Friday, July 17, 2009

Summary of events

Oh dear. It's Friday allready. How fast time flies eh??

1. My partner's wife and dear friend Yani has delivered safely, alhamdullillah. Kitchen guardian to the last minute, giving recipes while in labour. They now have their 4th son and sixth child, Muhammad. Congratulations H*aq and Y*ani!

2. My husband is going off to Johor Bharu tomorrow morning for their MCKK K*ingtho's event thingy . He's taking a couple of guys with him and events include golf etc. May be popping in to see his brother's newest baby in JB. kena sacrifice some bonding time ler with the guys. (They spent 5 years day in day out with each other allready what)

3. Me and kids are staying as (a) nothing more boring than guys' get together haha and (b) my cousin is getting engaged after a nine (or was it eight) year courtship. So it's a big event. Can't miss it. No baju to wear of the colour specified

4. So did you hear of MJ's conspiracy theory?? Hmmmm murder, I can believe. MJ a muslim- hanya Allah yang tahu. I'm happy to see that he was happy with his kids you know, at least he had SOME happiness

5. Dentist- I now am a proud owner of some crowns....and I owe the dentist heheheh. belum habis cerita lagi ni..Left side kena buat gak root canal. No wonder he's always smiling when he sees me. Semalam he was saying, your upper gigi needs to be lowered down to meet the new crowns and I thought to myself - never mind, tak yah lah meet, they don't have to meet each other do they? let them be strangers....So what if I can't chew properly, somehow i boleh je makan, and somehow I have managed to be this fat heheheheh.

6. Kids- Johan has to lead a performance of "I went to school one morning and I walked like this" thing. Nadine is taking part in the RHB brain thing , Maths I think. She has an event this Saturday. Nihongo how, Nadine?

7. Talking of which, discovered cousin who got married last weekend pun was (is) taking Japanese lessons at the same place but then she is allready very advanced. Oh yeah. that was what we did last weekend, went to my cousin's wedding. We were given duties like taking care of the bride

Gosh when can I put items down like "5. went to climb Mount Kinabalu yesterday and met Brad Pitt while I was there" he hehehe

You have a good day ok?


indavao said...
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Lan0stZz said...

i wish brad pitt was there. semangat skettttt.

say congrats to kitchen guardian for me!

Anonymous said...

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