Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kat Kampung

Am now in mom in law's place

Arrived last night , supposedly to arrive the day before but due to husband's schedule (see below post) we left today, and segala bagusnya, arrived JUST IN TIME for buka puasa..hehehehe tak tolong masak pun.

Brotherinlaw no5 P*aiz masak ..laksa johor and pudding waaaaah talented habisler anak anak my father in law nih..siap ada ikan masak asam lagi.

I had a mega headache so spent a lot of time sleeping ( I really had the headache believe me) .

Kids were ecstatic to meet with their cousins. (Brother in law no 2 and family were also there and had arrived a whole day earlier) .


dah besar dah anak mummy ni. She is taller than me (which is not hard to be , ha ha) ..She is growing up to be a proper young lady but satu je mummy nak complain take too long to do anything lah!!!! Ikut sapa nih?? (ha ha)

(Did you know that Baeyongjune yang belakon dalam wintersonata tu pun birthday sama dengan nadine? hahahah....)

Now enjoying the calm before the storm, ie the kids still being asleep. (semalam tak tido lepas sahur and riuhnye dad in law lari surau nak tido) haha...

Moan moan moan.

Wanna hear what it's been like this couple of days for my husband?

His schedule has been mad.

Thursday was a full day for him, having to go to HKL for whole day clinic. Some more he had teaching to do . I confided to him how nervous I was to go to Putrajaya all alone and he distractedly patted me on the head and said "You'll be fine"...Nasib baik lah ada blog nih haha.he came home after buka, and went out again that same night having been called to rescue some poor surgeon on table..he came back at 6 a.m. I was of course up as I could never sleep without him in the house (hahaha walhal tido mati) and he said he managed to grab a bit of sahur before balik.

Then at 8 in the morning he left again. That night he came back at 8 pm and then at 9 he left again apparently because a patient insisted on seing him that very night...even though it is fasting month and you'd think the patient would understand that the doctor would also like to do his tarawih ..apparently this is not life and death situation tu yang I teramat boring nih. I protested as I think husband is too too accommodating - I know its work but then even during work you can prioritise kan, which is important and which can be put off.

Yah yah yah, we should really be used to this kan by now? We don't have our husbands even when we have our husbands. When at home, he's always on the phone. If you talk to him his thoughts would be on mr xyz patient and he'd be wearing a very distracted look.

I think he needs a holiday. Kesian kat dia sebenarnye..he looks really worn out to be honest with you. He slept while taking off his shoes. Plus never having the time for us (this is the moaning part)

I told him, can I get myself admitted and pay your fees tak so you will be forced to look at me fullly when you talk to me. He he he.

Anyway I don't know how long he can keep this up. Just hope he takes care of himself. Running here running there and also have to contend with MrsGrumpy at home (MrsGrumpy is being forcibly surpressed as MrsGrumpy's mom has lectured her about being a good wife)

The funny thing is, if I were to say this to him, he'd get very defensive (as if I was critising him). He loves the pace, he loves the job he loves the challenges. he loves the mad type of patients who come through GH doors.

But..I think in life you have to achieve a balance. Hey I love to blog and berangan but do you see me doing it all the time (hahahahah what a comparison eh)

Anyway....I think I'll take him away after puasa ler. Somewhere where he has to leave his phone, computer what not.

Ah..that would be heaven...(though can I bring this laptop?? hee hee)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Grand Debut

So I went to the court of appeal yesterday.

Did not sleep much. Borrowed someone's robe and bib and prayed that I didn't put it back to front. Went, was really impressed with the grandeur of the place, saw loads of other lawyers in their robes, calmed self down by saying "alah depa bukan pandai na" hahaha and also got chatting to others. The judges were 2 guys I don't know who just sat there silently (therefore I can also be a judge) and that guy who heard MB Nizar vs MB Zambry case (eh whatever happened TO that case ye?). My turn finally came and I said what I had to say although as my script was in English and everyone spoke Malay, I had to revise a bit ler. I got asked a few questions by his lordship. Etiquette wise..what etiquette. The language switched from BM to English between the judge and the lawyers, there was a sense of "let's get this done" rather than formality. A guy actually represented himself and spoke a bit of manglish.

