Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So it is Pet Day in school tomorrow.

I guess it's supposed to be a chance for the kids to show their pets that they allready own on that day. Note- that they allready own.

I'm sure it is NOT supposed to be a day where you have to BUY pets for, just to show off on pet day..

And yet, this has just happened. Note to self- Never let daddy loose with kids in pet store, near gaji time.

For days the kids have been asking if they can bring various animals...turtles lah, frogs lah, hamsters lah, cats lah. Mummy kept saying- no. Just enjoy lah orang lain punya pet, apa salahnye.

Then I came home one day (separately from dad) and guess what....I saw THREE RABBITS in three separate cages. And that just is for Sara Sophia and Johan. Nadine got 3 fish and Daya got terrapins.

laaaaa....remember the last rabbit, honey??? Ok granted, Sara was only 3 when she pulled the rabbit's leg out of the cage and therefore broke it, but still..I hate animals in a cage. I don't have the heart! I immediately went on worry mode when I spied that one of the rabbits did not have its water bottle.

Disaster dah start dah..Nadine's goldfish has died due to a previously not known LEAK in the BOWL. So when she woke up, the BOWL was EMPTY. And 2 dead fish with one gasping for air, flopping around. (When I got in this evening...report was that the other live fish has passed....)

The rabbits...one is big and white with black spots. 2 are ginger and smaller, younger I think. I felt so sorry for them stuck in the cage that I told the kids to let them out in the yard sekejap.

What happened? Nadine came running in ..telling me that the big rabbit has climbed on top of one of the smaller rabbits.. Like rabbits tend to do...Aiyoo an unplanned lesson in biology....

Kept the rabbits in the cage soon after.

Dahlia needs to write a report for her terrapin now. Sorry, I mean PRINT- sheesh these kids are so spoiled. Dulu I had to write long hand ok Daya....

Ok then will sign off...I'm sure tomorrow will be absolute chaos in their school...hehehehe


shah said...

kahkahkahkah..klaka gile!!!

naper x beli kucing?

Superwomanwannabe said...

Shah sebab dah ada TUJUH KUCHING!!!!!!

yani said...

hahahaha..very funny!!!

My Julia have had fish too..and semuanya mati...and the last fish she had, daddy flushed the fish in the toilet while juju tengok and lo n behold, the fish came back up..nasib baik julia tak trauma tengok the dead fish :)
Last year pulak, my husband managed to drag me to the humane society..kononnya just to tengok but once we were there, both of them, hubby n julia were begging me to take Cupcake home.kalau sorang bolehlah I cakap no, but 2, tak sampai hati meh..so now we have a cat!
And as of yesterday, julia added 3 japanese beetles into her colection of pets..The beetles r now with her at her Nona's house :) (she is having a sleepover and insisted to bring her new pets)

Nur said...

hi kak long,
poor fishes!agaknye the horny rabbits are eyeing each other while in the cages..hehehe..

bdw, amik award kt umah noni yer!

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