Monday, June 29, 2009


Semalam we took the kids to see TRANS*FOR*MERS


My impression- KEWL nyeeee... dengan the fighter jets, and the battle ships, and the tanks, and the slowmoving soldiers led by that Josh Duhamel or something who is also known as Mrs made me feel so patriotic until I realise....


Wakakakakaka...and that, folks, is how cultural colonisation works. You will leave the cinema thinking- waaah they are so powderful oneeeeee....and also so authoritative oneeeee...and can send planes left right and centre into other people's airspace with no worries one.....and all Egyptians love the American one....and also what the heck was Mr Ooooompaloooompa doing in Transformers??? (did you see him?)

I was so impressed by the metal and the action and the speed that I forgot to check what the plot was...Lets seee....there was Sam, and then there was the fabric-challenged Michaela who makes the art of walking very sexy....then there was college life...with lots of smexy girls....then there was this old decepticon who they manage to find and thank goodness converted llast minute to Autobots

Oh yah I got a few jokes-

what does a very fat baby need?


Some more-

What do you call a very dirty Autobot?



What do you call a group of powerful cooking utensils??



Byeeee guys...

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Goooooooood morning!!

How are you????

Today is the first day I did not wake up at 4 am in pain. Although the pain basically is there the whole day it's not so bad !

My kids got ready at the crack of is international food fair day....if only they are this keen on normal school days

Michael Jackson is all legend he went at an early age...Elvis, Marylin...would they be icons that they are if they are still around??? Death comes to all of us when we least expect it sometimes.. I ask myself- AM I PREPARED????? Will the kiddoes be ok if I am not around?? What about me in the afterworld?? Have I got enough afterworld cash ????( the answer is NO)

Today got to go replenish stocks in mom's fridge...since they are arriving on Monday morning.....

hohum my life is boring.. Oh yah have signed meself and Nadine to Japanese classes...what about Arabic say you??? Well we need to continue that too!! Maybe this is one of the hot hot chicken shit project I start everynow and then but I am hoping I can actually be decently proficient in it so that I can....I can..... I at Japanese restaurant? talk to my brother? go to Kinokuniya's japanese section and act totally cool? What is the motivation here? and MrsN no comment ok hahahahahah (I can totally see her rolling her eyes) - Ok Im going in October insyallah....(hahahahaha book pun tak apa pun tak).

Hubby got acquiainted with an auditor who shrieks at the lack of receipts ke bini disorganised....

thats why we pay u maaahhh

Buh Byeeee..

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well....yesterday brought a welcomed storm to KL...finally the haze is reduced..

Now we have to worry about H1N1...which my hubby will bring up everytime I mention Japan or Korea to him. Asians are tough there even any point in trying to prevent it?? The way they should have gone about it is to BAN people from travelling when the outbreak first came out. Now too late allready lah

Tooth..well killing me , really. I really DO have about 8 pills to take...and I have no idea what they are, he just gives them to me with the air, and then tell me to take them. Some blue tablets, some long ones. But antibiotics are in there. I went to the doctor but unfortunately (or fortunately) I dont feel so unwell the minute I get to work -its only at home.

Anyways...yesterday some people came by to tell me about investing in Arizona...USD10,000 je per unit/. Are you mad is what I want to say but then hey maybe ada rezeki one day I will invest. I pun dengar lah.....sounds ok if you really dont mind investing in something you can't physically identify as yours, although they have the legal document of title for you to hold. Really, sounds ok but NOT NOW.

Ok gotta go back to work. Kids have international food fair this weekend and then want to donate money to one of the teachers who was robbed and everything was taken (even her kids' diapers mummy!) I told them I will give on all of their behalf or else each of them will bring money to school, satu cerita

Mom and Dad coming back in a few days! !yay yay! Husband panicking sebab tak service kereta Volvo babah lagii HAAAAAA..nvm lah...

I wannna go back and sleep.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dental pains


chakit infected...and then got numbed lips...and face swollen...the tak besst thing is...husband said tak swollen ie my face looks the same..!

Was chewing tea bags last night..pain too much..but that teabag worked la..

Anyway husband is a darling...go and get my ubat for me...entah apa lah dia bagi..ada lah 8 bijik kot

But today lips numb so i panic- called the dentist..and he said - come in we do a ROOT CANAL. lagi orang sakit lagi dia nak drill...