The end. My first open court experience! Thank God for it going ok - I saw what the judge did to other lawyers who maybe did not have their facts etc//garang gak ek? Walked out...and got someone who was probably enjoying his morning paper, to take a pic. Nanti I upload ok.

Went home thinking I could sleep a bit, saw Sara's face which was swollen and full of rashes. Ran to PCMC to see a skin specialist (manalah tau HFM ke or what) and then went to office.
Sara and Johan came along. Sara was a bit better but still unwell.

Sara is still unwell- Day 3 today.

Parents Sara ni sebok sangat sangat!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sabar , sabar

Ok I have ranted below.

Now I am this my worst problem?

Shukur alhamdullillah, that it is.

We are all so very very blessed, and I should never forget that.

We are healthy, have a roof over our heads, and other than wanting to vomit blood everytime I think about my debut in the Court of Appeal day after tomorrow, life is dandy.

(I am NOT a litigator)

So..syukur and thanks be to Allah swt for all our blessings..

Selamat berpuasa.

Puasa can rant or not?


Just got up ten minutes ago.

Too late to sahur. Made husband a cup of milo. Sara managed one hotdog which I hurriedly microwaved. Nampak gaya the rest "cuti" ler unless they tahan. I'm actually seething nih.

Came down to see table clean, with no dishes out. Asked the maid how come you didn't put the dishes out? She said- she just woke up too! (5.40 am ok)

Sapa maid ni? At 10 pm she was allready in her room. Nearly 6 baru nak bangun? I know that she must be on the phone lah ni sampai tak tidor.

I'm boiling and telling myself not to boil after all she is human too. Right?????

Before fasting pun there were too many tiimes when I woke HER up. ok

If only I can just send her back NOW. If only we were not dependent on maids.

The other night I left my handphone at home. I returned immediately and asked her to pass me the phone through the door . She handed it to me silently. Then I noticed some funny messages from MA*x*is to tell me that I had successfully transferred twenty bucks over to someone's number. I asked her. She denied doing it. I told her the kids are all asleep. And I for one didn't do it. Don't even know how to do it. She said yah she did it. She just said to deduct her blardie salary. Eh how much is your salary lah? I was too too mad to talk to her. I said I am tired to listen to her lies.

Straightfaced lie or what ? She could at least told me when she handed it back to me.

Next day I told I don' t believe anything you say. And guess what, all those things you thought I don't know? I know.

The biggest being that I know she has a boyfriend. Serious relationship. And that this is the second boyfriend. And this woman is married ok.

Now this Eid she wants to go back to see her friends. I told her NO. They go back to their agent's house and last year she went back to her "kakak angkat"'s house (ie agent) in Johor which even though we were the clowns who drove her back door to door, is better to me than to drop her off at the agent's house without the agent being around. I mean, seriously the agent's house is like a den. Every weekend about 20 maids I think stay there. I don't even think the agent lives there anymore. HOw can she? No room! Unless it's magic and can expand inside.

Ya ya part of me is going- who cares what she does lah, we don't like having her around during family hols , husband rimas. And if we were to let her go back to Indonesia for her raya as was originally planned (but she changed her mind and want to go back for good this January and now expect me to absorb the cost ok!) - we wouldn' tknow what she'd be doing there right. So I should just send her back to her agent's house and pretend its Indonesia that I've sent her to (I wish)

Now I'm treating her like a daily help. I mean, you don't care what your daily help does right, in their free time. Neither will I.

Sorry ler...puasa puasa ni marah marah and mengumpat orang lak.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fasting with Family!

Third day dah! How fast time flies eh. So far my kids are fasting...(except for the babyler)

Sahur for the first morning was Mc D- you should have seen how fast the kids woke us up to go for sahur haha... Half way there realised that I had left my handbag and hubbs only brought RM70 and knowing how our kids can order, he went to get more cash. Didn't have to worry though because it all came under RM50!(Strictly under control by mummy to cut out the rubbish) But when dad came back with more cash wahh..mulalah nak apple pie lah, this and that lah. Pakcik kat Mc D pun pening. Sapa suruh bukak satu counter,dek oi....

