Friday, August 28, 2009

Grand Debut

So I went to the court of appeal yesterday.

Did not sleep much. Borrowed someone's robe and bib and prayed that I didn't put it back to front. Went, was really impressed with the grandeur of the place, saw loads of other lawyers in their robes, calmed self down by saying "alah depa bukan pandai na" hahaha and also got chatting to others. The judges were 2 guys I don't know who just sat there silently (therefore I can also be a judge) and that guy who heard MB Nizar vs MB Zambry case (eh whatever happened TO that case ye?). My turn finally came and I said what I had to say although as my script was in English and everyone spoke Malay, I had to revise a bit ler. I got asked a few questions by his lordship. Etiquette wise..what etiquette. The language switched from BM to English between the judge and the lawyers, there was a sense of "let's get this done" rather than formality. A guy actually represented himself and spoke a bit of manglish.

The end. My first open court experience! Thank God for it going ok - I saw what the judge did to other lawyers who maybe did not have their facts etc//garang gak ek? Walked out...and got someone who was probably enjoying his morning paper, to take a pic. Nanti I upload ok.

Went home thinking I could sleep a bit, saw Sara's face which was swollen and full of rashes. Ran to PCMC to see a skin specialist (manalah tau HFM ke or what) and then went to office.
Sara and Johan came along. Sara was a bit better but still unwell.

Sara is still unwell- Day 3 today.

Parents Sara ni sebok sangat sangat!!!


MrsNordin said...

Well done! So it was not as bad as you thought it would be, huh? Next time boleh volunteer pergi court!

Hope Sara is feeling better today. Take care.

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

aida yurani said...

nape dgn sara tu? hope she gets well. Well done kak long! :)

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