Goooooooood morning!!

How are you????

Today is the first day I did not wake up at 4 am in pain. Although the pain basically is there the whole day it's not so bad !

My kids got ready at the crack of DAWN....today is international food fair day....if only they are this keen on normal school days

Michael Jackson is gone.....like all legend he went at an early age...Elvis, Marylin...would they be icons that they are if they are still around??? Death comes to all of us when we least expect it sometimes.. I ask myself- AM I PREPARED????? Will the kiddoes be ok if I am not around?? What about me in the afterworld?? Have I got enough afterworld cash ????( the answer is NO)

Today got to go replenish stocks in mom's fridge...since they are arriving on Monday morning.....

hohum my life is boring.. Oh yah have signed meself and Nadine to Japanese classes...what about Arabic say you??? Well we need to continue that too!! Maybe this is one of the hot hot chicken shit project I start everynow and then but I am hoping I can actually be decently proficient in it so that I can....I can..... I can....er...order at Japanese restaurant? talk to my brother? go to Kinokuniya's japanese section and act totally cool? What is the motivation here? and MrsN no comment ok hahahahahah (I can totally see her rolling her eyes) - Ok Im going in October insyallah....(hahahahaha book pun tak apa pun tak).

Hubby got acquiainted with an auditor who shrieks at the lack of receipts etc....ye ke bini loyer...so disorganised....

thats why we pay u maaahhh

Buh Byeeee..


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