(eh, satu i nak complain ler ...why are their burgers so lopsided! sometimes it seems that they don't really care how the burgers look, main campak campak je...heeeee)

We all came back and kids stayed awake way way after subuh. Main dengan begitu bisingnye.

Around 8 am- mummy I tak tahan...went Johan.. my throat is so dry haaaaaaa....At first I said- eh tahanlah. but in the end I thought he is only 7 right so I let him drink a bit and then he continued to fast hahah. The sisters howled - unfair!

Buka was with my parents. Brother and family came too- they brought pasta and we brought bread and butter pudding with custard and chocolate jelly. (I did the choc jelly while sapa lagi buat bread and butter pud) ..Mom buat mi rebus and dashed here and there while telling us how she was really ill the day before but she told dad not to tell us.She studiously ignored all pleas for her to rest. I mean, my maid was there and my brother's maid was there and I was there and my sister in law was there too but mom insisted on moving here and there and lifting this and that. Later she said she was just "excited" that we were there. Moms eh..I marah but mom will be mom.

We spent the night there, much to the delight of my parents. Honestly dad has asked me to just move in with them..hahahah. He shared with us the subuh takzirah that he heard which was about roh (spirit) that we each of us have and which will protect us and act as our "subconscious".

Brother's baby son decided to act up and had his parents go up and down the stairs and wanted to "go look at masjid" ie follow the atok to the masjid. Kesian dia....(my brother and wife I mean) tak tidor betol. But i thought that he might be unwell he was so irritable.(yeah he was)

Hubbs brought kids to see "UP". Haaa activity puasa betul hehhehe.... He also cooked mi kari for our buka puasa on 2nd day for my parents- and my dad beli kebab. So it was rather more subdued. Kueh pun tak over sangat lah.

We don't normally go to pasar ramadhan. Bukan taknak support but a few times we were not that happy with the quality of the food. While there are genuine sellers there some ppl just think of ramadhan as a month to make money so you get food that compromised on quality. Tak baik lahh kan. The real reason tak pergi is it will encourage the greed! Suddenly you just HAVE To try that kueh and that ayam percik etc.

Ok I need to get the kids up for sahur...selamat bersahur!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fasting- We're not stupid, REALLY.

Hi.Selamat berpuasa to all. Happy Fasting. This is a joyous occassion and not one for going -aww my god its fasting month again?? This is because good points are being doled out here there and everywhere pretty much like ringgit being thrown from the heavens- its up to you whether you want or not.

I shall have to make sure that my fasting month is not just about not drinking and not eating. soooo no gossip about say- ustaz A marrying W after all the time going "we were just friends" and now going "what to do, it was all fate and God's doing..." and yah let me go get a bucket to throw up everytime I hear ppl blame fate and God for anything....did God tell you to cheat on your wife you miserable (but cute) excuse for an ustaz ? Anyway - yes, my point was no more gossip like THAT ok??? :-) (harini dimaafkan, last day before puasa)

And to my friends out there who wonder and question why the poor muslims continue to fast every month well I think it's this:

1. It is similar to detoxification programmes handled by other commercial ventures, except here it is boring because its under the topic of "religion". Seriously, now everyone is pushing detoxification. What is fasting really but to REST THAT STOMACH OF YOURS after 11 months of pigging out???

2. It is to allow you to come to terms with your spiritual side. I am sure Scientology pun ada bendallah ni..Eh mat salleh pay LOTS oF MONEY to get all spiritual you here we have a whole month where god says- RELAX- THINK OF ME...YOU AIN'T GONNA BE ABLE TO TAKE IT ALL WITH YOU. Seriously, look at the way ppl have been dropping off lately. I bet Ustaz As*ri did not expect not to be able to fast again this year. So...realise that we are indeed on borrowed time (easier to realise this when you have gone after 40 hahah)

3. It is to save money. Which is actually true. Don't eat lunch at Ampwalk and you get to save a heck of a lot of money ha ha but of course if you pig out at Buka Puasa then its pointless lah

4. It is to show your body who is boss- Yah. Every little whim we give in. Hungry lah apa lah. So now, show the body that your mind is in charge.

