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Day 1- belengas and in need of a bath but we went to Night Safari. (so we fit right in with the animals ha ha) ... Night safari hip and happening ler.
Kids with their aboriginal cousins...

Ini di snowcity......real ugly coats kanThis is before we go into Imax huge screen (the entire ceiling is the screen). Outside was an exhibition of VanGogh work.

The family went to the Flyer at night...after driving around in circles going - There it is!!! Now how the heck to get in???


cantik ya tudung2 ur children?heheh...ur eldest tu very tall kan? u look like their kakak next to all of them.hehe..taklama they will tower over u.hehe..just like i tower over my mum now.lovely pictures!
harhtan said…
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yani said…
kak look lovely lah wearing the hijab, nampak ayu sangat :) And no, I am not trying to pancing your undi ok :)))
shah said…
haha..aah laa along looks kawaaaiiii pakai tudung.huhu
RSA - ha-ah cantik tudung kannnn??? ..weiiii berapa lagi nak kena bayar you nihhh comme over lah , we go for lunch
Yaniiii thanks ler...the first pic tu pose habisan kan he he
Shah- heh...mestilah kawaii!!! kaklong u kannnnnnn
kak shila,
next week i call you ya, kita lunch.nanti kita confirm time and day k?

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