He must be so happy to have met me, that dentist...Can sponsor his next annual vacation hahahah

Ok I think I better work...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

report card day

Ok firstly , sorry for the hentahapahapa post before. I guess I was just saying, nowwe can afford to think about doing what we really want to do...

in the meantime..let's go back to earth and talkabout...

Report card day!!!

I went at 10.00 and came back at 1.30. Not that there were so many parents, but I needed to settle outstanding payments first- it turned out that we still owe SOMEthing! Eh SWEATHONEY you kata semalam dah bayar?? RUpanye ada lagi ke? Maluation je hisshh ..sent to the office but then tengok RAMAI yang kena settle bills is a private school after all..

So I went to see the teacher for Sophia's class , then searched the place for Sara's teacher ,then went around for Johan's class and then went down for Nadine's class and did i miss anyone? Oh yah. went to see dahlia's class. All on different floors except for Sara and Sophia who are on the 3rd level.

Soo the teachers are basically saying the children are fantastically brilliant ha ha (no lah) but then they have to stop pretending they are AMERICANS and speak bahasa malaysia..their written malay needs to be improved NOW NOW NOW...

Okay then we need to go off for neighbour's akikah and then go off celebrate our friend's birthday HAPPYBIRTHDAY YOUKNOWWHOYOUARE!!

I wish you all the best...and happiness...and tht you may forget whatever tht is not good for you.....and that you will get the willpower....hehehehe


Friday, June 19, 2009


Remember when we were younger we used to write down our biodata in our friends' books? likes, dislikes, favourite colour, favourite food, favourite tv show,ambition etc. We were so sure. My favourite colour was red. favourite food?er..kueyteow.

We also used to have ambitions- I want to be [fill in the blanks].

Then , your whole life is focused (or your parents focus for you) on achieving whatever degree/diploma etc tht was in your "when I grow up I want to be[ ]" list.

I did put that when I grow up I wanted to be a lawyer. Whatever the heck lawyers do lah. I don't know if I would still stick to my choice if I know that lawyers do a lot of this - [ ]. ha ha ha.

Now I think I have achieved my ambition. The lawyering thing. And of course, my real ambition- the being married to a prince thing. Well- he works at Prince hospital so there you go , I'm happy. hahahah.. No lah I am quite content.

But I cannot tell you now, what my favourite colour is, or my favourite food etc. What I actually like and what I don't like- they are all blurred and forgotten. I have become so wishy washy or is that actually what they call - getting older? I like red, but also mustard green. I now know there is such a colour as mustard green. or dusky rose. And my favourite food- er..sometimes steak, sometimes roast chicken but yah kteow somewhere there still.

My point of this rambling (rambling mana ada point,actually) is that I miss those straight forward had dreams..and when you have gotten your dream- what do you do hah? time to make new ones I guess. Time to check balik what really is your interest. Do you really want to continue the way you are now ? Everyday you should be better than the day before.

I have decided that if my goal in my teens was to finish school as fast as possible, thenmy twenties was to get my degree as soon as possible and in my thirties to get as many kids as quickly as possible, then my 40s is to basically learn as many things and do as many things as possible. I don't want to be in rut....

But...what AM i interested in??? I can't cook,. so cannot make cupcakes, Can't sew , so cannot make baju ..but I am interested in people and their problems and what makes them tick....and I would like to visit as many cultures as possible..and learn as many things as I learn japanese ke, korean ke...

And this time, I will finish the things I start ha ha...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

WinterSonata the Sonata

My husband categorises the Kdrama and Jdrama er...hobby of mine as 'hentahapahapa' in.."daripada you tengok sites hentahapahapa tu why didnt you do x y or z" was only that one time that he said this, generally he is ok when I watch my drama online (baru satu drama anyway)...that's my husband for you..he keeps quiet and is laid back and then WHAMMO he gives you one nice line....

Like the other day...we were in bed and suddenly my phone emitted this WinterSonata song...that is my message tone by the way...the entire song with someone singing and its the Korean version pulak anyway the phone rang and I reached for it to get the message BUT husband reached it first, and PRESSED IT to my ear! And held it DOWN for as long as the SONG ran ...and with me squealing and trying to get away because the song was TOO LOUD against my ear.
And he said- that's what I have to listen to !
hahahahaha...rupanye macam tu kah...
Ok laaaaahhhhhh..(but I still like that song as my message tone)

Singapore (will be constantly updated)

Day 1- belengas and in need of a bath but we went to Night Safari. (so we fit right in with the animals ha ha) ... Night safari hip and happening ler.
Kids with their aboriginal cousins...

