Dental pains


chakit infected...and then got numbed lips...and face swollen...the tak besst thing is...husband said tak swollen ie my face looks the same..!

Was chewing tea bags last night..pain too much..but that teabag worked la..

Anyway husband is a darling...go and get my ubat for me...entah apa lah dia bagi..ada lah 8 bijik kot

But today lips numb so i panic- called the dentist..and he said - come in we do a ROOT CANAL. lagi orang sakit lagi dia nak drill...

He must be so happy to have met me, that dentist...Can sponsor his next annual vacation hahahah

Ok I think I better work...


MrsNordin said…
I think something must have gotten stuck in your gum. Do the RC lah... it's not that painful, provided he gives you sufficient ubat kebas. Good luck!
wanshana said…
Ouch!!! Sounds very the painful!

Hope the swelling and pain will subside soon. On top of chewing the teabags, you can also try gargle air garam every 3-4 hours.

Get well soon, dear!
bella said…
adoii!!this reminds me that I need to go and do my check up at my dentist. I hope it's not gonna cost me as much as yours really kelakar la, fund his vacation kunun...hahahha...take care!
harhtan said…
Erk... baca cerita akak jer pun dah buat saya sip air liur sendiri. tak leh bayangkan sakit tu..suffer kan kalau kena sakit gigi ni..get well soon kak.. :(
MrsN- postponed to next week. But gotta do. I have to keluar kan ASB for this hahahaha
Air garam Shana why didnt I do that?? Ok thanks for the tip...!Im still dying its been a week !
Bells..heheheh I probably am. Go and see the dentist jangan lengah. I would go see my sister in law (the free one) but malu nak mengekspos kan gigi hahaha
harhtan...bersalin 10 kali pun I sanggup....sakit gigi tak tahan!

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