Puasa can rant or not?


Just got up ten minutes ago.

Too late to sahur. Made husband a cup of milo. Sara managed one hotdog which I hurriedly microwaved. Nampak gaya the rest "cuti" ler unless they tahan. I'm actually seething nih.

Came down to see table clean, with no dishes out. Asked the maid how come you didn't put the dishes out? She said- she just woke up too! (5.40 am ok)

Sapa maid ni? At 10 pm she was allready in her room. Nearly 6 baru nak bangun? I know that she must be on the phone lah ni sampai tak tidor.

I'm boiling and telling myself not to boil after all she is human too. Right?????

Before fasting pun there were too many tiimes when I woke HER up. ok

If only I can just send her back NOW. If only we were not dependent on maids.

The other night I left my handphone at home. I returned immediately and asked her to pass me the phone through the door . She handed it to me silently. Then I noticed some funny messages from MA*x*is to tell me that I had successfully transferred twenty bucks over to someone's number. I asked her. She denied doing it. I told her the kids are all asleep. And I for one didn't do it. Don't even know how to do it. She said yah she did it. She just said to deduct her blardie salary. Eh how much is your salary lah? I was too too mad to talk to her. I said I am tired to listen to her lies.

Straightfaced lie or what ? She could at least told me when she handed it back to me.

Next day I told her...now I don' t believe anything you say. And guess what, all those things you thought I don't know? I know.

The biggest being that I know she has a boyfriend. Serious relationship. And that this is the second boyfriend. And this woman is married ok.

Now this Eid she wants to go back to see her friends. I told her NO. They go back to their agent's house and last year she went back to her "kakak angkat"'s house (ie agent) in Johor which even though we were the clowns who drove her back door to door, is better to me than to drop her off at the agent's house without the agent being around. I mean, seriously the agent's house is like a den. Every weekend about 20 maids I think stay there. I don't even think the agent lives there anymore. HOw can she? No room! Unless it's magic and can expand inside.

Ya ya ya...one part of me is going- who cares what she does lah, we don't like having her around during family hols , husband rimas. And if we were to let her go back to Indonesia for her raya as was originally planned (but she changed her mind and want to go back for good this January and now expect me to absorb the cost ok!) - we wouldn' tknow what she'd be doing there right. So I should just send her back to her agent's house and pretend its Indonesia that I've sent her to (I wish)

Now I'm treating her like a daily help. I mean, you don't care what your daily help does right, in their free time. Neither will I.

Sorry ler...puasa puasa ni marah marah and mengumpat orang lak.


mamasita said…
Hai..what you said is so true! And to think its so mahal to pay the agency fees!

Thats why I told myself no more maids unless betul2 bagus! They can drive us up the wall but sebab dah bayar punya pasal kenalah tolerate.Agent pakai hantar je.
ME said…
.. maid.. with them pening .. without them pun pening gak.
bella said…
Rant away SW...hehehe...same here la, Whatever it is, sabar ye...
Mamasita...do we really have a choice.. Everytime I rasa mengamuk just think of the laundry that you would otherwise have to iron...!
Sabar sabar.....kan me!
Bells...yups....actually i have not had this kind of problems before because my prev maid was not this crever.
MrsNordin said…
I hear so many horror maid stories these days and I think yours should go soon before your blood pressure hit the roof!

Yesterday a friend was telling me, she nak pergi kerja, dah dekat pukul 8, tapi maid tak keluar2 bilik lagi. She wants to have her tudung ironed. When she knocked on her maid's door, the maid opened the door and just passed her the iron, then closed the door again! My friend was shocked! Hee.. hee...
Anonymous said…
Salam Shila.. welp, lama sungguh tak comment kat sini.. but Maid is interesting topic to talk about..

I have a maid working with me for 7 years.. and actually I don't have major problem with her before this.. but sejak akhir2 ni.. about a year or two dia dah start buat perangai..

she cheated me many times about her family stories, about her handphone, about nak kuar dgn kawan tapi tak gitau I and recently I caught her curi barang2 kami anak branak and simpan dlm beg baju dia..

she is going back for raya break this coming weeks, and I dpt tangkap dia ambil brg we all 2 months ago.. I tetiba tak sedap ati bila tengok beg baju dia berat semacam.. so, one day when she wasn't around I go and open.. masya-allah.. I found banyaklah jugak my self, hub and kids punya baju2 & seluar, my linens ~ alas meja, sarung cushions..

yg lagi best, my kids punya water colours, colour pencils and crayons berkotak2 dlm beg dia.. no wonder my kids keep asking me to get them new one.. and I pun cam pelik lah kan.. aikk.. baru beli tak kan dah abis or ilang.. rupanya my maid dok simpan dlm beg baju dia.. even ubat gigi my kids pun my maid ambil.. can you imagine that?

so what I did was I took most of them back and hide it somewhere else. if she ever open her bags and found out, brg2 tu dah tak ada.. then she knows that I already know her dirty jobs!

so now I lebih berhati2 especially bila maid dah nak balik cuti or for good.. you cant trust them so much.. bila baik sgt depa ni pijak kepala kita..

scarry kan.. oh btw, my maid, I rasa dia suka kat my hub.. coz tiap2 ari tanya my hub punya timetable, pegi mana, jumpa sapa, dgn sapa.. so one day.. i said.. look here bibik, saya nak cakap skit.. saya yg BINI pun tak sibuk tanya apa suami saya buat.. knp bibik yg susah ati pulak.. kalau bibik nak tau, mari saya talipon kan.. bibik tanya sendiri..

welp, terus dia terdiam.. *sigh* Maid..

MrsN- haaa tu namanye naik lemak/......i think sesabar I pun, if dapat macam tu memang lah kena
Aziah..horror nye...

thts the problem , we cannot own up to searching their bag...because if we confront maknanye we have to do something like fire her

Wahaaaa pandai tol maid you kan, kalau nak mintak je lah, tang kaler pensel tu semua nak buat apa kan....

maid yang pertama I dulu serbuk kari and golf balls dia bawak..nak main golf kot....

as for the husband- haaa contohi lah rule i...my husband, I jaga,. Mintak maaf, no talking to my husband ok ..so my husband thinks Im mad but at least I tak sakit hati...

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