Saturday, July 25, 2009

Behind the scenes- The Cov*erGir*l show

1. It's C*OV*ER GIRL play tomorrow!! After weeks of practising , the girls are finally ready to show their stuff tomorrow. The theme is pretty cool play on words - cover up as in hijab and cover girl as in the girl gracing the covers of the magazines...geddit geddit?

Anyways Sophia and Sara are flower girls which mean they er...will give out flowers. So is Yana. Nadine is the lead character in the play and also taking part in the poem.

I went this afternoon to send Nadine to the KLCOnvention Centre - Don't pray pray ok this school is serious when it holds concert..noooo simple dewan masyarakat for you. Anyways, I went there to send Nadine and to pick up the others. Sara and Sophia finished at 2 and we bumped into my brother and family- they were there to pick up Yana.

So there we were at KLCC and we were waiting for these 2 girls...and we were shooed out of the KLCC theatre by the teachers as we were not supposed to be there and it was supposed to be a SURPRISE.. heh. So we sat outside waiting and waiting while Yusuf the toddler (adek Yana) showed his true lasak colours and ran from one side to the other, climbed up between the escalator space - errr nasib baik lah mak dia ada..if maklong dia je yang ada dah lama I dah jerit dah agaknya. Anyways maklong (or rather as Yusuf calls me, "molong") is definitely more garang (and louder) than the mother.

So these 2 girls came out at last and we went to get lunch...down we went to the concourse. Asia*ndeli*ghts gave us some chicken rice with mushrooms, beef rendang rice, fish noodle soup and I had korean tofu (???since when did tofu have nationality meh??)

So after that relatively cheap meal (could have gone to kennyrogers and spent double that ha ha) my daughters made sure I spent MORE money there by going to Newzealan*d icecream. We all pigged out on double scoops of icecreams which flavours were- Mint Chocolate , walnut something, english toffee, boysenberry, etc etc. Kenyang gak lah makan aiskrim. mak mak dia sekali. (mak dia punya paling besar) takpa takpa malam ni makan he*rbali*fe ok.

Then we sent Nadine off to rehearsal- she would be there until 10 pm (it's 9.45 pm now) .

2- Nadine taking part in this play meant we had to -

1. buy her a grand looking elegant fancy jubah that is also a dress, mummy (heh??)
2. get her fluffy slippers
3. get her a fancy top for her "graduation ball"scene

so off we went to - Carrefo*ur.

We arrived after maghrib and came home at 10....and dad thought it was something that we could "nip" into the shop to buy.

I had bloodshot eyes.

I hated shopping

Nadine is soo fussy.

She is JUST like her dad.

BUT! finally she bought something that she liked. Phew!!! we could finally come home.

Ok bye bye eeeee....

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Lan0stZz said...

hahaha he called u molong? so cute. tapi kelakar! hahaha

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