Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family Day cum Honeymoon.

Geram .

tak tau nak marah kat sapa. Tak tau pun if I should marah.

Geram is in english---- no english word for it.

As hubby seemed to be so busy, and also kids have been down with flu bugs and confined to home for the past 2 weeks, I thought it would be nice to take them and him away somewhere. Since I have that Hilt*on premium card thingy and since I have not used the free night that they offer, I thought it might be nice if I use that to take kids away and hubbs as well.

My plan was simple. Day time kids, night time their parents:

Check in with kids , main pool ke, lepak ke puas puas and then by malam send them all home so we can have some time to er- have a nice dinner - perhaps to talk about the long lost loveletters we found in mom's house (*thanks to the pencurik) . I have briefed maid, mom and dad dan semuanye yang berkenaan lah !

In the meantime, ada lunch with sis and bro in law, ada ceramah that Hubbs has to give to Kaja*ng Masjid on H1N*1 lepas maghrib. Don't forget the spend-the-night-with-opah-and-atok plan which we must execute sometime during the weekend.

The plan sounded good on paper. We spent Saturday nite at mom and dad's house . Don't want to leave them alone too much since the house got broken into. Sunday morning, clock starts ticking. Have to go to hotel by 12, get them in the pool , get them out by 3, by 4 go to Subang to meet with bro and sis in law for lunch/tea, by 6 pm Hubbs has to go to the masjid in KAJANG - by 9 he has to be back , in which time I and the kids would have puas main pool, and by 10 he would send all the kids home and by 11 pm we, mummy and daddy would be having a drink by the pool . Doable right??

What happened really? By 7am Sunday he went out to get breakfast. Kids all tidor lagi. By 9 he is not back yet. A call revealed that he has gone to buy breakfast via hospital to see his patients ((Nolah I tak pergi hospital..lepas beli breakfast I balik lah...), which he has not told me, so my plan dah lari. Kids ding dong makan breakfast,and by 11.30 baru lah keluar.

Go back home first pulak instead of going straight..., but no worries since kids are all ready. But the father wants to tukar tshirt so a bit lari lagi lah the plan. By 2 pm baru check in.

By 3.00 pm we all went down to the pool. We being me and kids sans dad who has to tweak his slides for the masjid petang karang after maghrib. Although the topic is sebijik sama dengan the talk he gave LAST WEEK at the masjid near our place. Got new info kot.

This extra commitment I feel I am churlish to mind because its for a good cause ie to educate ppl abt H1N1 but its eating into our family time and I feel like stamping my feet I want my husband and the dad of the kids back NOW NOW NOW! Sod the H1N1 ! you can read the papers!All the info is there! There is even a web blinking site! Its called- H1n1 dot com! Well...taklah macam tu -er yeah macam tulah gamaknye. BUT all this tantrum kat blog ni je lah ok,of course I am happy that he gets invited to give talks now. Happy sangat sangat.


Sampai je pool -- greeted by men with hairy chest and tiny tiny trunks. Mak datuk, all pegang beer . Hotel omputeh lah katakan...minah pakai bikini etc. Kita semua tudung mudung. Kids culture shock and uncomfortable but we went jugak and Daya and Sophia jumped in the pool. TWO SECONDS LATER it began to rain. Seriously. We ignored it and THEN WE HEARD THUNDER. Ohkay..God is telling you something. So I dragged them up again and we started getting ready for the tea/lunch. Imagine ler the muka masamms.

Found the dad still at the pc tweaking the seminar, One thing and another then we arrived for lunch closer to 5. It was a great tea/lunch...we had steak at San Francisco's in Subang and the steaks were tender as recommended . Teramat kenyang sangat.

Then by 6 pm hubbs dropped us off at the hotel and we went back to swimming. Sorry, I terlelap after such a heavy meal and we only went down after maghrib. masa I lelap habis lah the sugar, tea, coffee, etc di selamatkan oleh my kids. Ye lah boring agaknye.

It didn't rain and the kids really had fun except for nadine who refused to swim.

Then nearly 10 I got them all up. Lapar lah pulak but then dad kata nak balik.

At 10.20 ordered pizza. Mulanye hotel punye pizza then discovered one 6 inch pizza cost RM40 so forget it we called piz*zahut. By this time Nadine dah mandi bathtub, everyone has had long lovely warm showers and mummy tengah bad mood tunggu daddy. Dah pukul 10.30 malam tak sampai gak I waved my white flag and called the hotel ppl to combine our twin beds together (yah theygave us a lovely room with twin beds they were that full) . Kids all jumped in and waited for the pizza which arrived at 10.45 (escorted by the Manager)

By 11 something as we were munching our balik...I can send the kids home if you want, he said. In the meantime I have 5 kids snuggled in bed with the quilt tucked under their chins, and you want me to send them home now?

Tak pa lah....I don't want.

It's been a nice day anyway , I get to spend time with my family, even though it didn't turn out quite the way I pictured it and the sight of them all spread out on the bed now warms the heart ......Oh well, we can always plan a getaway some other time.

Yah yah yah...but geram gaklah since the "alone time at night" did not materialise ...and to think I brought the nice nighty ....hehehehe. Yoou SOOOO owe me !

- off I go to the rain shower now.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Superwoman, I really enjoyed reading your posting and love your subtle humour.
And yes, nothing like getting the kids to grandma's house so both of you can nampak dua bulan, ha ha.
Have a pleasant week, and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi Uncle Lee! Thanks for your kind words and Im so flattered you dropped by! Yah....grandparents...the rescuer of sanity... reason why we decided AGAINST settling in the UK haha

MrsNordin said...

That's such a noble gesture.. "Tak pa lah... i got to spend time with my family... we can always plan a getaway some other time.."

Hee.. hee... hearing the uncut version from you was hilarious! Quite hard to plan when you have a doctor husband, huh? Better luck next time, girlfriend! I miss you!

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...


Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi BJ- yaaaa the censored version hee hee

Superwomanwannabe said...

Gelak kak Ezzza haaa

wanshana said...


Rasa macam I yang tulis posting ni because selalu sangat jadik macam ni kat we all...Hehehe!

Sabo ajer lah, kan?

aida yurani said...

hahahahaha, kesian kaklong kita. Nanti, lepas raya, you plan to have a getaway with epi, let me know. Aunty Aida will be very happy to babysit while mommy & daddy having quality time. :) Tapi kena booking awal2 ye.

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