Something Johan said

You know the other night when we all ate together as a family at the dining table and NOT in front of the TV (a very rare experience) I said lah- haa one day I want all my girls to be serving mummy and daddy pulak..wouldn't that be nice? I imagined having my daughters flutter around us with drinks and asking us what we want to eat etc .

Then Johan piped up- "Mummy, I know that is what you want to happen, but I don't think that will happen." Sebijik sebijik he said.

Oh well we can only live in hope.


Aida said…
InsyaAllah one day it WILL happen.

Hopefully sooner. Before they actually have to feed u la kan?? ehhehehe
MrsNordin said…
It will happen. Your girls will dote on you. If they don't, you make them do it! Hee.. hee...

Now they are still small.
anedra said…
haha - johan's so funny!
Eh, how come Johan tak payah serve mummy & daddy?
wanshana said…
HAHAHAHA! He knows his sisters so well? ;)

Tell him, tak per - if his sisters don't do all that, there's always Johan to do it for Mommy and Daddy :)
Aida-- ha, lets hope my kidswill turn out to be self sufficient and not the manja satu cawan tak leh basuh type
MrsN- yah, lah . like yourkids masak moussaka for you!
Dena- selamba je dia.
Mammamia- ah-ah yek? Tak fair tu..must include Johan in the list of having to layan mak and abah ...
wanshana..they're a riot , my kids! Your kids sure lagi well behaved kan.
wanshana said…

You should come over to our place one day and you'll see that my kids pun 2x5! But, it's okay - that is what's making our lives colourful (grey on top is included!) ;)

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