5. It is to foster family relations- yah...we become closer to our parents who will hopefully invite us to break fast at their place...hehehehee

Who ever has tried fasting can tell you- the feeling you get when you managed to complete one whole month (even one day) is undescribable- as if you have won a great race. And you have- against your desires .

Yah...after one month of no ahem- desires, you bet everything will be appreciated again (wink!)

So selamat berpuasa friends! (and family)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Nilah nak mengadu sikit can tak

Tadi lah I pergi somewhere lah (klasngaji)..

I sat next to this lady...she's very nice

BUT she said she tak tahan aircond tu lah sejuk....

Because she - demam.

tak tau lah berapa hari dah demam..lama gak....and ada SELESEMA!!

I asked her...dah periksa dah?

She said tak yah lah..Cuaca je kot buruk


then I said- hmm have to be careful gak now, since its H1N1 tu dah ramai....(dah ramai dah selamat tinggal is what I meant)

Yalah..she said..but i temperature tak dalah tinggi....ada pun, makan panadol hilang

So....I got up and went to stare at some Suddenly Very Interesting Picture On the Wall.

HOW AH????????

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family Day cum Honeymoon.

Geram .

tak tau nak marah kat sapa. Tak tau pun if I should marah.

Geram is in english---- no english word for it.

As hubby seemed to be so busy, and also kids have been down with flu bugs and confined to home for the past 2 weeks, I thought it would be nice to take them and him away somewhere. Since I have that Hilt*on premium card thingy and since I have not used the free night that they offer, I thought it might be nice if I use that to take kids away and hubbs as well.

My plan was simple. Day time kids, night time their parents:

Check in with kids , main pool ke, lepak ke puas puas and then by malam send them all home so we can have some time to er- have a nice dinner - perhaps to talk about the long lost loveletters we found in mom's house (*thanks to the pencurik) . I have briefed maid, mom and dad dan semuanye yang berkenaan lah !

In the meantime, ada lunch with sis and bro in law, ada ceramah that Hubbs has to give to Kaja*ng Masjid on H1N*1 lepas maghrib. Don't forget the spend-the-night-with-opah-and-atok plan which we must execute sometime during the weekend.

The plan sounded good on paper. We spent Saturday nite at mom and dad's house . Don't want to leave them alone too much since the house got broken into. Sunday morning, clock starts ticking. Have to go to hotel by 12, get them in the pool , get them out by 3, by 4 go to Subang to meet with bro and sis in law for lunch/tea, by 6 pm Hubbs has to go to the masjid in KAJANG - by 9 he has to be back , in which time I and the kids would have puas main pool, and by 10 he would send all the kids home and by 11 pm we, mummy and daddy would be having a drink by the pool . Doable right??

What happened really? By 7am Sunday he went out to get breakfast. Kids all tidor lagi. By 9 he is not back yet. A call revealed that he has gone to buy breakfast via hospital to see his patients ((Nolah I tak pergi hospital..lepas beli breakfast I balik lah...), which he has not told me, so my plan dah lari. Kids ding dong makan breakfast,and by 11.30 baru lah keluar.

Go back home first pulak instead of going straight..., but no worries since kids are all ready. But the father wants to tukar tshirt so a bit lari lagi lah the plan. By 2 pm baru check in.

By 3.00 pm we all went down to the pool. We being me and kids sans dad who has to tweak his slides for the masjid petang karang after maghrib. Although the topic is sebijik sama dengan the talk he gave LAST WEEK at the masjid near our place. Got new info kot.

This extra commitment I feel I am churlish to mind because its for a good cause ie to educate ppl abt H1N1 but its eating into our family time and I feel like stamping my feet I want my husband and the dad of the kids back NOW NOW NOW! Sod the H1N1 ! you can read the papers!All the info is there! There is even a web blinking site! Its called- H1n1 dot com! Well...taklah macam tu -er yeah macam tulah gamaknye. BUT all this tantrum kat blog ni je lah ok,of course I am happy that he gets invited to give talks now. Happy sangat sangat.


