Sick !

Update- I think Sophia is better. Dahlia woke up and wanted to eat and ate a bowl of chicken soup (the one in the tin) - hope this is just a 1 day thing. More than 1 day I will go to hospital. About time my kids receive some first class treatment dad!

My children are SICK!!!

Came home to find Sophia moaning that her tummy hurt and she later started to vomit. Took her to the clinic - which was jam packed by the way. Finally got to see the GP after about 20 mins waiting notwithstanding that she is my AUNTIE and she said it is NOT H1N1 but just a viral thing.

Came home via Mc D and for once Soph did not order anything for herself although we did stop twice to let her puke! Poor baby. Got mc D for every one , being my kids, Haq's 2 boys and SIL's 2 girls. Although it was close to 11pm they all ate with gusto!

Hubby was of course not there as he had a particularly long operation at the (nonpaying) hospital until really really late like 12a.m. Maid had to stay back a bit longer, she was promised a weekend home and I told her to wait until tomorrow before I could send her back to her agent's /adopted sister/accomplice.

They all finally slept around er..midnight. Got Haq's sons up early as they had to go back for mengaji. Sent the maid back via LRT. She literally jumped off the car ok , she was that eager. I was telling her not to go back this weekend but she said PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE can she go off today because she promised allready. Promise who? These maids kan..they have no loyalty to you. what do they care ...their free time is sacrosanct even though theoretically it is in my discretion..but how to tahan the long faces?? I know she has a bf despite being married and the lies she has been telling me, I don't care allready, as long as she does her work but then, I would not shed any tears lah to see the back of her. Can't wait actually. If only I can find a replacement soon.....

Then, Daya complained she has stomach pain. And fever..oh oh. And throwing up. Oh dear. Nadine also could not sleep. She woke up at 3 in the morning to throw up. And tummy pain.

AIIIIKKKK?? Started to get worried and H1N1 is the top of the list of what to worry about. I know where they get it parents ! They came back from Kuantan, found their home broken into, and suddenly started vomitting and having tummy pains.

Hubby was AGAIN not around having left early in the morning to see his patients and leaving me to deal with the patients at home. Hubby came back by 3 pm. Haq called to say his son was now ALSO throwing up and having severe tummy pain...SORRY !!! I feel so bad...should have sent them back immediately but then would it have helped?? They were allready exposed to it..? And today my sister in law's daughter ada yang macam lembik..I told sister in law to brace herself....!

Oh dear oh dear oh dear..Now my eldest is refusing to touchh food incase she throws it up again. Sophia is howeverlooking chirpy enough to play on the net ....and Dahlia is still sleeping.

My fever?? It didn't even have a chance to develop! mummies cannot get ill!


Lan0stZz said…
oh no. hang in there kak shila & get well soon kids.
HI advice to you...avoid public places...
nathrah said…
Aduh..sana sini sakit. bila anak2 sakit, kita mak mak ni pun sakit. harap diorang cpt sembuh..dan jauh dari wabak yg 1 tu...

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