Hello, Saturday allready

Today's Japanese class was --- like the bullet train!!! So fast!! Japanese style - right on the DOT we started off with numbers then went on to jobs and nationality, and then how to say your job AND your nationality etc. Then how to say your parents are how old and then how to ask about your entire adek beradik's age . After this torrent of stuff- which is probably easy to the young un's but painful for me to remember, we were asked to mingle and ask each other questions. I was asked nan sai desuka ie how old are you and I said Hatachi heheheh ie 20 years old. Cikgu terus gelak besar "Shila San? Hatachi??" Gee. thanks sense. Hehehehe. I am YON JU SAI ok!~no need to rub it in. The funny thing I find is they have to japanise every english word- its pantai medikal sentah - not pantai medical centre macam mat salleh. And its LONDONG not LANDen macam omputeh pronouce. And there is no such word as L so everything L has a RU at the end like Ismairu. Hahahah.

Anyways ....Nadine came although she was torn between her drama rehearsal and her japanese- in the end she made it to both- we rushed straight to her school right after the Japanese and found that Malaysian style - they have not even started .

I bought biscuit stuff today.inspired by that true superwoman, KitchenGuardian who made her Great Choc Chip Cookie. Kids are having fun doing it .biyor lah miker. I tell you God is great. He made me a mate who can actually cook better than most women and also who can't be bothered about my limited skills in the kitchen (i have other skills) . My personality. I mean. Hahahahahah.

Saturday again...Hubbs coming home shortly- from clinic. Other kids are fighting over computer use.Johan wants me to be a member in Clubpenguin or something. USD6 a month , then he can play some restricted penguin games where they have pets, puffle etc . PLEASE tell me you know what I'm talking about or are my kids the only ones who are mad about neopet lah, clubpenguin lah etc.

While they are making a mess , Im looking at some translation that I have to do and petang karang ada wedding prep of my cousin..the nikah is tomorrow morning at 9 am NINE AM ok guys. Sure kadi got back to back booking nih. We are going just to sebok sebok.

I'll talk to you tomorrow - have a good weekend! byeee.


ms hart said…
SW, we were in Form 4&5, grown up and all (or at least perasan grown up!), yet we were learning the kindergarten level of Japanese, complete with actions and all!!! Imagine the a-i-u-e-o, the na-ni-nu-ne-no, and so on so forth! But it was the ka-ki-ku-ke-ko that really hit it!! Aiyo I tell you, it was soooo hilarious that there were some of us who just had to leave the classroom there and then, and ruuuuushed to the toilet!!! ;-) Our sensei was Takada sensei and Sawaii sensei! They rode on a Pasola to school! Cute jer! Good luck to you, ok?! (Nadine doesn't need the luck, as much as her mom does, right?! he he)
yani said…
HI Kak Shila,

Nope, u r not the only one :) My julia is now into Webkinz..lebih kurang lah kot ngan ClubPeneguin tu..I guess yang lainnya, she will need to buy the stuffed animals and resigter them on the Webkinz webpage and she gets to feed, dress, basically take care of the pet animal online by playing games to earn KinzCash..hehehehe I know all of these sebab Julia tak reti baca lagi that time so I had to help her figuring how things work..nasib baik now she can read and I dont have to dream about Webkinz anymore :)

BTW, I have one malaysian friend here (dia dah tinggal in Pittsburgh for 10 years) but still tak ubah her Msian style- if u say 3pm she will only datang around 5pm :) Unbelievable how bad habits r hard to change kan?

Have a great day!!
Anonymous said…
club penguin membership for my kids only during the holidays. out of the holidays, i dont sign them up cos not worth it. they are not allowed computer games access fm mon-fri.

fulltime mom
Ms Hart!!! is it??? that's abt where we are too- na-ni-nu etc. hey the sense is ALSO called takadasan (- sensesanwa mo takada desu?) !. Thanks for the wish yah you r right its easier for nadine!
MRSHUSiN said…
kak long, my dad is Mr. Ismairu.
LOL! :)
Yani- heheeh datang lambat...it is annoying kan ..especially if you had planned your day out so that you really cannot see that person later than that time...in malaysia here though I will always be late for weddings set at 8 sebab orang magrhib kat rumah kan..

Oh yah I m so glad you can relate to that clubpenguin thing...I will be careful not to let my daughters read your post as they will want the same thing hahahahahaha....

Bestnye ada kawan....!
FTM- now the computer died so there is no question of them playing when we are not home hahaha kesian pulak
Izan- yes he is hahaha Isumairu san!!

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