Sampai je pool -- greeted by men with hairy chest and tiny tiny trunks. Mak datuk, all pegang beer . Hotel omputeh lah katakan...minah pakai bikini etc. Kita semua tudung mudung. Kids culture shock and uncomfortable but we went jugak and Daya and Sophia jumped in the pool. TWO SECONDS LATER it began to rain. Seriously. We ignored it and THEN WE HEARD THUNDER. Ohkay..God is telling you something. So I dragged them up again and we started getting ready for the tea/lunch. Imagine ler the muka masamms.

Found the dad still at the pc tweaking the seminar, One thing and another then we arrived for lunch closer to 5. It was a great tea/lunch...we had steak at San Francisco's in Subang and the steaks were tender as recommended . Teramat kenyang sangat.

Then by 6 pm hubbs dropped us off at the hotel and we went back to swimming. Sorry, I terlelap after such a heavy meal and we only went down after maghrib. masa I lelap habis lah the sugar, tea, coffee, etc di selamatkan oleh my kids. Ye lah boring agaknye.

It didn't rain and the kids really had fun except for nadine who refused to swim.

Then nearly 10 I got them all up. Lapar lah pulak but then dad kata nak balik.

At 10.20 ordered pizza. Mulanye hotel punye pizza then discovered one 6 inch pizza cost RM40 so forget it we called piz*zahut. By this time Nadine dah mandi bathtub, everyone has had long lovely warm showers and mummy tengah bad mood tunggu daddy. Dah pukul 10.30 malam tak sampai gak I waved my white flag and called the hotel ppl to combine our twin beds together (yah theygave us a lovely room with twin beds they were that full) . Kids all jumped in and waited for the pizza which arrived at 10.45 (escorted by the Manager)

By 11 something as we were munching our balik...I can send the kids home if you want, he said. In the meantime I have 5 kids snuggled in bed with the quilt tucked under their chins, and you want me to send them home now?

Tak pa lah....I don't want.

It's been a nice day anyway , I get to spend time with my family, even though it didn't turn out quite the way I pictured it and the sight of them all spread out on the bed now warms the heart ......Oh well, we can always plan a getaway some other time.

Yah yah yah...but geram gaklah since the "alone time at night" did not materialise ...and to think I brought the nice nighty ....hehehehe. Yoou SOOOO owe me !

- off I go to the rain shower now.

Friday, August 14, 2009




Wah. I was visiting MrsN's site and she has 23 comments!

I want 23 comments waaaaaaa

No i dont, i dont want you to read my blog, malu

yes i do..please read my blog, what you think - i like talking to myself? (I do actually)

I want you to read but I get all shy to know you are reading.. I want to tell you what happens in the family but I dread what you think..heheheh

I am mad.

But I looooove MrsN's blog. Seriously. She writes so well. None of this incoherent rambling that happens here. Hmmmm- her posts are always insightful and candid and honest and -er - sane.

And sis in law was telling me to take up writing this morning.. where got talent. Got to go learn from MrsN.

NO time to post but here I am again..hehehe

So anyway here I am squeezing in a blogpost while I am at someone's office. I have a meeting at 1 sat lagi and I think since I am in PJ I might as well go directly from here to the meeting instead of checking in at the office right? (this question is directed to the partner who will be firefighting at the office and wondering why the heck is she not in YET!)

Aaaaaaaaaneeeways. My pc is open and am working now. So much to do so much to do ! How to go enjoy life lah like this? (It's called Time Management, Shila?? (yes I hear that in mypartner's voice by the way) hee hee.

Kids are at home, save for Sara and nadine, who although I have told them to stay at home, insist on going to school. Kids eh? Suruh pi skolah, tak mau, tak bagi pi skolah, nag to go.!!!!

No they are all fine but then I just want them to stay home until Monday when I am sure that all the bugs are out.

Me- chest feels a bit wet and tight. Have not coughed and seriously I don't think I will collapse or anything but the dramaqueen that I am secretly plan to get myself tested for HINI hahaha...insyallah tak da apa lah...but I do have a sliggggggggggghhtttt temperature.

What? Stay away from me you say? Sampai nyeee hati.


