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So anyway how are you?

I'm listening to this doctor talking on TV2 about hysterectomy...apparently there are changes in your life after that. Kids are getting ready upstairs and of course lah, I am here trying to finish the work which should if I was a very disciplined and rajin person, be finished lightyears ago. hahahaha.. no lah I am not that bad. Yes I am.

Anyways yesterday I was in JENJAROM selangor. It was work related and I did ask the surgeon to be my chauffeur but unfortunately he had to do something like look into someone's bum so there you go, I had todrive myself. I asked him how do I get there but instead of melayaning me by drawing a map as he normally does, he said curtly "Google it!" Hmmm could be because I called him WHILE he was teroponging ..heee sorry ler..

Yes I did google the thing but never mind cause I can't read maps, so I asked the person where the heck is Jenjarom laaaaa??? So it was KESAS highway all the way rupanye....Not too bad but because it was hot and because it was monotonous I had to stop at a petrol kiosk for a nap! Only after a packet of M&Ms (ok ok two packets) did I feel alert enough to continue the amazingly boring journey. (There was a reason I stopped at a kiosk with a shop hahah) Jenjarom is actually very nice and kampunglike....macam pergi cuti pulak...because I had to go into estates, etc.

Ok personally...er takda cerita lah sangat. Bilaaa lah nak start balik weight control ni(see above on M&Ms) Herbalife is waiting kat rumah, office and in the car (haaaa tu dia) ..but I am really really bad. Ok yesterday the personal trainer CALLED - ok it was again work related but still, the question he posed is- when are you going to come back to the gym you fat woman???

I started the herbalife again. I am very good at starting. Maintaining- meh. After all, I am a Malaysian hahaha isn't this the malaysian way?? Heheheehheh..no lah, the difference between me and Malaysian authorities/politicians is that I know and I will try to get that discipline. Where to go buy discipline???

Work wise- ok, not too bad. Actually worried sick as partner's wife is very due but sounds like going FULLSTEAM ahead..woit rest ler ..I told partner to go home and take care of wife. Gosh i can't imagine waiting for baby to pop out...it's the last stages yang get very wearisome kan...I could never be patient and used to tell my husband that I was going to have the baby NOW NOW and this would happen like everyday for the last 2 weeks of pregnancy. Of course, he ignored me.

Kids...Sara exams. Nampak relax lah. I pun dah tak berapa kisah lah dapat 11 A or what waaaaaaa. But they start tuition (at last!) this Saturday. Actually Sophia has been going to tuition with her BM teacher but yesterday she told me the Ustaz masuk hospital high bloood pressure. Don't know why, but I laughed. Teruk sangat ke ajar anak I ustaz? Hope you get better Ustaz.

Ok byeee for this morning. The blog is silent because the owner malas!



Meh kita berherballife after i deliver....
harhtan said…
kak, entry panjang mcm ni kira mls lg ker? hehehehe :P

anyway, i suka baca your celoteh! ;)
Jenjarum pun tak tau kaaa...itu sana Jowo punya tempat...eh apa sal tak singgah umah akak....but my house not at Jemjarum laa...near JJ tu...
aida yurani said…
kaklong............ disiplin tak jual kat kedai. Kita 2 orang skip dinner last night (ended up epi makan tak? sbb I tak nampak dia makan, penat dia berajak suruh dinner).....tapi.....kita makan kek lapis sarawak yg sungguh manis tu....... How to diet like this?
Kitchen guardian- haaaa hang bacablog lagi???Dah dah dok rumah ...i nehves for you hahahaha- u lah original superwoman..i heard abt the mengidam vicsponge cake...hehehe
hahrhtan- dapat ilham orang kata.....selalunye macam alah tak da cerita best pun..balik balik anak, family, anak family..nak cerita pasal keje..BOSS BACA BLOG!!hahahahahaha!!
Kak E- eeee ah-ah ye patut saya singgah boleh makan goreng pisang ke minum teh ke kat rumah akak...eh saya suka lah tempat dia...very nyaman and very tak macam KL...where you stress just standing still! heheheh...
Aida- dia makan ke aa?? (nampak sangat isteri mithali kan hahah) - Irasa dia dah makan koooottt after I tidoo (lagi keluar rahsia isteri tak mithali)
IBU said…
You google carik jenjarum...understandable.

I had to google cari Jalan Sultan, Petaling Jaya. HAHAHAHAHA.....

Oh well....Al maklumlah, residing in the godforsaken place in Rawang ni haaa....
tireless mom said…
Mak Cik Arab!

Sama lah kita, I don't know where Jenjarom is, but pretty much know where now after Kak Ezza said it is infested with Jowo.

Mana ada gemuk?

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