Friday, July 31, 2009


My brother is coming back today Yay Yay!!

My brother, his wife and his son, I mean. Can't wait to see Jooooood. Can't wait to say "Hey Jood!"

I wonder if he is going to quarantine himself ....Ireland is H1N1 country ke?

I'm watching War*dina on TV saying we are not bothered about H1N1 at all and to Puleeeeeeezzzzeeeee quarantine yourself if you are back from H1N1 places...Hmm so if I were to go overseas...I would also need to quarantine myself upon landing..because I'm from Malaysia the land of 1000 over H1N1 cases ! How?

But it is scary lah...yesterday I was talking to this Australian friend and she said are we worried about the H1N1? And I said..Naaaaah (or "Noi" in Aussie twang hahah) We're malaysians after all. Apathy will kill it. BUT what is scary is that someone actually DIED from it. A healthy 20 year old girl!

So perhaps we should be responsible and start taking this seriously huh. Wear masks or something.

So how my plan nak pi tengok Arashi concert this September - er I mean how my plan to go visit my brother this September? Heh heh...Japanese consumed half of the vaccine available so we should be ok tak? Ini angan angan stage baru...takut kenatahan dek incometax department sebab ...hutang depa tak langsai lagi ha ha!

Ohyes..thank you dear friend yesterday who sent me home...and did not have to do that..we had this lovely chatting time and before you know it it was Maghrib and since husband still got potong potong session, she sent me home...thank you!

You have a good morning now!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Driving and Me

Today I was defending quite strenuously that it's really because I hate driving that I don't take the car...not because I am actually velcroed to the hips to the Hubbs...heheheheh

This is an argument I am destined to lose because it does indeed look like I am truly velcroed haha.

But I truly do not like to drive myself. It's tiring...I mean driving brings out the worse in me. I get very aggressive and drive very fast and as long as there is a space vacant between the lanes I will try to muscle in and in short - I am a typical lady driver. Hahaha..jangan marah ....

Two days ago I had to drive as I was going to see some clients. Onthe way back from Client A I had to go see Client B and I was just pondering on whether I should drop in to see Husband since I would be passing his Hospital B. He was from Hospital A and would be going to Hospital B . I wondered whether Mr TooBz would buy his wife lunch.

I was pondering this while pretending to rap to the song on radio. Secretly I am a rock diva, you know, even though I am 40 and bertudung.

I don't know why I suddenly look in the mirror- perasan ada kereta kat belakang. Maaacam kereta Serena aku?? Maaaaaaaaacam laki aku? Eh Eh! Memang betoll lah..It was him. Sengehing like kerang. I gestured "makan jom" with my hands (since I have no idea how to work the new touchphone thingy) and he shook his head. Alaaaaa biasalah sebok. So we went our separate ways...but he said later that he was about to go out from Hospital A and he saw a car ZOOOMING by very fast. And it was a coincidence that it was me.

Strangely enough it happened again later that evening! I was driving home and thinking hohum I wish I was car pooling as now I have to go through the jam....then as I approached the gate of the house, he flashed by- and I asked him later how long had you been behind ? And he said, since I pulled out from my office! When I started to wish my driver was around! Hee funny.

Strange kan? Tu pun boleh thrill.

So velcro was back on today hahahahaha..

Kids are older than their age nowadays

My kids are growing up...

They are self censoring songs

You know the song- My life would suck without you? They say cannot say Suck.

The song "Hot and Cold"? the second line says "you PMS like a bitch something something" and they spell it out

The song "Don't trust me"? they say "Do the Helen Keller and talk with your MOUTH"

I tell them-why?? why are you selfcensoring ? Why is it bad?

I mean words are just words until you attach a meaning to it. Gay used to be happy. Now it's a deviant sexual lifestyle.

A part of me feels sad that the kids do not get to be kids for too long..they are told that certain stuff is bad.

A part of me thinks- okkkk at least they know.

What do you think?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cover Girl the Show

Cover Girl was - Awesome. Awesome. Really.

Started at abt 2.40 with Wa&rdina being the hoarse sakit tekak MC. You know she is really nice but when you see her on her own somehow you don't want to tegur her because she looks really masam. ??