This weekend got no plans. I still have to look for the 7 passport that are missing (misplaced misplaced) in the house...camana nak book ticket ni?? I think Hubbs are hiding them until I forget about the plan nak gi Tokyo.

Oh yeah, I just met someone (guy) yesterday and I kissed him on the cheek as greeting! Apa lah I ni.. Ingat mat salleh or what. Some of my friends greet each other that way...I should really stop. It was automatic.

Ok ok better go back to work. BYYYYEEEE...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Looking better..

So the house was so noisy and loud yesterday. Gaduh, merajuk, main, gelak, tolak, lari lari, marah.

Which means the kids are fine.....thank God . Alhamdullillah. Johan had one day at the office with me and threw up twice but seem a bit better. But they are still not eating like before.

I pulak ngantuk....could not keep my eyes open at ALL. I think it's the age. I'm up now !

Husband had a ceramah to give yesterday at the local surau. On Influenza. So he prepared about 30 slides in all to give to the men. Pukul 5 baru nak buat ok. The ceramah was to be after maghrib. Anyway I was laughing as we were all sick over the weekend and hubby was so relaxed....tak panic langsung. Hey you try facing kids who throw up every thing yougive them and see if you panic or not haha.

Mom and dad and bro came. Nice to have them all for dinner. Bro no 2 came earlier but had to leave as had a JamalAbdillah concert to attend. Dad said not to blog about personal things and just comment on kehidupan harian ..erks. My kids refuse to tell me their secrets as they think it'll end up here..hehehehe.. Ok ok nampaknye I kena filter lah pulak apa nak tulis...

Bro seemed exhausted..balik daripada Ireland jadik celebrity and kena jumpa orang ini lah orang itu lah and no time to spend with family (us). When he came to see us, his wife and son was at his mom in law's house. Macam mana tu? I don't think I would agree if hubbs say, you dok rumah with your mom, I will go back to mine kejap ok? Sure I will say-NAK IKUT!! Unless I yang nak berkepit with my mom lah..tapi nanti mak mertua kecik hati lak. Susah kan dah kawin kena jaga hati orang tua....namanya pun orang tua...we are the youngters..we are the ones yang kena jaga hati and we don't have the luxury to kecik kecik hati. ... I am lucky I guess as my in laws are the coolest ( that is not because they would probably read this hahha.)

Ok lah...entah apa lah merepek kali ini....ok byeeeeee

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Good morning

Khurafat was on tv.

I was down pretty early as maid was not around. lamanye sangat tak jemur jemur kain ni gak . I rasa I buat lagi senonoh daripada maid . And why is the back so selerak??? Does she not see the besi buruk yang tersadai kat dinding tu..berapa lama dah ..tak buang nak buat pekasam ke? Haaa memang when I dah start buat kerja rumah I akan membebel sebab baru "nampak" semua benda. hari hari macam membutakan mata sendiri kan. Asal ok takpa...

Anyway...kain dah jemur. Pinggan dah simpan, Rumah dah sapu (phew!) and now doing work hahahaha...Breakfast roti lah ok kids....And anyway tv9 had this ustaz talking about how we get tangkal and believe in batu and gives other bomoh pulut kuning and stuff to get rid of hantu and he says thats all- wrong! Dosa besar! sebab believe in other things other than Allahswt! No such thing as batu having curing powers lah!

Ok ok but easy to get confused what some of the bomoh ARE ustaz so how?

We can only try lah now we know better....


Saturday, August 08, 2009

Sick !

Update- I think Sophia is better. Dahlia woke up and wanted to eat and ate a bowl of chicken soup (the one in the tin) - hope this is just a 1 day thing. More than 1 day I will go to hospital. About time my kids receive some first class treatment dad!

My children are SICK!!!

Came home to find Sophia moaning that her tummy hurt and she later started to vomit. Took her to the clinic - which was jam packed by the way. Finally got to see the GP after about 20 mins waiting notwithstanding that she is my AUNTIE and she said it is NOT H1N1 but just a viral thing.

