we need them to be street smart as well as able to think outside the box and be future ceo etc

But, having said that, this is a verrrrrrry competitive world and you do unfortunately need to do well in exams etc as that is the current yardstick of your abilities at the moment.

I have to look at having extra stuff for these children lah. I know I know, Ive been saying this for donkey's guilt the default emotion for a mom? I feel I should get them to do taekwondo (they allready are but now nagging me to quit) or music (that's on the to do list) or drama or outbound stuff or charity work or writing school (got, meh , for kids??)

Ok lah, actually there are a lot of stuff I wanted to write about but takda masa lagi- maybe you can tell me which one you want me to bore you with?

1. BaeYongJoon fan club 6th Anniversary meeting the other day joined with thefaceshop (and me shopping)- it was so much fun! met some very hardcore fans. I won first prize in one of the games. Hahaha.
2. Going to Seoul and having my brother meet me there (he's in Japan and apparently very dekat) and persuading hubby to spend one extra day.
3. Johan now house prefect ie in the house and now want a badge.
4. My rootcanal and Sophia's appointment with dentist that she fixed herself, to get rid of the stain on her tooth (fix herself ok. And Nadine also fixed an appointment with dentist abt braces)
5. My impending appearance depan Court of Appeal Judge that everyone who I moan to within a five mile radius tell me is kacangputih. (It's really kaacang putih but kalau suruh the most brilliant dentists do brain surgery pun ternganga kan?)
6. My first case where I sita orang...eeee trauma.


Ok byeeee


Royalshoppingarcade said...

Wah,good luck. I don't know law that well, did law masa A-Level je. but to appear in front of Court of Appeal judge, first time la, big deal la kan?GOOD LUCK. hehe..
Going to korea?bestnya...
kirim ciuman utk ur buah hati si apa ke namanya?

Superwomanwannabe said...

Orang tak panic sebab case management ...

I will give your kiss to hmmmm ramai orang lah kat Korea...

yani said...

Aaaaa...antihistamines..can't imagine my life without them :) especially now that I am spending more time outdoors.

My daughter julia is currently taking piano class n ballet class..When people asked me why hantar dia for those classes because she is only 4 1/2 years old, I told them that she wanted to go to those classes. I didn't paksa her,she was the one yang interested, so I figure out, if she wants it, then she'll get to do it. Let her tests the waters and decide whether she wants to stick to it or not..agree?

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...