Monday, June 29, 2009


Semalam we took the kids to see TRANS*FOR*MERS


My impression- KEWL nyeeee... dengan the fighter jets, and the battle ships, and the tanks, and the slowmoving soldiers led by that Josh Duhamel or something who is also known as Mrs made me feel so patriotic until I realise....


Wakakakakaka...and that, folks, is how cultural colonisation works. You will leave the cinema thinking- waaah they are so powderful oneeeeee....and also so authoritative oneeeee...and can send planes left right and centre into other people's airspace with no worries one.....and all Egyptians love the American one....and also what the heck was Mr Ooooompaloooompa doing in Transformers??? (did you see him?)

I was so impressed by the metal and the action and the speed that I forgot to check what the plot was...Lets seee....there was Sam, and then there was the fabric-challenged Michaela who makes the art of walking very sexy....then there was college life...with lots of smexy girls....then there was this old decepticon who they manage to find and thank goodness converted llast minute to Autobots

Oh yah I got a few jokes-

what does a very fat baby need?


Some more-

What do you call a very dirty Autobot?



What do you call a group of powerful cooking utensils??



Byeeee guys...


MRSHUSiN said...

hahaha...kelakar la kak long ni!
lawak di pagi senin yang sgt blues... -_-

anyways, i also watched Transformers on sat, but i didnt like it as much as the 1st one.
husin & i think this time around the effect mcm lain sikit. too much drama sampai mcm x realistic.
at the beginning, rasa gempak la... but masa nak hujung tu, i was just anxious for it to finish.
sorry, didnt like this one as much as the 1st movie.

hahaha... yeap, i wondered abt Mr Ooooompaloooompa too. mcm tak kena dia jd pak arab!
that was hilarious! :D

Royalshoppingarcade said...

you are hilarious..brought the children tgk show on friday nite at9pm.end up all 3 tido.we both je tgk.
i didn't enjoy it that much.nampak byk te*ek je si girlfriend sam tu.
sungguh tak sesuai utk kids.i agree with Mrs husin.they overdid it..hehe..still impressive though.cuma ending anti-climax

shah said...

i like the part

`i don`t live with my mama,
my mama lives with ME!`

kah kah kah kah

Anonymous said... never fail to make me laugh..

MrsNordin said...

I brought the whole family (exc. Nordin) to watch it last Thursday nite. The kids thought it was awesome. I thought it was ok. Didn't really concentrate much coz I was busy watching over Nizzar who managed to befriend some "girls" in the cinema and were playing right infront of the movie screen!

Kitchen Guardian said...

i pulak dok bertransformers wt muhammad in my tummy!!

Nur said...

i bet che pi yg come out dgn those jokes!!*gelak guling2*

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