Monday, July 06, 2009

HI How are you guys ..what's happening ????? Lama tak dengar cerita.

We're ok, just got back from SIL's house, we spent the weekend there.KakakCamillia turned 12 on the 2nd and SIL and BIL had a birthday party for was a WII theme party , semua orang sebok swinging their arms and moving their bodies all over the place to do the movements..Fun giler and not a bit tiring.

Mom and dad in laws are also here...Dad In law turned the Big Seven we spent the day with them today..everyone makan at Penang Village in Alamanda but with 8 kids in tow the adults became tired very fast (ok ok it was me) and then we all went home (although actually we were up for some more stuff like bowling or IceAge but mom and dad wanted to rest so off we went) .

Nadine and I are now classmates in our first class last Saturday...the sense langsung taknak cakap omputeh or melayu it was nihon all the way...She kept asking us onamaewa onamaewa ..I heard it was nama awak so I just bantai give my name ..betul means what is your name hahahaha.

Most of the ppl there were chinese...and also young. and students..We had a lot of fun being told to introduce ourselves in Japanese to each other...Ada yang dah terror rupanye hehehe..I can now say something lah to orang Jepun..just don't say anything back dah lah..



Royalshoppingarcade said...

wah, ichiban?Does that mean you've got an itchy bum?kekekekkekekke...sorry, lawak bodoh.but, least you started the japanese class.tabik!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Alah hope not hangat hangat you know what heheheh saja mencari kelainan dalam kehidupan ....heheheh

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