Sunday, August 02, 2009

practicality or romance hehehe

Hubbs and I had a discussion recently. Head should always rule over heart.

What triggered it....

My brother landed last Friday at 6. Mom and dad had to catch a bus to KotaBharu the same night, at 11. Hubbs said why not just let brother and family go back to his inlaws place and then we all see them when mom and dad comes back on Tuesday. I said Mom would want to see her favourite (yes mom, he is , we all know it) son, whatever the hassle. And husband said isn't that making her life difficult? Memangbetul pun but mom apa apa pun NAK jugak jumpak anakdia dulu.

Which brings him to his favourite topic as in why would you want to menyusahkan diri when there is a more comfortable option. Eg ...why do I want to go pick him(as in myhusband) up at the airport when he could get home via ERL (ok I'm lying to you, it's actually the other way round...why would I want him to get me from the airport (the few times I actually go anywheree alone) when I could go home by myself )

But why would you do all that (ie menyusahkan diri go to airport) when you would be more comfortable at home, waiting for me ?? he asked. ISHHHH!! No romantic bone in his body langsung! So I said that's love lah and he said even if I don't do any of the romantic gestures the love is there kan .no need to nyusahkan diri.

Point being...head wins over heart.

Ok lah, I acknowledge that. I just wished he could at least ONE TIME see why ppl do crazy , impulsive, highly impractical things, for love. To make someone you care about feel nice, etc etc.

Hahahah I had my wish come true yesterday. This weekend we had 2 events clashing...My cousin's wedding in Penang aka family day...and his brother's tahlil /kekah in Johor Bharu (on the same day) . For the Penang, it would be the Sudin's family day after 2004, and for Fai*z, it would be the first tahlil he hosts (Fa*iz is his youngest bro and 2nd youngest in family and the nicest guy ever) It would be a good chance to see his new baby. he had also given notice like in JUNE So it is a bit unforgivable lah that we could not go. Although I had told Fa*iz of that wedding in Penang and that maybe we can't go see him. Penang and JB are you SERIOUS.

Ok lah....SEKALI DUA DUA TAK LEH PERGI!!. Orang tu oncall at both hospitals rupanye. I memang lah naik hangeen tapi paksa diri tak naik hangeen sebab this is his life right. (but honestly could you not have planned better?)

Then he found out one from his adek beradik was going to be able to make it to Fa*iz's place...

Then he felt bad for his brother...We both did.

How come lah you are on call- I could not help letering. How is it that you manage to be on call for both places lah?? After all, you knew abt this AGES AGO and the thing is the MC*KK thingy weekend tu, boleh pulak tak on call?? (Dengkika hahaha) How come you can't get cover?? Grumble grumble grumble dahlah the family day tak dapat pergi grumble grumble ni adek you punya pun tak dapat pergi grumble grumble kesian dia grumble grumble.

SOOOOOOOO........rupanye mamat tu tersentuh gak hati he came back from the hospital in the afternoon to tell me he finally got someone to cover him at Hospital A and B but until 12 a.m only SO LET'S GO. (Hmph boleh lak)

Let's go??? It was 3 p.m then....Day trip, ok??????

So, we went on a highly impulsive, highly impractical trip from KL to Johor Bharu, where we had to

-fuel up twice and
-we got stopped and summoned in Sekudai for going at 122 kmperhour(masa lari 160km tak lak tangkap!)
- we got there by 8.45 and
-then we started to go back at 12.25 am
- he got tired exactly 20 mins later. We stopped at Machap and napped for a while.
- I had to take over
- I got tired and remembered that I don't drive so well at night haha
- we stopped at Air Keroh
- he took over
- he got sleepy and the car went left and right and he was insisting he was ok all the way (ok may be I'm exaggerating ha ha but he was sleepy)
- we finally reached home at 5.30 am
- he had to get up early today.
- he had wardround at 8
- he had to send No 2 to UPSR Bengkel

Applying the head over heart theory, it MADE NO SENSE to have gone to JB, kan kan?

But he did it jugak...sebab he kesian adek dia takda orang datang (it was us, his youngest sister, his parents and his cousin brother and the rest were from the wife's side and his friends) and he felt sorry for the brother..tak ke tu Lurve???? I told him POINT PROVEN~!

Sometimes you just have to let the head shut up.

And wait for your wife at the airport.

(Preferably with a dozen roses)



harhtan said...

Preferably with a dozen roses..jgn mimpila..hahahaha.
suka baca your grumble grumble tu kak, terasa mcm dok dpn u n dengar sendiri. hehehehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

hahaha yelah kita kan specialty mengomel...

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...