Friday, May 22, 2009


Kids have finished their exams.

So, today of COURSE they got up at 5 am kan?? Normal schooldays it takes me almost having a CORONARY to get them up and ready for school, today when there are no exams, they're up, the Telly is blaring and everyone is smiling and ready. Hmmm.

Update: hubby told me sebenarnye only Johan dah habis exams...the rest still have something on Monday! They are really relaxed over this exam..they are more bothered about Teachers' Day celebration, and their Muslimah night which now I have to cough up RM100 for costume..Ko pakai kostum apa tu Sophia, emas tenun ke??? I told them to get teacher to call me, or give me her number. Teacher pun tulis la note ke...apa ke...kan. RM100 I pun jarang pegang ok. Dah 20 lebih baru tahu duit tu ungu. heheheh..

So I figure I make a very good husband. If the maid can be considered the wife lah. I order je - buat ni buat tu and everyone kena ikut. And I jadi manager- dah buat ni? Dah buat tu? BARU pagi ni nak susun bag??? Pantang tok nenek mummy ni! I have such respect for all moms without maids ,mine included, because it is HARD. hello, I was that mom for 6 years I think- as long as we were in the UK maidless. Did I not poohpooh my manja friends who had maids and were complaining about their maid? I did all the mopping, washing, laundry, cooking ok PLUS take care of kiddoes. And I tell you I did it a lot better. Ok I lie. I did half only. Husband also kena tolong. Kerja dia- buang sampah, lipat baju , er..pi shopping. I think that is why sampai sekarang he does the shopping. Plus he actually ENJOYS shopping for grocery.

OK I started this to tell you about the day I had in court. I am having SO MUCH FUN working with my new boss these days because he makes me learn so many new things whether or not I want to heheehe..I grit my teeth and bite the bullet because hey, that's what I wanted right? When I said I wanted to learn new things, though, I had in mind maybe another languageke, or learning to sew ke, or what...learning to be a litigation lawyer was not on the list somehow heheheh but I am glad that I am actually exposed to this. My chambering days were a blur because it was overshadowed by the fact that I was going to go and get married and go to the Uk at the end of it, (YAY YAY!) I'm sure I learnt something then but can't remember. Certainly not litigation.

So I went and I got to meet the judge and I had to explain about the case and I got told off I think ..and my partner was outside after agreeing to accompany me at LAST with the bribe of some cupcakes and sweets.

and now I hope my 4 day stomach ache and also urge to throw up every now and then, will finally stop.

Tata have a nice friday!


MrsNordin said...

Are you pregnant??!!

See, it wasn't too bad after all... I knew you could do it!

Eta My said...

Salam perkenalan sw...

I selalu jadik silent reader..tumpang bace at mrsnordin's, shana's or ibu's...

But today tergerak nak menjelmakan diri...

I dunno why lah kan..tapi your kata2 alwiz buat I gelak sorang2 kat rumah ini..kelakar banyak...entah ape2...full of expressionsss...never met bf but i'm sure you are special friends to many..but one think we have same no of kids..different only I masih terkedek2 dengan 1 baby kecik..whereas almost all my friends dah lepas the period yang 'menyeksakan'...een th saya suri rumah sepenuh masa...banyak juger keleja lumah tak siap2...mana yg dan!

And I love Friday too!..tata!..anak2 I baru habis peksa skolah agama..minggu depan skolah keb lak!...

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi MRs N

No lah I dont think so although I am teary and the boobs do hurt but for the last 6 years the iud has been firmly fixed , tak da apa apa pun....

that would be a lovely accident though!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Eta!!! salam perkenalan to you too! My hats off to you for being a stay at home mom and I know its hard kan. Your life revolves around the kids and sending them and picking them up. Tapi kan, puas hati..sebab you sendiri yang jaga and you sendiri yang masak...I selalu cheat sebab bila depa tido- I pun tido haha

Hope you visit again!

yani said...

