Monday, July 27, 2009

Cover Girl the Show

Cover Girl was - Awesome. Awesome. Really.

Started at abt 2.40 with Wa&rdina being the hoarse sakit tekak MC. You know she is really nice but when you see her on her own somehow you don't want to tegur her because she looks really masam. ??

The show started with quran recitation by 4 beautiful girls. Sorry no photos were allowed as the play involved them taking off their tudung and some of them wearing revealing dresses.

Then there was a poem recitation. It was titled Turning the Tide by Suma Din. It was about the passage of the soul through life. as children, as young women, as married women, mothers and then grandmothers. Three Primary 3 girls stood on the left side of the stage, Nadine and her friend behind them , then the married women on the right of the stage , behind them being the grandmother, and the mother was in between . All spaced out and all frozen until it was their turn to speak. The women were played by the teachers.

There was a little narration of the poem, then the children would recite their part . Nadine and her friend were the "young women" part, talking to us. She was impressive and heartfelt . I thought, she could very well be saying what she really felt since the lines were about how a young person feels.


Haaaaa...that was deep and in a stroke, had reminded me of our duties as parents yang ashik pikir pasal kerja je. We need to create more memories for them than to go to school, tuition, school , tuition, homework saja.

Satu lagi was when the voice narrating the poem said- There is no more time , no more time . Bila dah tua, dah dekat nak death's door, buat lah macam mana, there is no more time. Now is the time.

After that performance, at which I cried and a heck of a lot of women did too, even Wardi*na, there was the play proper.


The Play's concept was of this girl who came home, flopped on her bed (set in one corner of the stage) and then got on her laptop and started to chat. Her friends were girls around the world, in Japan, NY, Somalia, France, Turkey, KL and also Palestine. You see the screen showing the chats as if it was a computer screen. And the girls would be telling each other what happened to each of them:

1. The Japanese girl was on the bullet train reading the quran and she was asked why she was reading the quran by this Japanese guy. The prop was the train seats and things you hold tu (apa ke bendanye) and then the backdrop screen showed bullet trains, orang ramai etc. Then later she went to the park and her friend prayed in the park and some guys dropped their frisbee in front of the praying girl and they get told that they should really wait or get their frisbee quietly from behind her. I'm thinking "you pray in the park, meh?"

2. then the French girl who had to contend with three (convincing gals dressed up as) guys who harrassed her until she fell and one of the boys rescued her and then her headscarf fell off and then she hurriedly put it back on, there was some conversation as to why she covered up etc and then she ran off to the mosque to pray and later on he followed her there.

3. Then the KL scene set in some college (Mo*nash) and girls were in their bedroom talking about how they were so excited abt the grad night and what they were going to wear and then Nadine going - what the heck is this lah, chill lah , its just a grad night, and basically being the muslimah (and boring person there among the debutantes) and she gave a speech abt why would she want to go and get herself a dress just to follow the trend and also why would she want to have a date as it is not allowed in Islam? The others made fun of her (the Mummy in me went- hey! dont make fun of my daughter) and at the grad night she turned up in her muslimah dress and the others all wearing dinner dresses and gowns yang sexy mexy.

Nadine got an entire scene by herself. Well done lah girl! She was really good.

Then the Turkish scene was where they were not allowed to wear the headscarf in school and how they fought against the establishment and also their own parents and friends who say to them just open the scarf for a while and then put it back on

Other scenes- New York where this covered girl were harrassed by her colleagues because of her tudung.

In the was the cutest scene but saddest to me- scene set in a classroom with very young primary 2 kids kot who acted as palestinian students and the teacher was teaching them how to count and they were singing and playing WHEN SUDDENLY bombing started and everyone ran under the table. And attention was given to one girl , Zeinab, who would not hide because she wanted to go to Jannah to see her family. (AWWW) and then she got picked up the last by her uncle and her uncle struggled in and basically died in her arms and said don't be sad as I hope I'm going to Jannah. Kesian..Is this what life is really like for them? The prospect of dying facing them every single time they go out, or wake up ??

On that note, the play ended. We got the message, which is :

1. Covering yourself as a true muslimah is not a sign of opression or backwardness but a sign of liberation as it frees women from being judged by her looks, and also it gives back the power to women to show to men what they want to show.

2. A true muslimah is not just about being covered you must also be intelligent, ethical, educated, honourable etc etc etc.

3. There are a lot of negative perception out there of the hijab and the religion. (one line the french guy was telling his other french friend , when the other friend was exhibiting signs of liking the scarved girl- "you touch her, and BinLaden is going to BOMB YO' ASS" which I thought was funny if not a little adult for these kids.

4. Life in gaza really sucks.

I enjoyed it, the props were really professionally done and I can see this being an Istana Budaya show type of thing. Erma Fatima directed memang lah. The seats we had were worth paying for as we were smack in the middle. It was so touching in parts and I could not help sobbing my eyes out hehehehe..



MHB said...

I totally missed this!! Office organised teambuilding till Sat. Bet Nadine was great. Ada video tak?? (maybe not coz the girls were hijab-less in some scenes?) truly melepas this one...

Superwomanwannabe said...

HI MHB!! I think she was...hehehe but then im biased! Anyways tak da lah gambar...dont know if the school is going to give us was good - not perfect but good lah...! Cian u tapi i dengar ada 2nd show hahaha

Lan0stZz said...

owh, i wish u took a video or something of nadine. nak tgk anak buah belakon :)

Yani said...


Superwomanwannabe said...

Yans. tu lah no tak best...we had to surrender our phone awal awal lagi siap masuk dalam prastik bag...tapi I am hoping ada lah gambar satu dua ....

Superwomanwannabe said... too me too!!! I want to show you my talented dotter...

Royalshoppingarcade said...

wah, bunyi like very professional the story line.
very impressive.
well done to your daughter!

bella said...

wahhh, a real play in a real theatre...that's such a nice experience for your daughter. Support from parents is even a big wow. You must a proud Mom!!!But no pics???how come???mesti ada production pics ask for them...

Superwomanwannabe said...

RSA_ yaaa it was professional but maybe can be better later on

Superwomanwannabe said...

Bells- ya huh production pics- takkan takda langsung kan??? tak achi tol!!!

irmz said...

Wow. Let me know kalau ada 2nd show! :)

MrsNordin said...

I baca your review pun macam nak nangis. I bet if I was there, I would surely cry too!

Congratulations to Nadine! She should nurture her acting talent!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...