The show started with quran recitation by 4 beautiful girls. Sorry no photos were allowed as the play involved them taking off their tudung and some of them wearing revealing dresses.

Then there was a poem recitation. It was titled Turning the Tide by Suma Din. It was about the passage of the soul through life. as children, as young women, as married women, mothers and then grandmothers. Three Primary 3 girls stood on the left side of the stage, Nadine and her friend behind them , then the married women on the right of the stage , behind them being the grandmother, and the mother was in between . All spaced out and all frozen until it was their turn to speak. The women were played by the teachers.

There was a little narration of the poem, then the children would recite their part . Nadine and her friend were the "young women" part, talking to us. She was impressive and heartfelt . I thought, she could very well be saying what she really felt since the lines were about how a young person feels.


Haaaaa...that was deep and in a stroke, had reminded me of our duties as parents yang ashik pikir pasal kerja je. We need to create more memories for them than to go to school, tuition, school , tuition, homework saja.

Satu lagi was when the voice narrating the poem said- There is no more time , no more time . Bila dah tua, dah dekat nak death's door, buat lah macam mana, there is no more time. Now is the time.

After that performance, at which I cried and a heck of a lot of women did too, even Wardi*na, there was the play proper.


The Play's concept was of this girl who came home, flopped on her bed (set in one corner of the stage) and then got on her laptop and started to chat. Her friends were girls around the world, in Japan, NY, Somalia, France, Turkey, KL and also Palestine. You see the screen showing the chats as if it was a computer screen. And the girls would be telling each other what happened to each of them:

1. The Japanese girl was on the bullet train reading the quran and she was asked why she was reading the quran by this Japanese guy. The prop was the train seats and things you hold tu (apa ke bendanye) and then the backdrop screen showed bullet trains, orang ramai etc. Then later she went to the park and her friend prayed in the park and some guys dropped their frisbee in front of the praying girl and they get told that they should really wait or get their frisbee quietly from behind her. I'm thinking "you pray in the park, meh?"

2. then the French girl who had to contend with three (convincing gals dressed up as) guys who harrassed her until she fell and one of the boys rescued her and then her headscarf fell off and then she hurriedly put it back on, there was some conversation as to why she covered up etc and then she ran off to the mosque to pray and later on he followed her there.

3. Then the KL scene set in some college (Mo*nash) and girls were in their bedroom talking about how they were so excited abt the grad night and what they were going to wear and then Nadine going - what the heck is this lah, chill lah , its just a grad night, and basically being the muslimah (and boring person there among the debutantes) and she gave a speech abt why would she want to go and get herself a dress just to follow the trend and also why would she want to have a date as it is not allowed in Islam? The others made fun of her (the Mummy in me went- hey! dont make fun of my daughter) and at the grad night she turned up in her muslimah dress and the others all wearing dinner dresses and gowns yang sexy mexy.

Nadine got an entire scene by herself. Well done lah girl! She was really good.

Then the Turkish scene was where they were not allowed to wear the headscarf in school and how they fought against the establishment and also their own parents and friends who say to them just open the scarf for a while and then put it back on

Other scenes- New York where this covered girl were harrassed by her colleagues because of her tudung.

In the was the cutest scene but saddest to me- scene set in a classroom with very young primary 2 kids kot who acted as palestinian students and the teacher was teaching them how to count and they were singing and playing WHEN SUDDENLY bombing started and everyone ran under the table. And attention was given to one girl , Zeinab, who would not hide because she wanted to go to Jannah to see her family. (AWWW) and then she got picked up the last by her uncle and her uncle struggled in and basically died in her arms and said don't be sad as I hope I'm going to Jannah. Kesian..Is this what life is really like for them? The prospect of dying facing them every single time they go out, or wake up ??

On that note, the play ended. We got the message, which is :

1. Covering yourself as a true muslimah is not a sign of opression or backwardness but a sign of liberation as it frees women from being judged by her looks, and also it gives back the power to women to show to men what they want to show.

2. A true muslimah is not just about being covered you must also be intelligent, ethical, educated, honourable etc etc etc.

3. There are a lot of negative perception out there of the hijab and the religion. (one line the french guy was telling his other french friend , when the other friend was exhibiting signs of liking the scarved girl- "you touch her, and BinLaden is going to BOMB YO' ASS" which I thought was funny if not a little adult for these kids.

