Sunday, August 30, 2009

Moan moan moan.

Wanna hear what it's been like this couple of days for my husband?

His schedule has been mad.

Thursday was a full day for him, having to go to HKL for whole day clinic. Some more he had teaching to do . I confided to him how nervous I was to go to Putrajaya all alone and he distractedly patted me on the head and said "You'll be fine"...Nasib baik lah ada blog nih haha.he came home after buka, and went out again that same night having been called to rescue some poor surgeon on table..he came back at 6 a.m. I was of course up as I could never sleep without him in the house (hahaha walhal tido mati) and he said he managed to grab a bit of sahur before balik.

Then at 8 in the morning he left again. That night he came back at 8 pm and then at 9 he left again apparently because a patient insisted on seing him that very night...even though it is fasting month and you'd think the patient would understand that the doctor would also like to do his tarawih ..apparently this is not life and death situation tu yang I teramat boring nih. I protested as I think husband is too too accommodating - I know its work but then even during work you can prioritise kan, which is important and which can be put off.

Yah yah yah, we should really be used to this kan by now? We don't have our husbands even when we have our husbands. When at home, he's always on the phone. If you talk to him his thoughts would be on mr xyz patient and he'd be wearing a very distracted look.

I think he needs a holiday. Kesian kat dia sebenarnye..he looks really worn out to be honest with you. He slept while taking off his shoes. Plus never having the time for us (this is the moaning part)

I told him, can I get myself admitted and pay your fees tak so you will be forced to look at me fullly when you talk to me. He he he.

Anyway I don't know how long he can keep this up. Just hope he takes care of himself. Running here running there and also have to contend with MrsGrumpy at home (MrsGrumpy is being forcibly surpressed as MrsGrumpy's mom has lectured her about being a good wife)

The funny thing is, if I were to say this to him, he'd get very defensive (as if I was critising him). He loves the pace, he loves the job he loves the challenges. he loves the mad type of patients who come through GH doors.

But..I think in life you have to achieve a balance. Hey I love to blog and berangan but do you see me doing it all the time (hahahahah what a comparison eh)

Anyway....I think I'll take him away after puasa ler. Somewhere where he has to leave his phone, computer what not.

Ah..that would be heaven...(though can I bring this laptop?? hee hee)

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