Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Laaa...the trip nak gi Seoul apparently not confirmed

Hubby is going with his colleague to learn how to operate a robot (not operate ON robots)- yadiyadiya whatever. Anyways. Madam KDrama ni of course nak ikut it is NON NEGOTIABLE. I will barter trade and promise all sorts of services wink wink if you let me tag along.

So I have begged my brother to babysit my darling kids and made arrangements with my other brother to meet up. Ok all set. Found out no visa is required. Vaguely worried about H1N1 then figured hey, I'm walking IN h1n1 country now what. Might as well not go into town tol tak.

Anyways last night Husband casually said that his colleague may not want to go. And if he doesn't go, the trip is off.


The date is about 2 weeks away, can you still be undecided at this time?

When will you know for sure? I asked.

Don't know.

Eh?? Obviously youdid not tell your colleague "My wife is SOOOOO going to kill you." or "you are SOOOOO dead" or "You are going Mr Y and that is FINAL. "

"No, he doesn't know you're coming."

Oh. Ok . Upset? A bit disappointed. More puzzled that you can be that cavalier for overseas trip, I always thought it involved booking way in advance, confirmation twice over, and then payment and cancellation fee which you have to hock your house to pay etc. Maybe this does not apply to free trips to doctors eh.

Not upset. But went to bed at 9. Zonked out. Hubby did not look remorseful at all which tells me he is VERY remorseful and that his "too bad, what can I do" look is really him being cool. I was right as this morning he said we can go together some other time. er..maybe later.

Oh Well! Never mind. I always believe that things happen for a reason, perhaps I would definitely catch the Flu there. Or perhaps I would lose my luggage or something.

On the subject of cancellation- the girls came back to tell me their MuslimahNight has also been postponed. From tomorrow , to Mid JULY??? Why? I have made plans to send off my one Non muslimah, Johan , to sleepover (or have them sleep over at my place) at his friends' house. So tak jadik lah ek?

Can't go anywhere though as there is teachers' day celebration oN Friday which involves big presents for every teacher and kids trying to make lasagna on their own. Am thinking of buying kids' teachers some potted plants ?? Credit to my friend! At least they last..!

What else is in store for me Iwonder it's only Wednesday......


anedra said...

Thanks again- now i know there's teacher's day celebration on Friday. Kalau tak..mesti malam besok baru Nasar will let me know and then kelam kabut kena beli present kat 7-11 okk!

See ya around! Boring-boring datang le rumah!

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi dena....ya,,what are u getting them ?? So ramai...!

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