We're in Singapore!!

Going back today....

Pix later as per usual...

Day 1

Late to leave, actually was in the office till 2, finally left for Singapore at 4 and finally arrived at 9. Singgah at this fantastic reststop in JB - its so nice!! So mediterranean like. Dad filled up petrol to the max . We had some delays at the Custom because main pergi je kan, never did any research on what the procedures...so had to fill up embarkation cards etc. But the officials were friendly. Kids kept asking us are we still in Malaysia???? What time is it in Singapore? Is it hot in Singapore? We had to laugh and cry at the same time at how horrible my kids are in Geography....! Dad said its snowing there now.

When we arrived I was allready very sticky and needed a bath but no, we headed towards Night Safari. The best thing was we had NO IDEA where it was and kept driving around. I was anxious until hubby said "alah Singapore is as big as KL , and how sesat can you get on an island anyway?" //then I relaxed and we had fun driving around until finally we got there!

wahh night safari is SOMETHING else!!! SOO GOOD! Ok I will have to sambung this later as the kids aare finally ready and we have to check out today.

But generally my observation is-

1. its against the law in singapore to drive an old car
2. its against the law in singapore for trees to have brown leaves
3. its very orderly and disorder is very rare
4. everything is so freaking clean

Will catch you later!


oh tadi chat with me from singapore la ya..safe trip back!
elle said…
spore memang bersih kak long....rumah my nenek kat sana rumah pangsa je but macam taraf condo kat KL ni...so bersih...
Hi RSA- ya...thank you!
Elle..i was so impressed...wondering why lah kl yang kira nye satu saiz..tak leh buat ye?

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