Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tomorrow school starts again.

Today Dahlia is doing her homework. She has 50 pages of BM to do. She was complaining that it's too much. It is since you have left it to the last day before school ..

Sophia complains takda eraser. The eraser eating monster struck again.

What have they done this cuti.

1. went to singapore..where they went on the singapore flyer, snow city, i max, science centre, night safari and generally helped towards reviving the economy of the region.

2. Johan followed me to the dentist where he finally took off his funny tooth- funny because the root grew out of the gums (it's the front tooth) and doc had to pull it out as the tooth will not fall out. I went to finish the rootcanal (of my wallet) - and now the dentist has offered 3 crowns..and create another molar. I said much? I had again managed to scratch the car trying to get into the car park and need to budget that in..he said RM3500..Waatt... Anyway I asked him "er do I need to do it?" really, I 've been surviving without that last molar anyway right. He said "Only if you want to chew".

Dentists They all want to be comedians yah.

3/ took kids to see Hannah Montana. fun. but god please don't let my daughters wear full on make up until they are 21. Heck if I can survive a lipstickless world until 18 so can they. Anyway got kissing kissing scene and romance with some guy also.

4/kids had their cousins ver. ie Camarina and Camellia. They spent the time doing girly stuff like makeovers .

5/ I finally saw my brother today. I told him we had better meet up before mom and dad come back in 2 weeks time. When he came I said., "So how was Ireland " cause the last time I saw them was when we sent mom and dad off! Teruk kan...Anyway they went to the house to supervise the cutting of the lawn. Hubby had put in carpet grass before HIMSELF and found it backbreaking work. 2 hari sakit pinggang. Tu baru 1/6th of the lawn. Dah buat baru dapat suggestion that pearl grass is better.

6/ I finished watching HanaYoriDango..the Japanese drama version of the manga. Seriously , everyone needs to watch this BEFORE they watch the Korean version. It makes sense then. The plot in HYD is so much more clearer ! The koreans had the better looking guys (well, Domyouji Tsukasa (Jun Pyo) was played by Matsumoto Jun who is a pop star in Arashi- v popular group in Japan - aren't they all? and he is actually quite attractive. Or as a 15 year old fangirl would say- totally hawt!! . ) But the Japanese had the better plot. Rui (JiHoo) actually told Tsukasa he was interested in Makino and not giving Makino (Jandi) up and only did it after Tsukasa begged him on his hands and knees . I mean, that's balls for you! Where as in Korean BOF Jihoo never came out until at the very end. And Jandi could pretend that everything was ok (yup been there) . Seriously. watch it.

Ok that's my report. Till next time...taaaa

(ssorry lama tak update..too hot!)


Anonymous said...

U promised the gambar from S'pore.
Mano deh?

Mak Lang

MrsNordin said...

My eldest had asked if she could colour her hair and the second wanted to use contact lenses.

I said (like you), if I could put off colouring my hair and wearing lenses until I started work, so can you, coz I'm not paying for it. Terus terdiam.

anedra said...

Hey there! BM homework? Nasar said there's only math and science! Sheesshh! Mesti kena dgn teacher dia hari ni..

About the pearl grass..yeah, easy to maintain, but be careful if you have cats. Its very sensitive to cats urine apparently. We had some before, and it died on us..apparently because the cats peed on it! So then we switched to carpet grass!

Have a good week!

Kitchen Guardian said...


Yes, we borongs some stationery at mph yesterday...semua hilang...think depa ni tak makan nasi but makan pencil eraser pens, colours etc......

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Maklang

Did try but ada masalah menguploading..will try later..

Superwomanwannabe said...

mrsN- dah pandai kan budak sekarang??I tell you..I was in england tu yang teringat nak go red etc my 7 year old wants a handphone.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Denaa-thanks for the tip..for sure akan mati punye sebab kawasan mak i tu banyak kuching....!

Anonymous said...

Am sure now they r doing the hoedown throwdown dance !!! - annonny

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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