4. Life in gaza really sucks.

I enjoyed it, the props were really professionally done and I can see this being an Istana Budaya show type of thing. Erma Fatima directed memang lah. The seats we had were worth paying for as we were smack in the middle. It was so touching in parts and I could not help sobbing my eyes out hehehehe..


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cover girl ticket fiasco

By the way dengan tak malu nye I announce here that I tak bayar lagi ticket Cover girls tu and they went and released my seats . Ada ke. Panic kejap. Hallo, my husband went this morning to the school to pay and he had to go to theatre and he was late nak potong orang sebab tunggu the office bukak and by 9 am he said tak bukak lagi and since I was in Japanese class I didn't know that he didn't pay yet sebab my husband punya telepathy system tak work this morning. Hahahah (memang dia LIAT sikit nak call me)

I only found out that he didn't pay yet when I was on the way to send Nadine. Freak out!

I asked the major domo teacher if tomorrow I could see her and pay , she said the tickets that I booked had been released to a guest (what am I , chopped liver?). I was thinking oh well, they were RM200 tickets anyway maybe it's God's way of saying don't spend so much even if it was supposed to be for Gaza BUT then before I could pretend to sigh and say stoicly Oh well, I would accept the cheaper much more inferior ticket, she said - BUT WE HAVE TWO TICKETS OF THE SAME PRICE to give you so don't WORRY.

Haa? Ok then!!! - committed!! I will be sitting right smack in front of the theatre that I could probably touch up Nadine's lipstick if need be haha.

ya ya ya...I am a kanchong person you think? I would not think twice paying my dentist but for tickets rasa macam - waaaa? RM200 for a school play? Who's coming out? MichaelJackson?? (THAT I would like to see hehehehe)

My sis in law said kaklong the RM60 ticket is JUST as nice tau apa lah you pi beli the mahalnakmampus one but then I thought takpalah my daughter is the lead part takkan tak nak duduk depan right.. plus dah terbook. plus i tak pernah can say "no" one.

Anyway its for a good cause its for a good cause its for a good cause its for a good cause.

(reciting mantra) hahahaha!

Buh byeeee

Behind the scenes- The Cov*erGir*l show

1. It's C*OV*ER GIRL play tomorrow!! After weeks of practising , the girls are finally ready to show their stuff tomorrow. The theme is pretty cool play on words - cover up as in hijab and cover girl as in the girl gracing the covers of the magazines...geddit geddit?

Anyways Sophia and Sara are flower girls which mean they er...will give out flowers. So is Yana. Nadine is the lead character in the play and also taking part in the poem.

I went this afternoon to send Nadine to the KLCOnvention Centre - Don't pray pray ok this school is serious when it holds concert..noooo simple dewan masyarakat for you. Anyways, I went there to send Nadine and to pick up the others. Sara and Sophia finished at 2 and we bumped into my brother and family- they were there to pick up Yana.

So there we were at KLCC and we were waiting for these 2 girls...and we were shooed out of the KLCC theatre by the teachers as we were not supposed to be there and it was supposed to be a SURPRISE.. heh. So we sat outside waiting and waiting while Yusuf the toddler (adek Yana) showed his true lasak colours and ran from one side to the other, climbed up between the escalator space - errr nasib baik lah mak dia ada..if maklong dia je yang ada dah lama I dah jerit dah agaknya. Anyways maklong (or rather as Yusuf calls me, "molong") is definitely more garang (and louder) than the mother.

So these 2 girls came out at last and we went to get lunch...down we went to the concourse. Asia*ndeli*ghts gave us some chicken rice with mushrooms, beef rendang rice, fish noodle soup and I had korean tofu (???since when did tofu have nationality meh??)

So after that relatively cheap meal (could have gone to kennyrogers and spent double that ha ha) my daughters made sure I spent MORE money there by going to Newzealan*d icecream. We all pigged out on double scoops of icecreams which flavours were- Mint Chocolate , walnut something, english toffee, boysenberry, etc etc. Kenyang gak lah makan aiskrim. mak mak dia sekali. (mak dia punya paling besar) takpa takpa malam ni makan he*rbali*fe ok.