Came home via Mc D and for once Soph did not order anything for herself although we did stop twice to let her puke! Poor baby. Got mc D for every one , being my kids, Haq's 2 boys and SIL's 2 girls. Although it was close to 11pm they all ate with gusto!

Hubby was of course not there as he had a particularly long operation at the (nonpaying) hospital until really really late like 12a.m. Maid had to stay back a bit longer, she was promised a weekend home and I told her to wait until tomorrow before I could send her back to her agent's /adopted sister/accomplice.

They all finally slept around er..midnight. Got Haq's sons up early as they had to go back for mengaji. Sent the maid back via LRT. She literally jumped off the car ok , she was that eager. I was telling her not to go back this weekend but she said PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE can she go off today because she promised allready. Promise who? These maids kan..they have no loyalty to you. what do they care ...their free time is sacrosanct even though theoretically it is in my discretion..but how to tahan the long faces?? I know she has a bf despite being married and the lies she has been telling me, I don't care allready, as long as she does her work but then, I would not shed any tears lah to see the back of her. Can't wait actually. If only I can find a replacement soon.....

Then, Daya complained she has stomach pain. And fever..oh oh. And throwing up. Oh dear. Nadine also could not sleep. She woke up at 3 in the morning to throw up. And tummy pain.

AIIIIKKKK?? Started to get worried and H1N1 is the top of the list of what to worry about. I know where they get it parents ! They came back from Kuantan, found their home broken into, and suddenly started vomitting and having tummy pains.

Hubby was AGAIN not around having left early in the morning to see his patients and leaving me to deal with the patients at home. Hubby came back by 3 pm. Haq called to say his son was now ALSO throwing up and having severe tummy pain...SORRY !!! I feel so bad...should have sent them back immediately but then would it have helped?? They were allready exposed to it..? And today my sister in law's daughter ada yang macam lembik..I told sister in law to brace herself....!

Oh dear oh dear oh dear..Now my eldest is refusing to touchh food incase she throws it up again. Sophia is howeverlooking chirpy enough to play on the net ....and Dahlia is still sleeping.

My fever?? It didn't even have a chance to develop! mummies cannot get ill!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

This and That on Life

Blogspot wants me to do work instead of updating my blog. It keeps hanging. A quick one:

Just heard that kids' school is closing tomorrow due to viral infection. Actually yesterday I kept them all from school ...they were in various stages of sniffling, coughing, ulcers on tongue lah, etc. Although they don't look too bad. I feel a bit worried gak lah now that malaysia seems to be feeling the H1N1 bug

Secondly, got this quilt for baby Jood. Plus borrowed Sisinlaw's cot for him...Believe it or not I have not seen my brother and wife and Jood since they landed on Friday. to accept my baby brother has a family now and the other side has some claim over them too! Anyways at least his father in law uploaded gambar of them on FB (he's very techno aware) and of Jood in various poses in their house...geram nye nak cubit!

Thirdly...just a note to those who are experiencing will hurt less and there will be a happy ending and that S.O.B is so not worth it . Please change your routine and do other things to NOT remind you of him, and thank Allah SWT for the experience- for you at least got so many free meals out of him hahahaha. However I still think you should hire someone to scratch his car. Revenge is sweet. haha. Hubbs heard that and said for all our troubles (and we have some believe me) he is glad we don't have relationship trouble (yah, cause we practise the policy of "Malasnakgaduh"- works everytime) us Malays- let's rise up and say together - WE ARE NOT LAZY! We are a proud, hardworking race, with a beautiful culture and beautiful language and beautiful manners and we do not need to envy other races and want to be like them. DON'T SAY WE ARE LAZY think positive and we WILL be a success. Tak payah tengok orang lain, betulkan diri sendiri...And always remember...we are a humble, content, virtuous, ethical, honest, race.

fifthly- Mrs N hope Mr N is feeling better today..sorry about the overmushy message mah on his was supposed to be from his darlingk kan....hehehe hope you forgive me....:-)

Ok dah, byeee!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

practicality or romance hehehe

Hubbs and I had a discussion recently. Head should always rule over heart.

What triggered it....

