Friday, June 19, 2009


Remember when we were younger we used to write down our biodata in our friends' books? likes, dislikes, favourite colour, favourite food, favourite tv show,ambition etc. We were so sure. My favourite colour was red. favourite food?er..kueyteow.

We also used to have ambitions- I want to be [fill in the blanks].

Then , your whole life is focused (or your parents focus for you) on achieving whatever degree/diploma etc tht was in your "when I grow up I want to be[ ]" list.

I did put that when I grow up I wanted to be a lawyer. Whatever the heck lawyers do lah. I don't know if I would still stick to my choice if I know that lawyers do a lot of this - [ ]. ha ha ha.

Now I think I have achieved my ambition. The lawyering thing. And of course, my real ambition- the being married to a prince thing. Well- he works at Prince hospital so there you go , I'm happy. hahahah.. No lah I am quite content.

But I cannot tell you now, what my favourite colour is, or my favourite food etc. What I actually like and what I don't like- they are all blurred and forgotten. I have become so wishy washy or is that actually what they call - getting older? I like red, but also mustard green. I now know there is such a colour as mustard green. or dusky rose. And my favourite food- er..sometimes steak, sometimes roast chicken but yah kteow somewhere there still.

My point of this rambling (rambling mana ada point,actually) is that I miss those straight forward had dreams..and when you have gotten your dream- what do you do hah? time to make new ones I guess. Time to check balik what really is your interest. Do you really want to continue the way you are now ? Everyday you should be better than the day before.

I have decided that if my goal in my teens was to finish school as fast as possible, thenmy twenties was to get my degree as soon as possible and in my thirties to get as many kids as quickly as possible, then my 40s is to basically learn as many things and do as many things as possible. I don't want to be in rut....

But...what AM i interested in??? I can't cook,. so cannot make cupcakes, Can't sew , so cannot make baju ..but I am interested in people and their problems and what makes them tick....and I would like to visit as many cultures as possible..and learn as many things as I learn japanese ke, korean ke...

And this time, I will finish the things I start ha ha...

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