Er you know...I am the queen of procrastination...I have to carik class on how to NOT lah?? Kalau ada I would probably procrastinate sampaiii lah last minute nak register hehehe

Anyways ...Sara is at home..demam. She slept from 7 pm last night sampai la this morning. Can't say she temberang sebab her lips are swollen. Tomorrow her JSLA exam - her school's exam to assess whether they are sufficiently competent to go to ADni's secondary school.

On the way to work brother's wife called to say her daughter (Sophia's classmate) is unwell- so since we were allready on the way we picked her up lah and now Sara is not alone at home...

Mom and Dad in law going home jugak today. We did pujuk duduk lah satu minggu but soo hard..Dad has to supervise the contract work at his local surau and mak has to er...attend various functions. Hee hee.

Mak and I watched TV9 this morning- ada Mukadimah- quite interesting gak. This Ustaz Zawawi said - we all want the glory (Fadhilat) but we don't concentrate of fulfilling the conditions of getting the glory (sharat)- eg, we want the points from praying, but we don't take care to make sure our prayers are correct and done correctly. After all, it is supposed to be a reflective time right, a conversation between you and God and a time when you tell God, hang on a minute, despite my loads of agreements etc (I wish) you are still the greatest etc. But instead we rush (we being me) and in the end what is the value of the prayer?? Is there any soul invested in the prayers?? How many times do I get that?? This ustaz said that ppl just go up and go down and do the motions, with half their mind on their work so how to say you have fulfilled the conditions ..and if no conditions to get glory? Same case as giving alms or donations- if you do it because you want to be known, or to feel morally superior, then ada chance , tak dapat pahala....

Hmmm food for thought indeed! I just hope that whatever we do we will do it for the right reasons- noooo corruption and also for the right I pray to get rid of the M disease..Malas!!! Malas nak exercise, malas nak baca buku, malas! Anyways....M is also penyakit for kaum M- Melayu! hahahahaha

Ok lah ceramah saya pagi ini ye kanak kanak.....

Adni is having Muslimah evening btw....the tickets that are left are RM100 and RM2o0 tapi kat depan I volunteer and duduk belakang? hehehehehehe


tireless mom said…
Hi Shila

If we do like what Ustaz Zawawi said, sure khusyuk solat. Takkan nak have a conversation with Allah about 10 mins at a time pun susah kan. Padahal doing other things berjam jam. We have to keep on reminding ourselves.
SW, I have been guilty of doing what the Ustaz isn't advocating - yg bab 'just go up and down and do the motions with half (my) mind on work (not necessary on work lah for me)...' So banyak dah pahala sembahyang I hilang... :-(
yus said…
dear shila..

thanks for sharing the mukadimah from ustaz Zawawi. like "tireless mom" said..we need and have to keep on reminding ourselves. Insya-Allah.
Hi tireless least you try , i think that is important...10 mins is a long time when it comes to prayers- but not when you tengok wayang or what..(or even blogging)
MTT you and me both..I guess we just have to keep on trying. Hats off to you for raising your kids to be as good as they can be in this challenging world....!
Yus- yeah i pun kena ingat ..dah tua...:-)

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