Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Looking better..

So the house was so noisy and loud yesterday. Gaduh, merajuk, main, gelak, tolak, lari lari, marah.

Which means the kids are fine.....thank God . Alhamdullillah. Johan had one day at the office with me and threw up twice but seem a bit better. But they are still not eating like before.

I pulak ngantuk....could not keep my eyes open at ALL. I think it's the age. I'm up now !

Husband had a ceramah to give yesterday at the local surau. On Influenza. So he prepared about 30 slides in all to give to the men. Pukul 5 baru nak buat ok. The ceramah was to be after maghrib. Anyway I was laughing as we were all sick over the weekend and hubby was so relaxed....tak panic langsung. Hey you try facing kids who throw up every thing yougive them and see if you panic or not haha.

Mom and dad and bro came. Nice to have them all for dinner. Bro no 2 came earlier but had to leave as had a JamalAbdillah concert to attend. Dad said not to blog about personal things and just comment on kehidupan harian ..erks. My kids refuse to tell me their secrets as they think it'll end up here..hehehehe.. Ok ok nampaknye I kena filter lah pulak apa nak tulis...

Bro seemed exhausted..balik daripada Ireland jadik celebrity and kena jumpa orang ini lah orang itu lah and no time to spend with family (us). When he came to see us, his wife and son was at his mom in law's house. Macam mana tu? I don't think I would agree if hubbs say, you dok rumah with your mom, I will go back to mine kejap ok? Sure I will say-NAK IKUT!! Unless I yang nak berkepit with my mom lah..tapi nanti mak mertua kecik hati lak. Susah kan dah kawin kena jaga hati orang tua....namanya pun orang tua...we are the youngters..we are the ones yang kena jaga hati and we don't have the luxury to kecik kecik hati. ... I am lucky I guess as my in laws are the coolest ( that is not because they would probably read this hahha.)

Ok lah...entah apa lah merepek kali ini....ok byeeeeee

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Yati said...

Can't agree with u more..regarding kecik2 hati tu..anyway enjoy reading ur blog Shila...keep writing.

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