My brother landed last Friday at 6. Mom and dad had to catch a bus to KotaBharu the same night, at 11. Hubbs said why not just let brother and family go back to his inlaws place and then we all see them when mom and dad comes back on Tuesday. I said Mom would want to see her favourite (yes mom, he is , we all know it) son, whatever the hassle. And husband said isn't that making her life difficult? Memangbetul pun but mom apa apa pun NAK jugak jumpak anakdia dulu.

Which brings him to his favourite topic as in why would you want to menyusahkan diri when there is a more comfortable option. Eg ...why do I want to go pick him(as in myhusband) up at the airport when he could get home via ERL (ok I'm lying to you, it's actually the other way round...why would I want him to get me from the airport (the few times I actually go anywheree alone) when I could go home by myself )

But why would you do all that (ie menyusahkan diri go to airport) when you would be more comfortable at home, waiting for me ?? he asked. ISHHHH!! No romantic bone in his body langsung! So I said that's love lah and he said even if I don't do any of the romantic gestures the love is there kan .no need to nyusahkan diri.

Point being...head wins over heart.

Ok lah, I acknowledge that. I just wished he could at least ONE TIME see why ppl do crazy , impulsive, highly impractical things, for love. To make someone you care about feel nice, etc etc.

Hahahah I had my wish come true yesterday. This weekend we had 2 events clashing...My cousin's wedding in Penang aka family day...and his brother's tahlil /kekah in Johor Bharu (on the same day) . For the Penang, it would be the Sudin's family day after 2004, and for Fai*z, it would be the first tahlil he hosts (Fa*iz is his youngest bro and 2nd youngest in family and the nicest guy ever) It would be a good chance to see his new baby. he had also given notice like in JUNE So it is a bit unforgivable lah that we could not go. Although I had told Fa*iz of that wedding in Penang and that maybe we can't go see him. Penang and JB are you SERIOUS.

Ok lah....SEKALI DUA DUA TAK LEH PERGI!!. Orang tu oncall at both hospitals rupanye. I memang lah naik hangeen tapi paksa diri tak naik hangeen sebab this is his life right. (but honestly could you not have planned better?)

Then he found out one from his adek beradik was going to be able to make it to Fa*iz's place...

Then he felt bad for his brother...We both did.

How come lah you are on call- I could not help letering. How is it that you manage to be on call for both places lah?? After all, you knew abt this AGES AGO and the thing is the MC*KK thingy weekend tu, boleh pulak tak on call?? (Dengkika hahaha) How come you can't get cover?? Grumble grumble grumble dahlah the family day tak dapat pergi grumble grumble ni adek you punya pun tak dapat pergi grumble grumble kesian dia grumble grumble.

SOOOOOOOO........rupanye mamat tu tersentuh gak hati he came back from the hospital in the afternoon to tell me he finally got someone to cover him at Hospital A and B but until 12 a.m only SO LET'S GO. (Hmph boleh lak)

Let's go??? It was 3 p.m then....Day trip, ok??????

So, we went on a highly impulsive, highly impractical trip from KL to Johor Bharu, where we had to

-fuel up twice and
-we got stopped and summoned in Sekudai for going at 122 kmperhour(masa lari 160km tak lak tangkap!)
- we got there by 8.45 and
-then we started to go back at 12.25 am
- he got tired exactly 20 mins later. We stopped at Machap and napped for a while.
- I had to take over
- I got tired and remembered that I don't drive so well at night haha
- we stopped at Air Keroh
- he took over
- he got sleepy and the car went left and right and he was insisting he was ok all the way (ok may be I'm exaggerating ha ha but he was sleepy)
- we finally reached home at 5.30 am
- he had to get up early today.
- he had wardround at 8
- he had to send No 2 to UPSR Bengkel

Applying the head over heart theory, it MADE NO SENSE to have gone to JB, kan kan?

But he did it jugak...sebab he kesian adek dia takda orang datang (it was us, his youngest sister, his parents and his cousin brother and the rest were from the wife's side and his friends) and he felt sorry for the brother..tak ke tu Lurve???? I told him POINT PROVEN~!

Sometimes you just have to let the head shut up.

And wait for your wife at the airport.

(Preferably with a dozen roses)


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