Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another mad weekend

1. Sent Nadine off to school . Two teams A and B were taking part for the very first time ever, in RH*B's Migh*hty M*ind. 6 of them were competing against 120 schools. Although Team A didn't make it past the first round, Nadine's team got through to the finals and ended up the top 5. Well done!

2. Engagement of cousin- wahhhaaaaiii these days engagement are so elaborate and finely done that it rivals weddings kan? I always think if they would just bring the kadhi allready the entire ceremony would be done. Johan and Dahllia packed their bags to go stay with their uncle Pol, my brother. Johan wanted to play the pSP with Yasser, Pol's son.

3. Sara and Sophia . upset that they could not go and spend the night thee wanted to stay with my parents. I was so tired and was planning to send them the next day but they kept asking me all the time when we were going that in the end I sent them at 10 pm. Lost my temper a bit there.

4. Hubby went off to JB with 5 of his friends in the car, for their college reunion, futsal, golf and dinner. I managed to talk to him at 9 pm I think (he left at 6 am) . They had dinner on a yacht (wah!!) . I could not sleep until abt 5 am. Then I woke up, he was allready home! It turned out that he ccame in at 6 am, the 6 of them decided against staying the night.Good tohave you back safe and sound.

5, Spent the Sunday evening with parents. Dad and mom penat lagi from attending the engagement and layaning Sophia and sara so after maghrib we went off.

I want another weekend.....!!!


MrsNordin said...

It's so true. Engagement these days are so elaborate, might as well kawin terus. Habis cerita, tak payah nak spend money lagi and you can straight away become husband and wife. Isn't that more practical?

Anonymous said...

Bond & the kids got home at 4 am. I didnt have a good nights sleep waiting for them. But they enjoyed themselves so I guess the drive there and back was worth it.

fulltime mom

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi BJ...yah..might as well...for the guests, sekali je kita buat baju hahaha..but as excuse to get together it was great lah..

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