Then we sent Nadine off to rehearsal- she would be there until 10 pm (it's 9.45 pm now) .

2- Nadine taking part in this play meant we had to -

1. buy her a grand looking elegant fancy jubah that is also a dress, mummy (heh??)
2. get her fluffy slippers
3. get her a fancy top for her "graduation ball"scene

so off we went to - Carrefo*ur.

We arrived after maghrib and came home at 10....and dad thought it was something that we could "nip" into the shop to buy.

I had bloodshot eyes.

I hated shopping

Nadine is soo fussy.

She is JUST like her dad.

BUT! finally she bought something that she liked. Phew!!! we could finally come home.

Ok bye bye eeeee....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So it is Pet Day in school tomorrow.

I guess it's supposed to be a chance for the kids to show their pets that they allready own on that day. Note- that they allready own.

I'm sure it is NOT supposed to be a day where you have to BUY pets for, just to show off on pet day..

And yet, this has just happened. Note to self- Never let daddy loose with kids in pet store, near gaji time.

For days the kids have been asking if they can bring various animals...turtles lah, frogs lah, hamsters lah, cats lah. Mummy kept saying- no. Just enjoy lah orang lain punya pet, apa salahnye.

Then I came home one day (separately from dad) and guess what....I saw THREE RABBITS in three separate cages. And that just is for Sara Sophia and Johan. Nadine got 3 fish and Daya got terrapins.

laaaaa....remember the last rabbit, honey??? Ok granted, Sara was only 3 when she pulled the rabbit's leg out of the cage and therefore broke it, but still..I hate animals in a cage. I don't have the heart! I immediately went on worry mode when I spied that one of the rabbits did not have its water bottle.

Disaster dah start dah..Nadine's goldfish has died due to a previously not known LEAK in the BOWL. So when she woke up, the BOWL was EMPTY. And 2 dead fish with one gasping for air, flopping around. (When I got in this was that the other live fish has passed....)

The is big and white with black spots. 2 are ginger and smaller, younger I think. I felt so sorry for them stuck in the cage that I told the kids to let them out in the yard sekejap.

What happened? Nadine came running in ..telling me that the big rabbit has climbed on top of one of the smaller rabbits.. Like rabbits tend to do...Aiyoo an unplanned lesson in biology....

Kept the rabbits in the cage soon after.

Dahlia needs to write a report for her terrapin now. Sorry, I mean PRINT- sheesh these kids are so spoiled. Dulu I had to write long hand ok Daya....

Ok then will sign off...I'm sure tomorrow will be absolute chaos in their school...hehehehe

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another mad weekend

1. Sent Nadine off to school . Two teams A and B were taking part for the very first time ever, in RH*B's Migh*hty M*ind. 6 of them were competing against 120 schools. Although Team A didn't make it past the first round, Nadine's team got through to the finals and ended up the top 5. Well done!

2. Engagement of cousin- wahhhaaaaiii these days engagement are so elaborate and finely done that it rivals weddings kan? I always think if they would just bring the kadhi allready the entire ceremony would be done. Johan and Dahllia packed their bags to go stay with their uncle Pol, my brother. Johan wanted to play the pSP with Yasser, Pol's son.

3. Sara and Sophia . upset that they could not go and spend the night thee wanted to stay with my parents. I was so tired and was planning to send them the next day but they kept asking me all the time when we were going that in the end I sent them at 10 pm. Lost my temper a bit there.

4. Hubby went off to JB with 5 of his friends in the car, for their college reunion, futsal, golf and dinner. I managed to talk to him at 9 pm I think (he left at 6 am) . They had dinner on a yacht (wah!!) . I could not sleep until abt 5 am. Then I woke up, he was allready home! It turned out that he ccame in at 6 am, the 6 of them decided against staying the night.Good tohave you back safe and sound.

5, Spent the Sunday evening with parents. Dad and mom penat lagi from attending the engagement and layaning Sophia and sara so after maghrib we went off.

I want another weekend.....!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Summary of events

Oh dear. It's Friday allready. How fast time flies eh??

1. My partner's wife and dear friend Yani has delivered safely, alhamdullillah. Kitchen guardian to the last minute, giving recipes while in labour. They now have their 4th son and sixth child, Muhammad. Congratulations H*aq and Y*ani!

