Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cover girl ticket fiasco

By the way dengan tak malu nye I announce here that I tak bayar lagi ticket Cover girls tu and they went and released my seats . Ada ke. Panic kejap. Hallo, my husband went this morning to the school to pay and he had to go to theatre and he was late nak potong orang sebab tunggu the office bukak and by 9 am he said tak bukak lagi and since I was in Japanese class I didn't know that he didn't pay yet sebab my husband punya telepathy system tak work this morning. Hahahah (memang dia LIAT sikit nak call me)

I only found out that he didn't pay yet when I was on the way to send Nadine. Freak out!

I asked the major domo teacher if tomorrow I could see her and pay , she said the tickets that I booked had been released to a guest (what am I , chopped liver?). I was thinking oh well, they were RM200 tickets anyway maybe it's God's way of saying don't spend so much even if it was supposed to be for Gaza BUT then before I could pretend to sigh and say stoicly Oh well, I would accept the cheaper much more inferior ticket, she said - BUT WE HAVE TWO TICKETS OF THE SAME PRICE to give you so don't WORRY.

Haa? Ok then!!! - committed!! I will be sitting right smack in front of the theatre that I could probably touch up Nadine's lipstick if need be haha.

ya ya ya...I am a kanchong person you think? I would not think twice paying my dentist but for tickets rasa macam - waaaa? RM200 for a school play? Who's coming out? MichaelJackson?? (THAT I would like to see hehehehe)

My sis in law said kaklong the RM60 ticket is JUST as nice tau apa lah you pi beli the mahalnakmampus one but then I thought takpalah my daughter is the lead part takkan tak nak duduk depan right.. plus dah terbook. plus i tak pernah can say "no" one.

Anyway its for a good cause its for a good cause its for a good cause its for a good cause.

(reciting mantra) hahahaha!

Buh byeeee

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Kitchen Guardian said...

shila oh shila....btw thanks for having ib and umar for two nights in a row for sleepover...lega mak bapak dia org kejap....

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