Quick One!

Quick Updates on things

1. Tudung- second week woohooo! Not 100% easy, as I tried the slip ons, the lilit around your neck, the selendang , the bawal ...urks . so many. Some too hot, but getting used to it I suppose. Secret- shhhh when there's no one in the office but me and the girls, i take it off...

2. Kids - Nadine- at home, coughing. I asked her what are your plans today, since she has exam in about 11 days and she said - I'm going to try to bake a cake. Heh? Dad chuckled and said "I never used to worry about my exams dulu you know..." ..Yah, tu if the kids ikut your brain ! kalau ikut my brain?? I pun dulu tak worry pasal exam! Kantoi adalah..! Hehhehe

3. Sara- coughing but still going to school sebab ada project. She is now the enforcer -ada masalah in school? Tell Sophia, dia lembik. tell Nadine, dia busy. Tell Sara- she will go and confront the bully/trouble maker . Her hamster ran away (ie disappeared one morning) and she was sad....but now macam ok je sebab Brownie the ever productive cat (dah 6 kali kot bersalin) has given birth in her closet. Her empty closet. Empty because onemonth ago, the rail gave way under the weight of our shirts and baju and just collapsed. So , in a way, Brownie was such a clever cat to find an empty place to have her kittens. Apparently one is very black. Now we know who the dad is. Anyways kids are forbidden to go peek at the kittens in case the mother is spooked and takes the kitten away.

3. Sophia- perceives that she is heavy and wants to go on diet..awww I told her you are just achieving your weight early. Don't worry , the others will catch up soon . She was the reason I went into work at 11 am today, having had to go buy some styrofoam and also make some potato shapes for her art thingy. She promises her teacher she can bring all those stuff and then nags us for them.. She is SUCH a people pleaser. Don't know where she gets it from...

4. Dahlia- latest story is one boy in 3 Kindy said she was "Burning HOT" and that he will "kill anyone who likes her" and she was going to be his future girlfriend . Firstly, unless you're a doctor kid, we are not accepting applications. Secondly, WHAT?? Burning Hot??? What the hey, my daughter is 9! She tersipu sipu. I called Sara - go and sort this out!

5. Johan- doing homework for his "friend" Badrun. Entah kenapa Badrun's work is always in my bag, mummy. And he also took my transfo*rmers' eraser. What, I say, you are being bullied Johan! Sara! Come and sort this boy out! Sara pun datang and asked Johan a lot of details about who this boy is etc...Jojo in the meantime dah regret opening his mouth and now whimpering - nooo don't talk to him....I told him, I won't send Sara if you can sort it out yourself. Happily, the next day he told me he asked for his eraser back and the boy said OK. Hmm better get the sisters to watch this.

Tu jelah so far....byeee


yani said…
Hi there,

Kelakar sungguh baca your posting of your kids. I bet you house is never boring huh? Lucky you :)
And of course, congratulations on your second week of wearing the hijab..you go girl!!!
aida yurani said…
Wah, sarah dah tak crybaby lagi kaklong? Ini sudah bagus?

I need to learn from Dahlia then how to be "burning hot".... :)

Shah & Chalee call I last night, bragging that mommy with them. And if you guys are reading this comment, I'm saying "eleh!" :)
Aida said…
Hi Shila,

Congrats on your second week. Thake it a day at a time. When I first started I too had my on and off days ehhehehe but it will all be easier.
Royal Jester said…
go kak shila. go kak shila.
anedra said…
Hi Shila,

hehe, meriahnya your family. Couldn't help but laugh at Dahlia's story. Apalah kena dgn budak2 laki katsekolah islam kita ni ek? But, many months ago Nasar did tell me that apparently a lot of his friends menaruh hati kat Dahlia. Since Std 2!!! SO cute. Waaahhh..a heartbreaker at such a young age. Caya lah Dahlia!
Anonymous said…
hehehehehe.. Hi Shila.. this is super cute post.. tergelak besar dgn cite Dahlia & Johan.. so good you got Sara as the enforcer!.. hehehehe

wahhhhh Dahlia ramai peminat!.. hehehehehe.. my daughter Adilah aso said the same.. ramai yg minat dahlia.. antaranya Afiq & Aniq.. hehehehe.. good luck!..

and congrats on your 2nd week.. :-)

IBU said…

And ahhh.... the someone else's homework in the bag.... i caught Hafiz with that too. Tapi kan... not because he was being bullied or what, rather his teacher asked him to copy that boy's JAWI writing coz his is sooooooooo bad!!!! LOL!!!!!
yani, thank you for your words of encouragement! yah the house is never boring, that's for sure! Pening kepala adalah!
Aida-AKCTIONNYEEEEE .....! Nyampah. nanti lah kita brag kat dia all the food we eat here kan..
Aida- so far so good. If you see my office its very cosy and macam rumah and there is no one around except me, the clerk and the accounts girl so its very quiet, tu yang boleh santai tu. But so far alhamdulillahlah.
Royal jester= thanks !! WOOOOWOOOOTTT!
Dena- haaa maybenasar can be my spy...burning hot you...
Hi Aziah- oh my gawd , she really likes Aniq. Hari tu budak tu datang rumah sampai tersipu sipu dia ..eh, mana diorang belajar ni haaa
heheheh ibu...

everytime i pergi satu hypermnart ni kan, i akan ingat you....

I tak leh marah sangat..sebab nanti they dont tell you the stories kan? I hope he is not getting bullied...

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