2. My husband is going off to Johor Bharu tomorrow morning for their MCKK K*ingtho's event thingy . He's taking a couple of guys with him and events include golf etc. May be popping in to see his brother's newest baby in JB. kena sacrifice some bonding time ler with the guys. (They spent 5 years day in day out with each other allready what)

3. Me and kids are staying as (a) nothing more boring than guys' get together haha and (b) my cousin is getting engaged after a nine (or was it eight) year courtship. So it's a big event. Can't miss it. No baju to wear of the colour specified

4. So did you hear of MJ's conspiracy theory?? Hmmmm murder, I can believe. MJ a muslim- hanya Allah yang tahu. I'm happy to see that he was happy with his kids you know, at least he had SOME happiness

5. Dentist- I now am a proud owner of some crowns....and I owe the dentist heheheh. belum habis cerita lagi ni..Left side kena buat gak root canal. No wonder he's always smiling when he sees me. Semalam he was saying, your upper gigi needs to be lowered down to meet the new crowns and I thought to myself - never mind, tak yah lah meet, they don't have to meet each other do they? let them be strangers....So what if I can't chew properly, somehow i boleh je makan, and somehow I have managed to be this fat heheheheh.

6. Kids- Johan has to lead a performance of "I went to school one morning and I walked like this" thing. Nadine is taking part in the RHB brain thing , Maths I think. She has an event this Saturday. Nihongo how, Nadine?

7. Talking of which, discovered cousin who got married last weekend pun was (is) taking Japanese lessons at the same place but then she is allready very advanced. Oh yeah. that was what we did last weekend, went to my cousin's wedding. We were given duties like taking care of the bride

Gosh when can I put items down like "5. went to climb Mount Kinabalu yesterday and met Brad Pitt while I was there" he hehehe

You have a good day ok?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A round up...

How are you ??

Things have been a bit busy lately. Mom and Dad came over last night. Mom is clearly missing her newest grandson- we watched the video Bro no 3 put up of Jood being sung to sleep by his mom. His mom was playing the guitar while he was just staring at her. While watching the clip my dad was making comments like- oi baca lah subhanallah pulak hahah.. parents eh.

Kids are ok...their days are full too, with mengaji etc. They are doing quite well I think in terms of progress. Sophia should finish soon. Sara and Nadine who both have finished reciting are starting again and are quite fast. Ustaz is targetting them to read one page within 3 mins.

Me and Hubby- we're ok too. Semalam we had a little falling out where he got mad because eh thought I did something I didn't do and he acted on this thing he thought I did which wasted 2 hours of his time, LOGICALLY he should have checked with me whether not I did what he thought I did kan, so I can tell him, I did NOT do what you think I did, NOOOOO he just assumed I did something as silly as what he thought. Ok ok I am silly, an airhead, but I am not stupid or lack intelligence I don't think lah... It was a simple misunderstanding which could have been cleared up had he only bothered to call me. He was really mad and I was really mad. I saw why he was mad (I always do) but he could not see why I was mad (he never could heheheh) Anyway the funny thing was I noticed that neither of us liked being angry with the other much so we would be apologising every 3 minutes and then we would grumble and state our points again which I think were valid, and then we'd be arguing and then we'd instantly be hugging and apologising again hehehe. MACAM ORANG MERENG. heheheheh....We're ok - it was just not important enough actually. the one thing I watch when we argue is what we say. Because that stays on and on after the argument ends kan.

Oh well....sometimes we do say things that hurt the other unintentionally or otherwise..sometimes something he says just want to make you retaliate. I thought to myself- should I say what I want to say? Is it worth it? What do I want to achieve? Should I just keep quiet about it and trust that whatever I feel at the moment will go away? Should I tell him how I really felt? In the end I thought- tak payah lah ..why prolong a sour moment right. Anyway there is no point except to win an argument but then what is the prize? A husband' s wounded ego when losing an argument- will it surface in other ways? You are the wife and you are duty bound to give him the respect as the head of the household on whose shoulders the responsibility for even your own actions lie. Anyway life is a journey and marriage is the car and since we are going to be in this car for a long time, might as well have fun right... So I pun diam and say sorry lah sayang....(*grumble grumble * But then again you shouldn't have been so silly to do xyz* grumble grumble*) hehehehehe

Anyone can just let their feelings out without thinking of consequence. 3 year olds do it. But 40 year olds- cannot lar heh?

