Monday, August 24, 2009

Fasting with Family!

Third day dah! How fast time flies eh. So far my kids are fasting...(except for the babyler)

Sahur for the first morning was Mc D- you should have seen how fast the kids woke us up to go for sahur haha... Half way there realised that I had left my handbag and hubbs only brought RM70 and knowing how our kids can order, he went to get more cash. Didn't have to worry though because it all came under RM50!(Strictly under control by mummy to cut out the rubbish) But when dad came back with more cash wahh..mulalah nak apple pie lah, this and that lah. Pakcik kat Mc D pun pening. Sapa suruh bukak satu counter,dek oi....

(eh, satu i nak complain ler ...why are their burgers so lopsided! sometimes it seems that they don't really care how the burgers look, main campak campak je...heeeee)

We all came back and kids stayed awake way way after subuh. Main dengan begitu bisingnye.

Around 8 am- mummy I tak tahan...went Johan.. my throat is so dry haaaaaaa....At first I said- eh tahanlah. but in the end I thought he is only 7 right so I let him drink a bit and then he continued to fast hahah. The sisters howled - unfair!

Buka was with my parents. Brother and family came too- they brought pasta and we brought bread and butter pudding with custard and chocolate jelly. (I did the choc jelly while sapa lagi buat bread and butter pud) ..Mom buat mi rebus and dashed here and there while telling us how she was really ill the day before but she told dad not to tell us.She studiously ignored all pleas for her to rest. I mean, my maid was there and my brother's maid was there and I was there and my sister in law was there too but mom insisted on moving here and there and lifting this and that. Later she said she was just "excited" that we were there. Moms eh..I marah but mom will be mom.

We spent the night there, much to the delight of my parents. Honestly dad has asked me to just move in with them..hahahah. He shared with us the subuh takzirah that he heard which was about roh (spirit) that we each of us have and which will protect us and act as our "subconscious".

Brother's baby son decided to act up and had his parents go up and down the stairs and wanted to "go look at masjid" ie follow the atok to the masjid. Kesian dia....(my brother and wife I mean) tak tidor betol. But i thought that he might be unwell he was so irritable.(yeah he was)

Hubbs brought kids to see "UP". Haaa activity puasa betul hehhehe.... He also cooked mi kari for our buka puasa on 2nd day for my parents- and my dad beli kebab. So it was rather more subdued. Kueh pun tak over sangat lah.

We don't normally go to pasar ramadhan. Bukan taknak support but a few times we were not that happy with the quality of the food. While there are genuine sellers there some ppl just think of ramadhan as a month to make money so you get food that compromised on quality. Tak baik lahh kan. The real reason tak pergi is it will encourage the greed! Suddenly you just HAVE To try that kueh and that ayam percik etc.

Ok I need to get the kids up for sahur...selamat bersahur!

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