Friday, July 31, 2009


My brother is coming back today Yay Yay!!

My brother, his wife and his son, I mean. Can't wait to see Jooooood. Can't wait to say "Hey Jood!"

I wonder if he is going to quarantine himself ....Ireland is H1N1 country ke?

I'm watching War*dina on TV saying we are not bothered about H1N1 at all and to Puleeeeeeezzzzeeeee quarantine yourself if you are back from H1N1 places...Hmm so if I were to go overseas...I would also need to quarantine myself upon landing..because I'm from Malaysia the land of 1000 over H1N1 cases ! How?

But it is scary lah...yesterday I was talking to this Australian friend and she said are we worried about the H1N1? And I said..Naaaaah (or "Noi" in Aussie twang hahah) We're malaysians after all. Apathy will kill it. BUT what is scary is that someone actually DIED from it. A healthy 20 year old girl!

So perhaps we should be responsible and start taking this seriously huh. Wear masks or something.

So how my plan nak pi tengok Arashi concert this September - er I mean how my plan to go visit my brother this September? Heh heh...Japanese consumed half of the vaccine available so we should be ok tak? Ini angan angan stage baru...takut kenatahan dek incometax department sebab ...hutang depa tak langsai lagi ha ha!

Ohyes..thank you dear friend yesterday who sent me home...and did not have to do that..we had this lovely chatting time and before you know it it was Maghrib and since husband still got potong potong session, she sent me home...thank you!

You have a good morning now!


Irmz said...

Talking abt dying young, for some reason I was looking at obituaries in yesterday's papers and saw obituaries for a lawyer my age and another person age 35. Freak out...!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Sapa Irms!!!! 35 dah out?? Eh I banyak benda lagi nak buat

Did you see Yasmin's blog tak..last entry was abou a day or 2 from when she had her stroke kan....eerie kan..she was so looking forward to the future...tu lah betul betul menginsafkan...

yani said...

Betul ke Kak,

If I balik nanti kena kuarantin kan diri myself and hubby plus two kids? Abis tu how lah nak beraya...or should I just cancel my plan to come home for raya.Ingatkan things would died down by now but instead r getting worse...haru haru

Superwomanwannabe said...

Yani...dont let it worry you to the extent that you cant come home! I think just be sensible, on the plane watch out for any illlooking ppl., mention your fears to the cabin crew, and bring a lot of what no one will think you are weird. I mean its US who are weirdly relaxed abt it you know. If you happen to have a fever, check it immediately and dont just think its a normal thing.

So welcome back and give us a call so we can have a natter!

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