(I still think I was right ) hahahahahaahahah....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hello, Saturday allready

Today's Japanese class was --- like the bullet train!!! So fast!! Japanese style - right on the DOT we started off with numbers then went on to jobs and nationality, and then how to say your job AND your nationality etc. Then how to say your parents are how old and then how to ask about your entire adek beradik's age . After this torrent of stuff- which is probably easy to the young un's but painful for me to remember, we were asked to mingle and ask each other questions. I was asked nan sai desuka ie how old are you and I said Hatachi heheheh ie 20 years old. Cikgu terus gelak besar "Shila San? Hatachi??" Gee. thanks sense. Hehehehe. I am YON JU SAI ok!~no need to rub it in. The funny thing I find is they have to japanise every english word- its pantai medikal sentah - not pantai medical centre macam mat salleh. And its LONDONG not LANDen macam omputeh pronouce. And there is no such word as L so everything L has a RU at the end like Ismairu. Hahahah.

Anyways ....Nadine came although she was torn between her drama rehearsal and her japanese- in the end she made it to both- we rushed straight to her school right after the Japanese and found that Malaysian style - they have not even started .

I bought biscuit stuff today.inspired by that true superwoman, KitchenGuardian who made her Great Choc Chip Cookie. Kids are having fun doing it .biyor lah miker. I tell you God is great. He made me a mate who can actually cook better than most women and also who can't be bothered about my limited skills in the kitchen (i have other skills) . My personality. I mean. Hahahahahah.

Saturday again...Hubbs coming home shortly- from clinic. Other kids are fighting over computer use.Johan wants me to be a member in Clubpenguin or something. USD6 a month , then he can play some restricted penguin games where they have pets, puffle etc . PLEASE tell me you know what I'm talking about or are my kids the only ones who are mad about neopet lah, clubpenguin lah etc.

While they are making a mess , Im looking at some translation that I have to do and petang karang ada wedding prep of my cousin..the nikah is tomorrow morning at 9 am NINE AM ok guys. Sure kadi got back to back booking nih. We are going just to sebok sebok.

I'll talk to you tomorrow - have a good weekend! byeee.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hi Good morning

So anyway how are you?

I'm listening to this doctor talking on TV2 about hysterectomy...apparently there are changes in your life after that. Kids are getting ready upstairs and of course lah, I am here trying to finish the work which should if I was a very disciplined and rajin person, be finished lightyears ago. hahahaha.. no lah I am not that bad. Yes I am.

Anyways yesterday I was in JENJAROM selangor. It was work related and I did ask the surgeon to be my chauffeur but unfortunately he had to do something like look into someone's bum so there you go, I had todrive myself. I asked him how do I get there but instead of melayaning me by drawing a map as he normally does, he said curtly "Google it!" Hmmm could be because I called him WHILE he was teroponging ..heee sorry ler..

Yes I did google the thing but never mind cause I can't read maps, so I asked the person where the heck is Jenjarom laaaaa??? So it was KESAS highway all the way rupanye....Not too bad but because it was hot and because it was monotonous I had to stop at a petrol kiosk for a nap! Only after a packet of M&Ms (ok ok two packets) did I feel alert enough to continue the amazingly boring journey. (There was a reason I stopped at a kiosk with a shop hahah) Jenjarom is actually very nice and kampunglike....macam pergi cuti pulak...because I had to go into estates, etc.

Ok takda cerita lah sangat. Bilaaa lah nak start balik weight control ni(see above on M&Ms) Herbalife is waiting kat rumah, office and in the car (haaaa tu dia) ..but I am really really bad. Ok yesterday the personal trainer CALLED - ok it was again work related but still, the question he posed is- when are you going to come back to the gym you fat woman???

I started the herbalife again. I am very good at starting. Maintaining- meh. After all, I am a Malaysian hahaha isn't this the malaysian way?? lah, the difference between me and Malaysian authorities/politicians is that I know and I will try to get that discipline. Where to go buy discipline???

