Fasting- We're not stupid, REALLY.

Hi.Selamat berpuasa to all. Happy Fasting. This is a joyous occassion and not one for going -aww my god its fasting month again?? This is because good points are being doled out here there and everywhere pretty much like ringgit being thrown from the heavens- its up to you whether you want or not.

I shall have to make sure that my fasting month is not just about not drinking and not eating. soooo no gossip about say- ustaz A marrying W after all the time going "we were just friends" and now going "what to do, it was all fate and God's doing..." and yah let me go get a bucket to throw up everytime I hear ppl blame fate and God for anything....did God tell you to cheat on your wife you miserable (but cute) excuse for an ustaz ? Anyway - yes, my point was no more gossip like THAT ok??? :-) (harini dimaafkan, last day before puasa)

And to my friends out there who wonder and question why the poor muslims continue to fast every month well I think it's this:

1. It is similar to detoxification programmes handled by other commercial ventures, except here it is boring because its under the topic of "religion". Seriously, now everyone is pushing detoxification. What is fasting really but to REST THAT STOMACH OF YOURS after 11 months of pigging out???

2. It is to allow you to come to terms with your spiritual side. I am sure Scientology pun ada bendallah ni..Eh mat salleh pay LOTS oF MONEY to get all spiritual you here we have a whole month where god says- RELAX- THINK OF ME...YOU AIN'T GONNA BE ABLE TO TAKE IT ALL WITH YOU. Seriously, look at the way ppl have been dropping off lately. I bet Ustaz As*ri did not expect not to be able to fast again this year. So...realise that we are indeed on borrowed time (easier to realise this when you have gone after 40 hahah)

3. It is to save money. Which is actually true. Don't eat lunch at Ampwalk and you get to save a heck of a lot of money ha ha but of course if you pig out at Buka Puasa then its pointless lah

4. It is to show your body who is boss- Yah. Every little whim we give in. Hungry lah apa lah. So now, show the body that your mind is in charge.

5. It is to foster family relations- yah...we become closer to our parents who will hopefully invite us to break fast at their place...hehehehee

Who ever has tried fasting can tell you- the feeling you get when you managed to complete one whole month (even one day) is undescribable- as if you have won a great race. And you have- against your desires .

Yah...after one month of no ahem- desires, you bet everything will be appreciated again (wink!)

So selamat berpuasa friends! (and family)



kay_leeda said…
Selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa Shila. May we all be blessed in this holy Ramadan.

p/s Am already thinking of what's for sahur tonite...ummppp. Baru Day 1 nih...
Lan0stZz said…
haha kak shila this entry is so well written lah. i laughed my heads off at no.5. wish my mom reads it :P nway ramadhan al-mubarak to u n family.
MRSHUSiN said…
selamat berpuasa kak long & co!
agree to all the whys kita muslims berpuasa.
inshaAllah, semua amal ibadah di bulan puasa diberkati Allah swt.
Sempat lagi nak tulis the 'wink', 'wink', part.... Tapi, memang betul..

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan.
yani said…
kak Shila, happy ramadhan to you too! n definitely thanks for all of those reasons listed on why we Muslims fast :) Dah penat ok menjawap soalan orang orang kat sini.
Kay...thanks And semoga you and family dapat puasa yang berkat..dah tua baru lah ni nak much time we have wasted in not membuat ibadat sepenuhnye...(ustazah pulak)
Lanotz...hee hee ya tu yang best tu especially mom you pandai masak...
MrsHusin -- selamat berpuasa to you and family.....
Yani....hi I know what you are going through ...I was there before! I dont know why its so hard for ppl to accept it once it goes under the "islam" banner walhal it is recommended by all cultures - the christians have lent, the indians pun ada kan? Tinggallagi now I appreciate that it is time to reflect....and not to mind so much about what you are missing in terms of food wise...but tak taulagi if my puasa is berkat...insyallah
Mamamia! Selamat Berpuasa to you and Family! And yah, wink wink tu pentingggggg...heheheh
fifi said…
Ramadhan Mubarak Shila, Epi, kids
May we all strive to have a better one this year, InsyaAllah.
Love, Fifi/gang
abanglong said…
salam..slamat berpuasa. though today is the third day dah :)

lama tak singgah sini.

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