Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Another rambling


I don't blog because everytime I do, I can't stop. I ramble on and on. Sorry.


Since the Seoul trip is (*sob*) off, husband suggested we go away somewhere this week. This is despite having loads to do here, which is- clean up old house, concentrate on UPSR for Sara, sort out this and that. Discussed with workpartner and since he is taking Friday to Monday off I will go off today to Thursday. Now I realise macam tak fair cause that's 3 days off (it sounded like 2) Workpartner you balik Tuesday lah ok.

So..we are going off to Singapore. I managed to get good deals on W*oti*f Secret Deal, where you just read the description and tawakal je, you only know where you'll be staying after you click PAY. I did that and we got FuramaRiverFront..looks good, 4 star, ada free internet access lagi, not far from my anniversary copthornewaterfront dulu. I rasa its actually ohkay sajalah..but rates dia murah lah nak compare dengan yang lain, SGD110 per night. Harro kita sekarang pakai dua bilik woah. Tatak muat satu.

Sebenarnye yang nak pergi is the father. He has been working really hard (thebeach pictures at langkawi was the exception he swears haha) . I went to the hospital yesterday did I tell you that? I had this horrible backache, everytime I nak get up I had this twinge on the left side of my back and I'd be holding my back like I was 8 months pregnant (I'm not btw) and after one week of this my husband finally asked me to see his friend dr D**pak .. dr D**pak sent me for an xray and told me I was starting to develop athritis of the facet joints (ie in between the er...discs? 16 years of being married to a doctor you'd think I'd know the lingo.)

From: http://www.sportsinjuryclinic.net/cybertherapist/back/lowback/low_back_pain_facet_joints.htm
The facet joints are synovial joints which help support the weight and control movement between individual vertebrae of the spine.
The facet joints work together alongside the intervertebral discs to form a functional working unit. The facet joints direct the plane of motion at each vertebral segment which is dependant on their angle and orientation.

Faham ke?

I told my family...im slowly breaking downnnnnn.....after you hit 40 everything goes ke?? I told my husband of the results - he was in OT the whole time and got the report from the Dr D**pak allready. He asked - DID HE ASK YOU TO LOSE WEIGHT??

HELLO?? what kind of question is that lah??

Anyways. what to do.. now have to eat supplements. (and maybe lose weight)

While I was there I noticed a few people loitering around, waiting for the doctor. dari masa I masuk sampai lah nak ambik ubat , they were still there. I thought they were patients...rupanye from waltoninternational lah, insurance agent, etc sales lah basically. kesiannn..the staff said that hari hari they are there, waiting to "attack" these supposedly cashrich doctors. Tunggulah kau berhari hari. My husband said dia takda duit. Bini high maintenance. haha. Seriously guys, pergi tunggu doktor GH tu sekali...jangan pandang rendah gomen docs ok..they have a lot of savings....and not that many kids.

Since the doctors tak free, they sold it to me lah. Do you want to buy an interest in some land in Arizona? Hmm...maybe.?? Apparently got title and all. But cannot build lah, only there for speculation. Ie invest. Buy in anticipation of some developer buying the piece of land from you at a higher price. That's not judi right?

I was there so long that I could read the Prestige mags - T*atler, Pre*tige, etc ..my my there is another world out there! Full of ladies in flowing gowns, where DINNER FUNCTION equals MINIMUM CLOTHING. Hahaha ...as my husband's auntie put it, Party T*t*k hahahahhaha.... Sorry I am a prude, my brain just cannot process people with the names Sharifah this or Marina that or Azura this , dressed like that...hahahaha! And this one person (has a cosmetic skin care company after her name) looks younger and younger everytime you see her.

Ok then...better stop yakking. . gotto take kids no 2 and 4 from SIL's house. They just bought the Wii and my kids seronok main sampai taknak balik haaa. However Dahlia (no 4) has diligently packed her bags so that's not a problem

Dad is off changing the front tyres of the car before we go. Last minute ni best kan.

Ok ....Byeeee..


Kitchen Guardian said...

s'pore? singgahlah pontian, we'll be there!

haq dah bebel i semalam...abt nescafe and backpain!!

anedra said...

have fun!!

IBU said...


Party T*t*k?!!! Hahahaha!!! Can't agree more..... Actually, kesian kat depa tu pun ada jugak. Jadi hamba fashion. Pay so much for minimum cover.

I pun normally membelek these kind of mags while waiting for my turn at the clinic/hosptl jer...

BTW, re your earlier entry - kalau i pegi wet market, i mmg muka tak malu akan tanya, ni ikan apa? Ni daun sup ke daun ketumbar? Sayur ni masak macam mana eh? hahahaha.... (Mcm la akan masak pun? Tanya jer lebih....)

Have fun in Spore ek?

MHB said...

hey... we're doing s'pore too this weekend!! actually, s'pore & JB. Have fun!!

tireless mom said...


Jom jom. Right here waiting for you. Hehehe. You will be crazy here.

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi Yani..when are you going to pontian?? we're coming back friday oready

Superwomanwannabe said...

Dena,....its over waaah so fast

Superwomanwannabe said...

Ibu,..hahaha...you pun 2 kali lima dengan i ye.....i ni nak buat muka macho lah, tak tanya tanya

Yah, singapore is so far fun.

Superwomanwannabe said...

MHB...you too!I wish i can stay a BIT longer.

Superwomanwannabe said...

TM- are you in SG now??

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...