Ini di snowcity......real ugly coats kanThis is before we go into Imax huge screen (the entire ceiling is the screen). Outside was an exhibition of VanGogh work.

The family went to the Flyer at night...after driving around in circles going - There it is!!! Now how the heck to get in???


I have no idea why I am not blogging these inspiration? I could talk about

1. My daughter's UPSR- and the lack of preparation haha...Its allready July meh! My brother joked that there should be an exam called UPSP...sure everyone will pass with flying colours (PSP get it??) ha ha!

2. My parents are coming back yay yay and the grass has been cut at their house finally....not too close to the time they are coming back so that it's not TOO Obvious that we have not been there for a while he he....

3. Johan came to the office yesterday as he refused to go to school, not having done his homework (cause he was waiting for us to come back from Izreen's house the night before rupanye).

4. the Estima is pretty again! Found a body shop in Keramat...and for all that scratches it (only) cost RM350 to make new....Now for me to learn how to manouever the car down the office parkinglot - which apparently is easy according to DadofFourplusone (and plus one very soon)

Ok tata.....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tomorrow school starts again.

Today Dahlia is doing her homework. She has 50 pages of BM to do. She was complaining that it's too much. It is since you have left it to the last day before school ..

Sophia complains takda eraser. The eraser eating monster struck again.

What have they done this cuti.

1. went to singapore..where they went on the singapore flyer, snow city, i max, science centre, night safari and generally helped towards reviving the economy of the region.

2. Johan followed me to the dentist where he finally took off his funny tooth- funny because the root grew out of the gums (it's the front tooth) and doc had to pull it out as the tooth will not fall out. I went to finish the rootcanal (of my wallet) - and now the dentist has offered 3 crowns..and create another molar. I said much? I had again managed to scratch the car trying to get into the car park and need to budget that in..he said RM3500..Waatt... Anyway I asked him "er do I need to do it?" really, I 've been surviving without that last molar anyway right. He said "Only if you want to chew".

Dentists They all want to be comedians yah.

3/ took kids to see Hannah Montana. fun. but god please don't let my daughters wear full on make up until they are 21. Heck if I can survive a lipstickless world until 18 so can they. Anyway got kissing kissing scene and romance with some guy also.

4/kids had their cousins ver. ie Camarina and Camellia. They spent the time doing girly stuff like makeovers .

5/ I finally saw my brother today. I told him we had better meet up before mom and dad come back in 2 weeks time. When he came I said., "So how was Ireland " cause the last time I saw them was when we sent mom and dad off! Teruk kan...Anyway they went to the house to supervise the cutting of the lawn. Hubby had put in carpet grass before HIMSELF and found it backbreaking work. 2 hari sakit pinggang. Tu baru 1/6th of the lawn. Dah buat baru dapat suggestion that pearl grass is better.

6/ I finished watching HanaYoriDango..the Japanese drama version of the manga. Seriously , everyone needs to watch this BEFORE they watch the Korean version. It makes sense then. The plot in HYD is so much more clearer ! The koreans had the better looking guys (well, Domyouji Tsukasa (Jun Pyo) was played by Matsumoto Jun who is a pop star in Arashi- v popular group in Japan - aren't they all? and he is actually quite attractive. Or as a 15 year old fangirl would say- totally hawt!! . ) But the Japanese had the better plot. Rui (JiHoo) actually told Tsukasa he was interested in Makino and not giving Makino (Jandi) up and only did it after Tsukasa begged him on his hands and knees . I mean, that's balls for you! Where as in Korean BOF Jihoo never came out until at the very end. And Jandi could pretend that everything was ok (yup been there) . Seriously. watch it.

Ok that's my report. Till next time...taaaa

(ssorry lama tak update..too hot!)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

We're in Singapore!!

Going back today....

Pix later as per usual...

Day 1

Late to leave, actually was in the office till 2, finally left for Singapore at 4 and finally arrived at 9. Singgah at this fantastic reststop in JB - its so nice!! So mediterranean like. Dad filled up petrol to the max . We had some delays at the Custom because main pergi je kan, never did any research on what the had to fill up embarkation cards etc. But the officials were friendly. Kids kept asking us are we still in Malaysia???? What time is it in Singapore? Is it hot in Singapore? We had to laugh and cry at the same time at how horrible my kids are in Geography....! Dad said its snowing there now.