Hi kak shila,

Yup! I am loving my life right now...walaupun penat. Sometimes people think that being a stay at home mom is an easy job but it is not. I am basically the cook, the driver, the cleaner, the babysitter, the gardener,the accountant senang kata, all the "thes" lah :)
Just had a phone conversation with my mom back home in Msia the other day and she keeps on asking me if I am going to take clasess, any classes, bread making class or sewing class ,anything to fill up my day and I said to her that I am so busy that sometimes I dont even have time to take a shower in the morning..and she goes on saying that I can at least do it after the kids go to sleep. WHAT??? I dont have a maid..when kids(a 5 yrs old and 1 yr old) go to sleep, I still have to clean up after their mess and dead tired by then to do anything. (didnt say that to her because she wont understand it)
Opppssss... sorry, I was at a point that I needed to let it out when I read your you get to hear it all :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Yani...5 year old and 1 year old?? They must be running you ragged kan! The only thing that rescued me was ROUTINE..I had a routine going, pagi mandi lepas tu breakfast then letak depan tv tengok CBBC hahahaa and that is the time I do housechores (butnot for you cause you have that one year old who cant be put down im sure!) ..

I understand our parents sebok suruh I buat masters lah , coourse lah. I did take up french and computer and towards the end actually started a masters degree (sara was a baby and boy did she hate the nursery!)

When I look back, I SHOULD have found some time to do a course...dahlah kat UK tu banyak adult education...sekarang macam rasa rugi. I was totally content though, to be the full time mother, and enjoyed being the wife full time but now I feel sorry that I didn't set aside a few hours a week for me he he.and they DO say that you get to be a better mom when you spend some time away from them! 1 is too needy, though...but maybe you can consider something when your baby hits 2 and can stay with a minder for an hour...we gals need galtime too!

Where ARE you by the way??

yani said...

kak shila,

I am now in Pittsburgh PA. We moved back here when julia was 8 months old. We were in Sri Kenangan Sek.5 (or maybe 6 kot tak ingat dah) wangsa maju for 3 years. Decided to move to Pittsburgh to be close to hubby's family since julia is the only grandchild on his side.

I agree with you. i do need to find some "me" time. It is just that Mikhail is so attached to me that nak tinggal sekejap pun susah. I guess once he is a bit bigger maybe I can leave him with MIL for a bit so I can go to the gym. Yup..that is all I want right get back in shape :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi ! Pittsburgh wow. So far! Yah, family bonding is very important...Do you come home often? Whenever we used to come back for hols th ekids would entertain everyone with their very thick british accent haha they have pseudo american accent thanks to the Telly!

its lovely when the kids need you so much...there is no such thing as spoiling v small kids they say.

I used to go visit other moms wiht kids - you know, moms and toddlers group? We would all melantak minum kopi and munching on biskut and then the kids would destroy whoever the poor sod who is hosting that day ha ha ! So much fun!

I did so many things! learnt quilting lah, sewing lah, entah apa apa...satu pun tak pakai it was just to get out of the house hahahah...

But now, i look back at those times, miss jugak small babies..

yani said...

kak shila,

Miss small babies huh? Still can what? U r still young :)

Yup, tu yang tak boleh nak ambik kelas apa-apa right now. I am busy driving the kids to their classes/activities..julia has piano n ballet classes, Mikhial has Kindermusic group, Tuesdays julia has Story hour at the library, Wednesdays Misha's turn at the library, Thurdays (if weather permits) we would join the Tyke Hikes for outdoors activities, Friday usually playdates with their friends...tak ke gile dibuatnye? Now am looking for swimming class for julia for the summer and trying to figure out how to get her to Arabic class at the mosque( nak ajar sendiri mummy dia pun still merangkak) . Tu yang by the time the kids go to sleep..all I want to do is nothing :)

We normally would come home once a year (usually time raya) expect for last year (mikhail was to small to make the trip home). So insya-Allah this Sept we r coming home again for a month. We figured, since the kids r still small, bolehlah balik selalu time raya and lama lama, nanti dah masuk sekolah susah sikit.

Eh, ni dah jadi tempat kita ber chatting pulak :)

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