Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well....yesterday brought a welcomed storm to KL...finally the haze is reduced..

Now we have to worry about H1N1...which my hubby will bring up everytime I mention Japan or Korea to him. Asians are tough there even any point in trying to prevent it?? The way they should have gone about it is to BAN people from travelling when the outbreak first came out. Now too late allready lah

Tooth..well killing me , really. I really DO have about 8 pills to take...and I have no idea what they are, he just gives them to me with the air, and then tell me to take them. Some blue tablets, some long ones. But antibiotics are in there. I went to the doctor but unfortunately (or fortunately) I dont feel so unwell the minute I get to work -its only at home.

Anyways...yesterday some people came by to tell me about investing in Arizona...USD10,000 je per unit/. Are you mad is what I want to say but then hey maybe ada rezeki one day I will invest. I pun dengar lah.....sounds ok if you really dont mind investing in something you can't physically identify as yours, although they have the legal document of title for you to hold. Really, sounds ok but NOT NOW.

Ok gotta go back to work. Kids have international food fair this weekend and then want to donate money to one of the teachers who was robbed and everything was taken (even her kids' diapers mummy!) I told them I will give on all of their behalf or else each of them will bring money to school, satu cerita

Mom and Dad coming back in a few days! !yay yay! Husband panicking sebab tak service kereta Volvo babah lagii HAAAAAA..nvm lah...

I wannna go back and sleep.

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yani said...

Kak Sila..scary kan this swine flu? Everywhere I go, I would have tons of hand sanitizers with me. Washing our hands pun is a must at all time. My kids..well julia calls me crazy mummy sometimes but heck call me crazy but I am making sure the kids plus parents are in good health kan?
Anyway..I hope this swine flu will get better by the time I balik for Raya this September..yelah one thing to get things under control when u r in your enviroment but how to control when u r traveling yea tak?

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