When we arrived I was allready very sticky and needed a bath but no, we headed towards Night Safari. The best thing was we had NO IDEA where it was and kept driving around. I was anxious until hubby said "alah Singapore is as big as KL , and how sesat can you get on an island anyway?" //then I relaxed and we had fun driving around until finally we got there!

wahh night safari is SOMETHING else!!! SOO GOOD! Ok I will have to sambung this later as the kids aare finally ready and we have to check out today.

But generally my observation is-

1. its against the law in singapore to drive an old car
2. its against the law in singapore for trees to have brown leaves
3. its very orderly and disorder is very rare
4. everything is so freaking clean

Will catch you later!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Another rambling


I don't blog because everytime I do, I can't stop. I ramble on and on. Sorry.


Since the Seoul trip is (*sob*) off, husband suggested we go away somewhere this week. This is despite having loads to do here, which is- clean up old house, concentrate on UPSR for Sara, sort out this and that. Discussed with workpartner and since he is taking Friday to Monday off I will go off today to Thursday. Now I realise macam tak fair cause that's 3 days off (it sounded like 2) Workpartner you balik Tuesday lah ok.

So..we are going off to Singapore. I managed to get good deals on W*oti*f Secret Deal, where you just read the description and tawakal je, you only know where you'll be staying after you click PAY. I did that and we got FuramaRiverFront..looks good, 4 star, ada free internet access lagi, not far from my anniversary copthornewaterfront dulu. I rasa its actually ohkay sajalah..but rates dia murah lah nak compare dengan yang lain, SGD110 per night. Harro kita sekarang pakai dua bilik woah. Tatak muat satu.

Sebenarnye yang nak pergi is the father. He has been working really hard (thebeach pictures at langkawi was the exception he swears haha) . I went to the hospital yesterday did I tell you that? I had this horrible backache, everytime I nak get up I had this twinge on the left side of my back and I'd be holding my back like I was 8 months pregnant (I'm not btw) and after one week of this my husband finally asked me to see his friend dr D**pak .. dr D**pak sent me for an xray and told me I was starting to develop athritis of the facet joints (ie in between the er...discs? 16 years of being married to a doctor you'd think I'd know the lingo.)

The facet joints are synovial joints which help support the weight and control movement between individual vertebrae of the spine.
The facet joints work together alongside the intervertebral discs to form a functional working unit. The facet joints direct the plane of motion at each vertebral segment which is dependant on their angle and orientation.

Faham ke?

I told my slowly breaking downnnnnn.....after you hit 40 everything goes ke?? I told my husband of the results - he was in OT the whole time and got the report from the Dr D**pak allready. He asked - DID HE ASK YOU TO LOSE WEIGHT??

HELLO?? what kind of question is that lah??

Anyways. what to do.. now have to eat supplements. (and maybe lose weight)

While I was there I noticed a few people loitering around, waiting for the doctor. dari masa I masuk sampai lah nak ambik ubat , they were still there. I thought they were patients...rupanye from waltoninternational lah, insurance agent, etc sales lah basically. kesiannn..the staff said that hari hari they are there, waiting to "attack" these supposedly cashrich doctors. Tunggulah kau berhari hari. My husband said dia takda duit. Bini high maintenance. haha. Seriously guys, pergi tunggu doktor GH tu sekali...jangan pandang rendah gomen docs ok..they have a lot of savings....and not that many kids.

Since the doctors tak free, they sold it to me lah. Do you want to buy an interest in some land in Arizona? Hmm...maybe.?? Apparently got title and all. But cannot build lah, only there for speculation. Ie invest. Buy in anticipation of some developer buying the piece of land from you at a higher price. That's not judi right?

I was there so long that I could read the Prestige mags - T*atler, Pre*tige, etc my there is another world out there! Full of ladies in flowing gowns, where DINNER FUNCTION equals MINIMUM CLOTHING. Hahaha my husband's auntie put it, Party T*t*k hahahahhaha.... Sorry I am a prude, my brain just cannot process people with the names Sharifah this or Marina that or Azura this , dressed like that...hahahaha! And this one person (has a cosmetic skin care company after her name) looks younger and younger everytime you see her.

Ok then...better stop yakking. . gotto take kids no 2 and 4 from SIL's house. They just bought the Wii and my kids seronok main sampai taknak balik haaa. However Dahlia (no 4) has diligently packed her bags so that's not a problem

Dad is off changing the front tyres of the car before we go. Last minute ni best kan.

Ok ....Byeeee..

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...