Saturday, June 20, 2009

report card day

Ok firstly , sorry for the hentahapahapa post before. I guess I was just saying, nowwe can afford to think about doing what we really want to do...

in the meantime..let's go back to earth and talkabout...

Report card day!!!

I went at 10.00 and came back at 1.30. Not that there were so many parents, but I needed to settle outstanding payments first- it turned out that we still owe SOMEthing! Eh SWEATHONEY you kata semalam dah bayar?? RUpanye ada lagi ke? Maluation je hisshh ..sent to the office but then tengok RAMAI yang kena settle bills is a private school after all..

So I went to see the teacher for Sophia's class , then searched the place for Sara's teacher ,then went around for Johan's class and then went down for Nadine's class and did i miss anyone? Oh yah. went to see dahlia's class. All on different floors except for Sara and Sophia who are on the 3rd level.

Soo the teachers are basically saying the children are fantastically brilliant ha ha (no lah) but then they have to stop pretending they are AMERICANS and speak bahasa malaysia..their written malay needs to be improved NOW NOW NOW...

Okay then we need to go off for neighbour's akikah and then go off celebrate our friend's birthday HAPPYBIRTHDAY YOUKNOWWHOYOUARE!!

I wish you all the best...and happiness...and tht you may forget whatever tht is not good for you.....and that you will get the willpower....hehehehe


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