Friday, August 14, 2009

NO time to post but here I am again..hehehe

So anyway here I am squeezing in a blogpost while I am at someone's office. I have a meeting at 1 sat lagi and I think since I am in PJ I might as well go directly from here to the meeting instead of checking in at the office right? (this question is directed to the partner who will be firefighting at the office and wondering why the heck is she not in YET!)

Aaaaaaaaaneeeways. My pc is open and am working now. So much to do so much to do ! How to go enjoy life lah like this? (It's called Time Management, Shila?? (yes I hear that in mypartner's voice by the way) hee hee.

Kids are at home, save for Sara and nadine, who although I have told them to stay at home, insist on going to school. Kids eh? Suruh pi skolah, tak mau, tak bagi pi skolah, nag to go.!!!!

No they are all fine but then I just want them to stay home until Monday when I am sure that all the bugs are out.

Me- chest feels a bit wet and tight. Have not coughed and seriously I don't think I will collapse or anything but the dramaqueen that I am secretly plan to get myself tested for HINI hahaha...insyallah tak da apa lah...but I do have a sliggggggggggghhtttt temperature.

What? Stay away from me you say? Sampai nyeee hati.


This weekend got no plans. I still have to look for the 7 passport that are missing (misplaced misplaced) in the house...camana nak book ticket ni?? I think Hubbs are hiding them until I forget about the plan nak gi Tokyo.

Oh yeah, I just met someone (guy) yesterday and I kissed him on the cheek as greeting! Apa lah I ni.. Ingat mat salleh or what. Some of my friends greet each other that way...I should really stop. It was automatic.

Ok ok better go back to work. BYYYYEEEE...


Anonymous said...

but my husband also kiss you on the cheek, no? is it taboo for you, if yes, I'll let him know.

fulltime mom

MrsNordin said...

Was that the first time you met him?

Superwomanwannabe said...

FTM- yah hoh, he does. But then we're close though. Taboo? wapuchitau. With some ppl its very natural to greet them with a mwah mwah you know? You dont even think about it. Aurat yes lah its taboo but culturally macam dah terbiasa (with some je lah I takda lah go mwah mwah with the ustaz skolah anak I or what ha ha imagine that ! ) .. But since I bertudung ni,I guess I should just nod demurely from now on? tak tau ler... Plus I ask Hubbs what he thought and he said tak yah lah so yeah I guess I should jaga his hati oso. But!! if orang yang initiate it tak pa ...(buat rule sendiri)

Superwomanwannabe said...

MrsN- no. but entah lah we are not that close tapi the setting was a social one, and entah lah i must have lost my mind or what - i hardly know the guy but the situation just called for it somehow. Ikut instinct orang kata! He must have been shocked though since I am so muslimah gitu.

Anonymous said...

Ok! Noted! Hehehe...

fulltime mom

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