Work wise- ok, not too bad. Actually worried sick as partner's wife is very due but sounds like going FULLSTEAM ahead..woit rest ler ..I told partner to go home and take care of wife. Gosh i can't imagine waiting for baby to pop's the last stages yang get very wearisome kan...I could never be patient and used to tell my husband that I was going to have the baby NOW NOW and this would happen like everyday for the last 2 weeks of pregnancy. Of course, he ignored me.

Kids...Sara exams. Nampak relax lah. I pun dah tak berapa kisah lah dapat 11 A or what waaaaaaa. But they start tuition (at last!) this Saturday. Actually Sophia has been going to tuition with her BM teacher but yesterday she told me the Ustaz masuk hospital high bloood pressure. Don't know why, but I laughed. Teruk sangat ke ajar anak I ustaz? Hope you get better Ustaz.

Ok byeee for this morning. The blog is silent because the owner malas!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Er you know...I am the queen of procrastination...I have to carik class on how to NOT lah?? Kalau ada I would probably procrastinate sampaiii lah last minute nak register hehehe

Anyways ...Sara is at home..demam. She slept from 7 pm last night sampai la this morning. Can't say she temberang sebab her lips are swollen. Tomorrow her JSLA exam - her school's exam to assess whether they are sufficiently competent to go to ADni's secondary school.

On the way to work brother's wife called to say her daughter (Sophia's classmate) is unwell- so since we were allready on the way we picked her up lah and now Sara is not alone at home...

Mom and Dad in law going home jugak today. We did pujuk duduk lah satu minggu but soo hard..Dad has to supervise the contract work at his local surau and mak has to er...attend various functions. Hee hee.

Mak and I watched TV9 this morning- ada Mukadimah- quite interesting gak. This Ustaz Zawawi said - we all want the glory (Fadhilat) but we don't concentrate of fulfilling the conditions of getting the glory (sharat)- eg, we want the points from praying, but we don't take care to make sure our prayers are correct and done correctly. After all, it is supposed to be a reflective time right, a conversation between you and God and a time when you tell God, hang on a minute, despite my loads of agreements etc (I wish) you are still the greatest etc. But instead we rush (we being me) and in the end what is the value of the prayer?? Is there any soul invested in the prayers?? How many times do I get that?? This ustaz said that ppl just go up and go down and do the motions, with half their mind on their work so how to say you have fulfilled the conditions ..and if no conditions to get glory? Same case as giving alms or donations- if you do it because you want to be known, or to feel morally superior, then ada chance , tak dapat pahala....

Hmmm food for thought indeed! I just hope that whatever we do we will do it for the right reasons- noooo corruption and also for the right I pray to get rid of the M disease..Malas!!! Malas nak exercise, malas nak baca buku, malas! Anyways....M is also penyakit for kaum M- Melayu! hahahahaha

Ok lah ceramah saya pagi ini ye kanak kanak.....

Adni is having Muslimah evening btw....the tickets that are left are RM100 and RM2o0 tapi kat depan I volunteer and duduk belakang? hehehehehehe

Monday, July 06, 2009

HI How are you guys ..what's happening ????? Lama tak dengar cerita.

We're ok, just got back from SIL's house, we spent the weekend there.KakakCamillia turned 12 on the 2nd and SIL and BIL had a birthday party for was a WII theme party , semua orang sebok swinging their arms and moving their bodies all over the place to do the movements..Fun giler and not a bit tiring.

Mom and dad in laws are also here...Dad In law turned the Big Seven we spent the day with them today..everyone makan at Penang Village in Alamanda but with 8 kids in tow the adults became tired very fast (ok ok it was me) and then we all went home (although actually we were up for some more stuff like bowling or IceAge but mom and dad wanted to rest so off we went) .

Nadine and I are now classmates in our first class last Saturday...the sense langsung taknak cakap omputeh or melayu it was nihon all the way...She kept asking us onamaewa onamaewa ..I heard it was nama awak so I just bantai give my name ..betul means what is your name hahahaha.

Most of the ppl there were chinese...and also young. and students..We had a lot of fun being told to introduce ourselves in Japanese to each other...Ada yang dah terror rupanye hehehe..I can now say something lah to orang Jepun..just don't say anything back dah lah..


Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...